Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Prayer Changes Things For A Very Precious Man.......

You all have met my best friend Vicki, in this blog world. Now I want to introduce you to her daddy, Ray. He is the most precious man I know. He calls me his adopted daughter. I have been friends with Vicki (we are actually like sisters), for almost 30 years. I have grown to love her daddy and the whole family just like they were my own family. I know without a doubt, if I needed anything that this man would move heaven and earth to help me. That is the kind of man he is. The whole family is just precious. They treat me just like I am one of them. He recently lost his precious wife and one of his daughters. The family has been through a lot. And now, this week, Vickis dad had a stroke. When we got to the hospital, it did not look good. He wasn't responding at all. The doctor had even came out and told the family that he would not want to live like this and ask about life support. We were heartbroken. I really did not expect this. No one did. Vicki was just crushed. It was like it was just over. I could not do anything but cling to Vicki & pray. I did not know how much more any of the family could take. You see he is the rock in their family. They have been through so much. He has been doing so good. He is a very funny man. You don't have to wonder what he is thinking because he will tell you. He is also a very compassionate man. He loves life. He loves his family. His heart is so big. He even has enough room there for me, his adopted daughter. His family just pulls together when times are good and when times are bad. They are all just amazing. I am privileged to even know them. We were absolutely in shock when the doctor came out with no HOPE. Anyway, my husband called our pastor and had the church to pray, I called a little prayer team that we have and they spread the word. I know the whole family was praying. Then Vicki went in to see her daddy after she got herself composed and the next thing we knew she came out and said he was trying to talk. It was amazing to us all. His mind was good. He knew everyone. He just was very weak and couldn't talk plain. But we had HOPE again. The doctor had already gave up on him. But we didn't. My sweet husband, which is a very Godly man told me later after we left the hospital, that when the doctor was telling the family that there was basically no HOPE, that he stepped back into the little room and just prayed that the Lord would not take him now. I thought that was so precious. It is just amazing how the Lord moved. This all took place within 15 -30 minutes after the doctor told us that. That was on Monday. This is Wednesday. This precious man is doing really good. I am sure the doctor is amazed. He can talk so we can understand it. His mind is clear. He can move. He is eating. He is very tired and weak and quiet, but he is still with us. He is truly a miracle. I know that you all do not know this special man except for this post, but when you pray, would you please say a little prayer for him. Prayer does change things. Thank you Lord for answered prayers. We have our HOPE back. We saw a miracle right before our eyes! This makes me have more faith for all of my unanswered prayers. Don't ever, ever, ever give up!!!!!

Faith is the substance of things HOPED for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1


JUST A MOM said...

OH I LOVE THAT MUSTARD SEED DON'T YOU! sorry for bardging in on your blog, I found it through a bunch of others looking for quilters. and LOOK what I have found, how great God is. Prayers for you all.

oh nice to meet you stop by some time.

Alice Grace said...

God is good, and greatly to be praised! Praise the Lord for answered prayer! May God bless you, Vicki, Beverly, and the whole family at this time, as He is blessing their Dad.

Delia said...

I'm praying for your "adopted" daddy.

God is great!