Saturday, August 16, 2008

Garden Blessings -Contentment- Listening

Blessings from my garden today!

I got up at daylight and went down to my garden. I love working in my garden in the cool of the morning. I love the quite time. I use this time to talk to the Lord. It is a special time for me. I get to listen. Sometimes I hear from HIM. Sometimes I just talk to HIM. As I worked & picked from my garden, I feel so content. It is just so peaceful. It is a time that I can get away from the problems we deal with everyday and just listen. Everyone has something to deal with. My son n' law, Cory is a preacher and he came in talking about a sermon that the Lord gave him about how the Lord speaks in the darkness. So, when we have our negatives happen in our life and everyone has them, we really need to listen. That is why I love my garden and my quite time. I can listen. I love it! What would I do without my Lord?

By the way, 7 Day Refrigerator Sweet Pickles are done!


Alice Grace said...

I love this post! It describes you to a t! You are so right, we must talk to the Lord, but we must also listen, because it is in the listening that we sometimes hear His voice.

Darla said...

That's just what I needed. Thank you. Now I will go wake my crew to get ready for Churh.

Anonymous said...

Wise words, and helpful. God never, ever, fails. He can use the simplest times, just like daylight in the garden. Blessings.