Friday, February 1, 2008

January 2008 Goals

Start everyday with Prayer and HIS Word!
I can't say that I have done this everyday but I have tried. I pray all the time but when I say start everyday with prayer.....I mean actually get on my knees in honor to the King of Kings! I need to work harder on this. He gave HIS life for me, this is the least I can do for HIM. Pray for me.

Cook new recipes!
Yes, I can say that I have done this. I have enjoyed all the cooking I have done so far. I even started a cooking blog so I could keep up. Go to and check it out.

I got my sewing machine out and set it up and am ready to go!

I have organized all of my things and I have did a few crafts with my grandchildren.

Thanks to my Moms challenge........I made my first quilt block since joining - Hopefully, I will be working on the second one tomorrow.

I try to play with my grandchildren. They keep me young!

I am very excited about my garden this year. We have had a small raised bed garden the past few years but we are planning a big one this year. I looked at seeds today. I am so excited!

Put a puzzle together!
I bought a Dora puzzle for the grandkids and put it together with them. They were a whiz at it. I also have bought me a more complicated puzzle. I hope I can do it. I hope I will do it. But just buying it is a start for me.

Learn to relax!
Blogging has helped me to do this. I am not one to sit and watch t.v. so sitting and relaxing is hard for me. Since I discovered blogs, I have found that nightime is my blogging time. I love to read other blogs and see how others live. I also love working on my blogs. This is very relaxing for me.

Work hard!
I have no problem here. I cannot sit still. If I am not working in my house, you can find me working on My ebay Business!

Visit More!
This is an area I am working on. I want to do better on visiting the sick and shut ins but I also want to go visit my friends and relatives more. I did go visit my granny this week. So get ready, I may be visiting you soon!

To Be More Organized!
A work in progress!

These are the areas I have not done well in:
Read more books
Watch more movies
Learn all I can
Teach my grandchildren

January is gone, and February is here! So I have a lot to work on but I am proud of what I have done so far. What are your goals? Have you accomplished any? Leave a comment and share with me!


Alice Grace said...

I am proud of you! You have passed me in all you do, the busiest person I know! Keep it up, you are inspiring me!

Randi said...

This is a great list. The more goals I make, the more things i accomplish. Of course, I never get everything done, but it is nice to have a direction!

CONNIE W said...

Keeping a list is a good idea. A book that I have that has organizing tips suggests having both short-term and longer-term goals so we have something to shoot for. So far I keep that list in my head, but by doing so, I'm unaccountable. I really ought to write them down and then face up to the challenge. I think I am dealing with my own self-discipline in this regard. So I compromise by keeping my daily to-do list and check off system. Your list is an encouragement to me to perhaps try harder. Congratulations to you on your accomplishments.