Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Wonderful Day

Today was just a wonderfully peaceful day. It started with meeting my sweet Mother for breakfast at Panera Bread. My mom ordered us toasted cinnamon bagels with hazelnut cream cheese. I, of course had a coke and she had her coffee. It was delicious. We sat outside and ate and then we headed to our favorite quilt store! We had the best time. I bought some fat quarters for my star quilt that I am doing with Amanda Jean's quiltalong! I also bought a stencil. My mom bought me some more Dick & Jane fabric! I love it. The best part of course, was spending time with my Mom.

I came home to find my husband, sweating and working so hard outside. We have been very busy remodeling a house for the past few weeks and we are so tired. I asked him to come in out of the heat and take the day off. We actually have rested this afternoon which is very unusual for us. My DD & SIL, Maranda & Cory called and invited us to supper tonight so we jumped in our corvette, took the top down and enjoyed riding in the convertible. After that, we came home and watered our 2 gardens and our flowers and came in. I almost feel guilty about taking off today..........NOT! It was a wonderful day!


Gina said...

I love the stencil that you picked up.
We all deserve a day off now and again. It sounds like it done you the world of good

love and hugs xxx

Alice Grace said...

I loved being with you! It is always good to be together. I am so glad you got a little rest! The fabrics we saw were gorgeous!

Amelia said...

Sometimes you need to just take the time off to "charge the batteries" in your body...sounds like you both had a great time.


amandajean said...

what a fun day! your fabric looks wonderful!!! I'm loving that golden yellow these days.