Friday, February 22, 2008


I tried to find the "I Love Lucy" show where Ricky fixes Lucy breakfast in bed but I just could not find it. It would be the perfect picture of my home this week while I have been sick. My "sweet honey" has really tried, but he just doesn't get it inside my kitchen. Ha!

Here is an example of our life this past week.

Sweet Honey: What can I do for you?
Me: Nothing, I am fine.
Sweet Honey: I will fix us something to eat.
Me: Only if you want to.
Sweet Honey: What do you want?
Me: I don't really care. Anything will be fine.
Sweet Honey: Just tell me something you would like.
Me: O.K. How about Potato Soup?
Sweet Honey: Potato Soup? You sure?
Me: Yes, that will be great.
Sweet Honey: Scrambled eggs would be good.
Me: Yes, that will be fine.
Sweet Honey: What about tomato soup? That would be better for you.
Me: Whatever is easier on you honey.
Sweet Honey: No, its not about me. Its about you.
Me: Surprise me.
Sweet Honey: O.K.
(Noise in kitchen)
(Sweet Honey calls to me. Keep in mind that I am in the bed sick.)
Sweet Honey: Where is the canned soup honey?
Me: In the left cabinet on the top.
Sweet Honey: O.K.
(More Noise in kitchen)
Me: Did you find it honey?
Sweet Honey: I don't think we have any soup.
Me: I will come and show you.
(I get up and find soup and go back to bed.)
Sweet Honey: Sorry.
Me: Thats ok.
Sweet Honey: Honey, where is the can opener?
Me: In the left hand drawer.
Sweet Honey: I can't find it.
Me: I am coming.
(I hand him the can opener and get back in bed)
Sweet Honey: Sweetie, Wheres the crackers?

and this went on and on and on. The soup was good and it finally got done. It took about 30 minutes to open a can and warm it up! But I was finally served in bed. Keep in mind this is just one night in this long week of me being sick!
It was really hilarious!
I will tell you one thing, I am ready to get better. After the steroid shot and the antibiotics shot I felt better, but now I am going downhill with the coughing. Lets pray that this goes away soon. At least I can laugh about it! My husband is great, but, on his own in the kitchen without me is really funny!
Now I know why the Lord gave the Man a help mate! They couldn't do it without us!!!!!

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KrisinTN said...

Hey Val! I hope that you are feeling better soon. I had the dreaded flu for about 2 weeks. I had the same type of experience one evening with Charlie. Funny thing is, Beth ended up making me Ramen noodles.

Alice Grace said...

I have laughed till the tears are rolling down my cheeks! I can see it all! You are Lucy made over!

Alice Grace said...

Hey, Lucy! Mommy will bring you potato soup today!

CONNIE W said...

As I was reading this I was picturing this going on in my mind's eye! How well I remember that Lucy episode, oh yes. With her it was funny...I'm sure with your sickness you weren't really up to laughing all that much! I hope you continue to improve and are very soon back to complete health.

Julia said...

This sounds just exactly like my hubby!! Too funny!!! Their hearts are in the right place though!

debra cooper said...

Great story! My husband is a very capable man who runs a large dialysis clinic, but in the house without me, you'd think he wandered around all day bumping into walls unable to leave b/c he couldn't find his keys, wallet, glasses or the front door without me! I love how he walks into a room and announces what he is looking for (like the can opener) as if it will magically appear in front of him. I'm thinking: how long have you lived in this house?? It has always been in the same place--how can you not find it?? Thanks for the laugh and I hope you are feeling better soon ;-)

Barbara said...

Same the world over.
Thanks for visiting and commenting. Nice to meet you Valerie. Amazing how a few days under the weather makes us appreciate all tht we have to do.
Get wellsoon.