Friday, September 5, 2008

Blessings - Garden & A Best Friend

I worked so hard again today on my blessings from my garden. This is basically all I did today. I canned Green Tomato Pickles and hot pepper sauce. These are so good to eat with pinto beans and cornbread. My husband says that if I don't put anything else up, he wants these. It was his grandmothers recipe. They are easy to make. It just takes a while when you have a lot of tomatoes. I was so hot and tired from working so hard, and then I got a special phone call from my best friend. We didn't talk but 5 minutes, but it made my day. She just called to hear my voice. Isn't that so sweet? I have to tell you that it was so good to hear hers too. Life has changed so much for us. We used to talk everyday and as the years have passed, it just seems life has got so much busier. It is not that we don't think of each other everyday. It is just life happens. I don't know that we are doing so much more, or if as we have gotten older, it just takes us longer to do everything. Needless to say, when we talk or see each other it is just like we talked yesterday. She is so special to me in my life. We may not get to talk to each other like we used to, but if I needed her or she needed me, we would be there in a heartbeat and we both know that. What a day for blessings--garden blessings and a best friend.
P.S. I JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT ANOTHER BLESSING! I won a mystery gift over at my blogging friend, Connies Blog! Thank you Connie! I am so excited!


Alice Grace said...

Oh those look so good! I hope to sample that on my next visit with you!
There are some people that you meet in life that are your soul mates, and you and Vicki are that! I know you will both always be there for each other.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Valerie I ditto your thoughts! I have several friends that have lasted all the way from high school days and they touch my heart every time I get to talk to them. In fact, 5 of them are coming to spend a weekend with me in October and I can hardly wait. We did this last year and decided to make it an annual event. None of us have time, we just take time! blessings, marlene

Darla said...

I know you were hot and tired...the work will pay off. I made hot green tomato relish this summer, my husband loves it. Nice to keep your friend close to your heart even when you can't chat everyday. Congrats on winning the prize!!

G'G'ma said...

You deserve to spend a day off your feet. Your winter stash is looking great.

Some people we really connect with and no matter how far apart in miles or years it seem just "like yesterday"....the conversation is a continuation of the last one.

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Valerie, your canned green tomatoes look so good. We have the land and have had gardens, but not this year and I sure miss it.
Your wedding pictures remind me of mine. I enjoy your blog.

Sara said...

Wow, lots of tomatoes! But they look good!

And aren't best friends wonderful?


Hi Valerie,
Thanks for stopping by :)That's cool that your mom has a blog and left you a comment. Maybe my mom should get a computer and start blogging.
Deb :)

Anonymous said...

You are a very busy woman, & can do just about anything i believe!! You are the greatest!! :) Yeah on BESTFRIENDS i feel the same about Maranda, wish we could spend more time together also? But i know we all have busy lifes!! But i love her to death!!! Love, Shannon Collins

amandajean said...

how wonderful to have such a good friend just a phone call away. how wonderful to have a 5 minute conversation make your day. :) your green tomato pickles look delicious!