Friday, June 6, 2008

Grandchildren & Gardening

Brother loves watering the plants!

Big Sis tries to water plants but brother
decides to shoot her with watergun!

Little Sis planting cucumber seed!

They love the gator as much as I do!

Quiet time is not complete without remote!

Having fun at craft time!
My Grandchildren love helping me outside. This week we have been trying to put in our very late garden. They love riding on the gator. We try to do our outside work in the mornings and then go in and take baths and have a quiet time. The 2 little ones lay down for about an hour. Big Sis usually gets on the computer and I am usually folding clothes or catching up in the house. One morning this past week we made doughnuts. You can go to my cooking blog to see how we made these. My Mom used to make these for us when I was little.
After quiet time they love to do some kind of craft. Little Sis wanted to work on her blog also!
As soon as the children leave to go home, my husband & I go and work on a house we are remodeling to sell. It was a busy, tiring, but good week.


green card lottery said...
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Alice Grace said...

What great fun you all had this week! The children will always have great memories of these times in their young lives. I appreciate how you dedicate yourself to your family and home.

Alice Grace said...

By the way, congratulations on winning the Inspiring Story award from Karen Dianne Lee on your story "Quilting Makes Granny Happy". I agree with her that Granny's story is so inspiring!