Monday, June 23, 2008

What do you do when you have to stay off of your feet?

I sewed another quilt block. I am on quilt block #5! I am trying real hard to catch up. One of my goals for 2008 was to put a puzzle together. I think I just did it! Ha! This block had 31 pieces. It was so much fun. I am proud. Can you tell? But I may end up doing this one over and switching fabric colors around. We will see.
I also sewed my "sweet little grandson" some pajama shorts. He takes after his Gran and loves to wear pajamas. He had picked out some fabric a few weeks ago with dogs on it. Today, he came to me and said, "Gran, will you sew my pajama shorts?" Well, what could I say? What would you do? I haven't sewn any clothes in so long, I forgot a few things. It was a very easy pattern but for some reason one leg of the shorts the dogs are upside down. It was so funny! He never noticed. When I told him, he just said, "The dogs are running up one leg and down the other!" What an answer! He stood up so tall and proud for his picture and said, "Gran, will I be on your blog?" So Cute! While all this was going on my oldest"Sweet grandaughter" was decorating some flip flops. Look at the picture where she is upside down working on them. It must be nice to be young. The flip flops are so cute. She cut every piece of fabric herself. I didn't help her at all. In the meantime, the middle "sweet grandaughter" has discovered talking to her friends on the phone. So when she wasn't painting or on the computer, she was on the phone. After they left, I went and fixed supper. Check out my My cooking blog!
Well, that is a little summary of what you do when you have 3 grandchildren and you have to stay off of your feet? It was a great day.

P.S. Thanks to all my blogging friends who have emailed to check on me. I am fine, just got to slow down a little. Thank you for your prayers.


Alice Grace said...

I am glad you tried to stay off that bad leg as much as you could today. You did really great, making Brother's shorts! Even if one leg was upside down! Brother liked that! Great job on block #5! I love that block best!

Jacquie said...

Take care of yourself. Amazing that you can get all that done with one leg not working like it should.