Sunday, June 22, 2008


Block 4 (not perfect but it's mine)
Back many years ago when I was pregnant, I got a blood clot in my right leg. I had to be put on bed rest. Every once in a while, it flares up when I have been on my feet a lot. I am keeping my 3 grandchildren this summer, so I am up on them all the time. Well, last week, it flared up. It hurts so bad. I have to stay off of them as much as I can when this happens because I sure don't want a blood clot again. I am fine, but I do have to be careful when this happens. Yesterday and today as I was working on my quilt blocks for Amanda Jeans Quilt-a-long, I found myself trying to sit down as much as I could because of the pain in my leg. I thought to myself how bad it would be to be crippled or not have my leg. It made me so thankful for my legs.

Then I went to Church this morning and my Pastor was preaching about how "PRECIOUS" the Blood of Jesus is. He was telling us how sometimes we don't realize how "PRECIOUS" something is, until it is not there. Just like water.....we don't think a thing about getting a drink of water, but if it was gone we would realize how "PRECIOUS" it was. I thought it was amazing that yesterday I was thinking the same thing about my leg. I didn't realize how ''PRECIOUS" my leg was until I couldn't use it like I normally do. This has really made me stop and think. Our Lord is with us all the time and I know that, but do I always really realize how "PRECIOUS" HE is. Is it just when I need him that I call upon HIM? Is it then when I realize how HE died for me and how "PRECIOUS" HE is? I want to always be thankful that HE is here for me. I want to always know how "PRECIOUS" the blood of Jesus is.


Gina said...

You are right we do take things for granted. I had problems with my legs back last year and it has made me more thankful for being able to walk. Take care of yourself.

love and hugs xxx

Alice Grace said...

You are so right~hope and pray that you will feel better.

Amelia said...

I will add you to my daily prayer list...I oft times pray for my "blogging buddies"...even though I don't know you personally God knows you and most important you know God.

Count your blessings daily.


Anonymous said...

Your post reminds me of an absolutely gorgeous, quilt-show-winning, quilt made by Hollis Chatelain called "Precious Water" and I'll email you a link to see it. I fell absolutely in love with it when I got to see it.
Your blog posts always inspire me in many ways. I do hope you feel better and do not develop another blood clot.

CurtissAnn said...

I was thinking on this very thing yesterday, as I sat in my small garden. I looked at my hand and sighed over the age spots, then realized how grateful I was that it worked so well, did so many things for me.

Your site is awesome and inspiring.

Blessings for renewed health,