Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thankful For Another Busy Day

I knew today was going to be a busy day. We have had rain for a couple of days, so my garden needed picking very badly. I had several tomato plants that had blew over with the storm. So first thing this morning, I put my overalls and rubber boots on and headed to the garden. I had to stake the tomato plants back up and then I started picking vegetables. It was so muddy in places, that I actually had to take my hands and pull my boots up out of the mud. But that didn't stop me. I got everything picked except my peas. Some of my gourds are ready too. I will be working on that tomorrow morning. Then I came in the house and got cleaned up. Then I started a pot of My Mom's potato soup for my "Sweet sister in law"! They are going to the lake this weekend and this was our way of saying thank you for us getting to stay at their lake house last weekend. I picked up some cornbread muffins from the Cracker Barrel to go with the soup. I had a pecan pie in the freezer for their dessert. I also fixed her a basket of garden vegetables for her to take with them. She loves to cook so I knew she would enjoy this. Then, I went and had lunch with my "Sweet grandaughter, Alyssa" at her school. She is so sweet. When I drove up to the school, I saw my 5 yr. old "Sweet grandson, Brett" standing on the playground, but he was against the chain link fence. I walked over to see him and found out he was in trouble! His teacher said he has a problem interupting her. I could tell he wanted to go with me, but he was a big boy! I told him to be good. He was so cute. After delivering the food to my sister in law, I came home and started on my vegetables. I made some vegetable soup for our supper and then I froze all the other veges I had picked. My "Sweet Honey" had been over in the mountains today, so he brought home some apples and fried apple pies. They were so good! It was a very full day, but I am so thankful!


Mim said...

Thanks for visiting me.
Wow you are much busier than me.
I buy the produce from neighbors and local orchards as I don't have a garden anymore.
Fun isn't it, but hard work!
I want to read your archives, your blog looks lovely.
Nice to meet you

G'G'ma said...

With your huge garden I can't imagine you getting any sewing done until after a killing frost. Just looked back and saw you live in you have such a thing as a killing frost? How long does your garden grow?

Alice Grace said...

I smiled when I saw Alyssa, and I cried a tear when I saw Brett in trouble. The garden has produced some gorgeous vegetables! I know Mike and Glo will enjoy it all. Great job!
Love, MOM

Sue said...

What a great day! Your grandchildren are so adorable, you just crack me up taking a picture of your grandson when he was "in trouble", hehe. Your vegetable soup looks delish, and didn't know Cracker Barrel was famous for their cornbread muffins, I will have to stop by some day.

Your garden is fabulous!

KrisinTN said...

You are one busy woman! I was telling someone the other day about that salsa you canned several years ago. Do you still have that recipe? Please email it to me if you do.

Alyssa said...

that is nice

Marilyn R said...

Wish I had some of that okra! Yum!

PEA said...

Good morning Valerie:-)

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment! You sound as busy as I am with the garden...everything is now ready to be picked and I'm having a hard time keeping up! lol It's all worth it, though, to have your own home grown veggies to eat:-) I love that photo of your family at the beach on your sidebar...what a beautiful family you have. I wish mine lived nearer!! Please do drop by again, I've added your blog to my Bloglines:-) xox

lindsey said...

What great photos...and that potato soup looks so good, is the recipe somewhere? I would love to make it

Anonymous said...

What beautiful things from your garden! And beautiful grandchildren!