Saturday, February 28, 2009

Delicious Quiche Recipe

Do you want something easy and delicious for supper? I was browsing blogs and found this recipe on Marlene's Blog. It is so good. She used other things in her recipe, but I went by the original one. I could see where some seafood would be great instead of the chicken. This was so easy to make. I served it with a side salad. I actually made 2 so I put one in the freezer for an easy supper or a meal to share with someone. Easy & delicious!

Dotted Swiss Chicken Quiche
1 9" unbaked pie shell
1 cup shredded Swiss Cheese
2 tablespoons flour
1 tablespoon chicken bouillion granules
2 cups cubed cooked chicken
3 eggs (beaten)
1 cup milk
1/4 cup chopped green onions
1 small (2 oz.) jar chopped pimentos
Heat oven to 425° and bake the crust for just 8 minutes. Remove from oven and reduce the oven temperature to 350°. Toss the cheese, flour & bouillion. Combine with the remaining ingredients and pour into the pie crust.
Bake 40-50 minutes. Let stand for 10 minutes before serving.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Siggy Blocks Done

I am so proud! I have done 60 siggys. I have never done anything like this before. I am not too good at finishing anything so this makes me extra proud. Thank you Connie for all of your help. Thank you Mom for encouraging me! I hope I have done them right. They look pretty good all together. I am so excited to see all the others. I have learned so much. There were sometimes when I would come in here to work on these blocks and think to myself, how could anyone have this much fun. I think that is called "content." Would I do it again? Yes I sure would. It was a lot of fun.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Still Working on Siggy Blocks

Stacked up and almost ready to put together.

Drawing the cutting and sewing lines on each square

Chain sewing together.

Clipping apart


Ironing flat.

My embroidery machine is doing all of this work.
I love it.
I try to get 2 on each sheet before cutting.

I am still working on siggy blocks. I am trying to do all of the cutting and embroidering and then I will be putting them together. The first few that I did, I worked on 1 at a time. This will be much faster. I am amazed how much I am learning, not only in using my rulers & chain sewing, but my new sewing machine also. I am having a ball. I joined this International Signature Block Swap over at my friend Connie's blog. Her blog is so amazing. I love seeing all of her quilts and goodies. This is my first swap that I have ever done. I need to make 60 of these siggy's and then I will receive the same amount of siggys from all over the world. I can't wait. I also joined another swap over at Rhondas blog. This is a dish towel & hotpad swap. If you have never checked her out, you need to. She lives a very simple life and works hard. She teaches a lot on her blog. All of these blogs amaze me. If I let myself I could stay on the computer all day but I limit my time to right before bed except for checking my email and checking off my chores done in my sidebar. Hopefully next time I post about my siggy blocks they will be finished.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Church Ministry Fair

This is one of my best friends, Rachelle.
She is on a committee which is in charge of introducing
new members to every aspect of our church.
LeeAnda, Maranda, & new little helper
working in Share Baskets
Another one of my best friends, Reba & daughter, Tiffany.
These are some of the hardest workers I know.
Lane working in the Share Basket Ministry
My "Sweet honey" telling everyone about
"The Share Basket" Ministry. Another one of our best friends, Janice & grandaughter
looking at Share Basket table

Me & My "Sweet honey" & a sweet little helper

Good friends that are willing to do anything they can to help.
One of our Share Basket Mottos:
Share with us as we share with others.

Love Thy Neighbor Hospital Ministry
Dedicated To & In Memory of Juanita Hicks

More dear friends of ours,
Sweet Family fixing sandwiches to take to hospital.
Me with 2 dear friends, Lesa & Reba.
Lesa & her husband are a new addition to
our Share Basket Team.
Our church has 17 working ministries going on. Our Pastor felt like this would be a great way to show others what all is going on inside our church. There are a lot of people that don't really know what they want to do and this was a great way for them to see what is going on and decide if they would like to help. Each booth had displays showing what goes on in each ministry and had sign up sheets available for anyone interested in being a part. We had a great turn out and it definately was a success. I took a lot of pictures of each booth and would love to show them, but I failed to ask some of them for permission for me to put them on my blog and I would not want to do anything without asking. I do have some pictures of the ministries that we, along with many other people are involved in. We help with "The Share Baskets" which is the food bank for the church and also the "Love Thy Neighbor" Hospital Ministry. The food bank helps anyone in the church or the community with groceries when they need it. It requires a lot of hard work but is very rewarding. We are blessed with several shoppers & many helpers. The hospital ministry is a great program too. I have actually experienced this when my "best friend, Vicki's" mother was in the hospital and different churches brought food for the families of loved ones. This is how we found out about this ministry and how we got involved. Many times families don't want to leave the hospital, even to eat. We, along with other churches in the community, take baskets with goodies such as soups, cookies, crackers, sandwiches, etc. for the families. We have different volunteers that do this on a regular basis. My "best friend", Vicki's Mom went home to be with the Lord in August of 2006 and her birthday is actually this week, so it is very special to me to be writing about this hospital ministry at this time. Her name is "Juanita" and was such a precious angel. SHE is the reason we wanted to start this ministry. We had a very good response to this event today. I wish I could remember all of the ministries that were represented. There were the greeters & ushers, transportation, Choir, The Youth Group, The Womens Group, First step program, Outreach, Bereavement Ministry, Seniors ministry, Childrens church, Boy Scouts, Sheperds Watch, Drama Team, Trailblazer Motorcycle Riders ministry and many more. The point of this Ministry Fair was for anyone who thinks there is nothing for them to do in the church. There is always something for them to do for the Lord. Everyone was encouraged to think and pray about where the Lord would want you. The pictures that I am showing, I either have their permission or knew they wouldn't mind. There are so many more involved in ministries of our church. I wish I could show them all. It is amazing. It was a great success and we can thank our Pastor & Staff for their great leadership. But most of all, we thank the Lord for our place in the Church. We are very proud to be a member of our Church.
Share Baskets Motto: Alone, we can do a little, but together we can do a lot.

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest. Ecclesiastes 9:10 KJV

Weekend Dessert

I thought I would share the cake that I made for the weekend. My "best friend" Vicki shared this with me and it is delicious and easy. This cake is on my cooking blog but since I don't post on there anymore, I will be trying to put some of my recipes on this blog. We have a big day today at our church. We are having a ministry fair. I probably will be sharing more about that later. So if you make this cake, enjoy. Warning: You have to love chocolate.

For the Cake: Just use any white cake mix. Easy enough?? Follow directions and make cake layers.

Chocolate Icing:
3 cups sugar
2 or 3 squares of chocolate
3 tbsps. of Crisco
1 Cup Milk- Carnation Big Can
3 Tbsp. of Butter-parkay
1 Tbsp. white corn syrup-Karo
1 tsp. of vanilla
Dash of Salt
Mix all ingredients together and stir constantly until it boils.
Boil for 4-5 minutes stirring constantly. Let cool and spread on cake.
***Make sure you set timer for 5 minutes "only". Do not overcook. It will be hard. I use a pan and after it boils I run cold water in sink and set pan in it. Beat with spoon or mixer until it is hard enough to stay on cake. It must be cool.

Friday, February 20, 2009

What I Made For My Pay It Forward Gifts

100% Buckwheat Hull Neck Pillow
Allergy & Dust Free
It was made with Waverly Fabric!

A scarf with her name embroidered on it.
Isn't she a doll?

I am trying to get more involved in swaps and things going on in the blog world. I love doing it. I love the experience. I am like everyone else and could say that I don't have time for this, but I have found out that we have time for what we want to have time for. My friend,
Connie did a post about "paying it forward." The first 3 that signed up gets something made by her within the next 6 months and I was lucky to be one of the three. So then I did the same thing on my blog. I had 3 sign up. One was my "Sweet MOM", and one was my "sweet grandaughter," Alyssa and then the third was my blogging friend, Darla! I had so much fun doing this. I can always count on my Mom so that didn't surprise me. I was shocked when I saw that my 8 year old grandaughter signed up. I thought that was so precious. It meant a lot to me. And then, Darla, my blogging buddy signed up and she also did a PIF on her blog. I signed up for hers and my Moms. I have already posted about Darlas gifts to me. Homemade soap and candles. I love them. I can't wait to see what Mom makes me. I made Mom and Darla these neck pillows. I special ordered the buckwheat hulls to make these. I love mine! I knew Alyssa would not want a neck pillow so I made her a scarf with her name embroidered on it. She loves it. I had a ball doing this and can't wait to join something else. I better get to work on my siggy blocks first though! I have 60 to do. I am about halfway there.

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest. Ecclesiastes 9:10 KJV

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sweet Sweet Granny

This is where I found Granny yesterday. 95 years old and still making quilts
My Dad helping her lay the backing out.
Granny only uses 2 pins for the whole quilt!

She is trying to figure out where to put the second pin.

My Dad helping her roll her quilt.

She is really concentrating on how she rolls it.

She rolls each side so she can start quilting in the center.

Then she shared some scriptures with me.

As she read to me, it was like I was not even there.

My visit yesterday with Granny was different. I knew she hasn't been feeling good but when I walked in and saw her sewing, I thought everything was good. Then as I looked at her, I noticed she has lost some weight. I asked her about it. She wears pants under her house dress and she told me that she couldn't hardly keep them up. When I got there she was on the last row on the quilt top. She finished it and my Dad came to help her roll her quilt. While she was doing that I heard her, "Grunt, sigh, & whistle". (If you haven't read about that, you can go under my labels, "Visits with Granny" and read about it. That is actually the title of a post.) After Dad left, she wanted to sit down and rest. I told her that I am really trying to read my Bible everyday and pray like she does. I reminded her of when she told me that she gets up and can hardly walk but after she reads her Bible & prays she feels better. She told me how true that is. She told me that if someone drops by before she has read her Bible and prayed that it feels like something is not right. Oh how I want to be like that. Sometimes I get so busy, that I forget. Granny doesn't forget. I asked her what she was reading right now and she opened her Bible and showed me that she was reading in Revelations. I asked her if she understood it all. She said, "oh no." She showed me example where it talked about the Devil and she said I don't worry about that because I am not his child.She said I am a Child of God. I thought that was a good point. She says in the afternoon sometimes she will pick up her Bible and just open it to wherever it falls. She shivered as she talked about how the Word is what keeps her. I am telling you, she is such a sweet, sweet, Granny.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I was blessed today to have lunch with 2 special friends. We go to church together. We shared things that are going on in our lives and talked about how thankful we all are. These 2 women are amazing and have gifts like you would not believe. They both have hearts of gold and have been angels to me. They truly are a blessing to me all the time. The prayer below is a "special prayer." This is my prayer for my friends.

I prayed a prayer for you today
And Know God must have heard.
I felt the answer in my heart
Although He spoke no word!
I didn't ask for wealth or fame (I knew you wouldn't mind).
I asked Him to send treasures of a far more lasting kind!
I asked that He'd be near you
At the start of each new day.
To grant you health and blessings
And friends to share your way!
I asked for happiness for you
In all things great and small.
But it was for His loving care
I prayed the most of all!
Flylady Update:
This weeks Zone- The Main Bathroom & Home Office Area
Wednesday: Desk Day/Anti-procrastination Day
*Morning Routine Done
Prayer Time & Bible Reading: Psalms 5 DONE
*15 min. Decluttering: clean out 2 drawers(since I didn't get it done yesterday)
*15 Minute Mission: Wash my vanity in my master bathroom. Office mission is to clean computer screens with damp cloth. DONE
Detailed Cleaning: Clean shower inside and out.
*Water: Goal -6 glasses
Walking: Goal is 15 minutes
*Laundry: DONE
*Ironing: DONE
Whats for Dinner tonight? Out to eat. Church night.
Sewing Goal: To finish Siggy Blocks
Ebay Goal: List 4 things today.
*Bedtime Routine
I am doing baby steps with flylady even though I have followed her for several years. It sure makes life easier to do it a little at a time. I may not list everything everyday but this is just a guide for me. It really helps me to come and look at my list and mark them done as I do them. If I don't complete the task on the list, I usually just move it to the next day and add it on.

Favorite Quote: It’s the friends you can call up at four a.m. that matter.
Marlene Dietrich

Bible Verse: Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Psalm 37:4 (KJV)

Word of the Day ( consternation \kon-ster-NEY-shuhn\, noun:sudden dread or paralyzing terror
To our consternation, the phone rang just as we were about to leave.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Car Shopping with Daughter

Daughter: Dad, I found this car online and it is not far from here. Will you call and ask all the questions for me?
Dad: I guess so. Give me the number.
Daughter: What did they say?
Dad: I don't know. They couldn't speak English.
Daughter: SAD
(Phone rings... )
Daughter: Dad, it is them and they have someone that can speak English to talk to you.
Dad: O.K.
Dad talks to them and decides to go see car tonight. It was only 30 minutes away. Dad says it sounds like a deal.
Daughter: Mom, do you want to go?
Mom: I guess so. (thinking to herself....I really wanted to sew) ha!
(We all get in the car and drive with our GPS and locate the place. The apartments were right across from a jail!!!!!)
Dad: You know you have to be careful when you meet people like this.(at night & strangers). It's a scary world out here. You really can't trust just anyone.
(In the meantime, as he was telling us how careful we should be, he couldn't find the apt. # we were looking for. To see the numbers he had to walk up to the doors.)
Dad: (getting out of car) Lock the doors. You never know.
(He stopped several times and got out trying to find numbers on doors. By now it was good and dark.)
Dad: I hope these people don't think I am trying to look in their windows! (I can see them now chasing me out saying, there he is, the peeping tom)
Daughter: Dad, lets just leave. I am scared.
Mom: Lets just leave. (while praying & wishing I was home.)
Dad: No, we can find it. You just have to be careful anywhere you go.
(while riding round and round, looking for number.)
Daughter: Why don't I call that number where someone could speak English?
Dad: O.K.
Daughter: Daddy, they said to meet them at the Apt. office in the parking lot.
Dad: O.K.
(We sit and sit and sit and wait and wait and wait.)
Daughter: Daddy lets just leave.
(In the mean time a car drives up. It is an older model of the one she is wanting to look at. Daughter freaks out and says that is not the car in the picture. Man gets out and motions for us to follow him. Mom & Daughter are really scared. (We just saw the movie "Taken"!!) Man pulls up to a garage and pulls out the most beautiful car you have ever seen. It was gorgeous!) Daughter & Mom feeling better about situation. Dad gets out and we roll window down to listen. Dad is trying to communicate, but man cannot talk English. We think he was Russian.)
Dad: How long have you had the car?
Man: What? (shaking head)
Dad: repeats
Man: repeats
(on and on and on)
Dad: Why are you selling car? Are you getting a new one? Has it ever been wrecked?
Man: Huh?? Don't understand.
Dad: Can we drive it?
Man: Yes (understood that one)
Mom & daughter still in car. Dad motions for daughter to get out and come with him. Dad tells Mom to stay in car, lock doors and be ready to move car in case someone came up to me while they were gone.) Dad was in very protective mode tonight.
Mom: Sir? What do you mean? (scared to death)
Dad: Just listen to me & do what I say.
Mom: O.K.
(Dad, daughter & man ride together in car. Mom is getting nervous sitting in car in the dark by herself. Daughter had gave Mom her cell phone in case I needed it. But I wouldn't know how to use it. It is a new fancy one! Finally, they come back. Whewww! Daughter was scared in car. She said the man would get up really close. Dad wanted her to drive it also, but she said no. She was scared but in love with the beautiful car. It was perfect!)
Dad: Has it ever been wrecked? Do you have title?
Man: Let me show you picture.
Dad: Picture of what?
Man: The Wreck. Its not bad. (English is getting better).
Dad: So it has been wrecked?
Man: Yes, not bad. Just a little. I show you picture.
Dad: Clear Title?
Man: Rebuilt Title. (said in a mumbling voice)
Dad: Did you say REBUILT?
Man: I don't understand. Just follow me. I show picture.
(We get in car and follow him. Man is walking to his apt.)
Dad: Did you bring reading glasses?
Mom: No. I didn't know we would need them. ( I always carry glasses but not tonight!)
Dad: Well, when he brings this title out, how are we going to read it to see if it is REBUILT?
Mom: I don't know. I guess we will hold it far away. (Dad not happy.)
Dad: Always bring glasses. You never know when you will need them.
Daughter: Daddy, I am here. (from the back seat) I can read it. What do I look for?
(Man brings title and picture.) Beautiful car was not so pretty in picture. It had been wrecked and rebuilt)
Daughter: (whispers) It says REBUILT, Dad.
Dad: (looking at man) So it has been rebuilt?
Man: It wasn't wrecked bad. Just a little.
DAD: The front has been wrecked and the back?
Man: I don't understand. Just wrecked a little.
Dad: So what is your bottom dollar? (just making conversation to be polite getting ready to leave)
Man: I only go down 100.00. That is all. 100.00 no more.
Dad: O.K. Thank you for your time. We will think on it.
(Dad wanting out of there)
(Dad drives away. Beautiful car was a wrecked REBUILT car with a new paint job! No wonder it looked so perfect.)
Daughter: Sorry I wasted your night.
Dad: Thats ok. (as he yawned)
Mom: Thats fine, honey. (thinking to myselfthat I could have been sewing)
Daughter: I bet I will fail my test tomorrow. I should have stayed home to study.
The moral of this story: HERE IS YOUR SIGN.(Do you remember that song?)
Four important things to watch for when looking for car:
1. If you can't understand them & they can't understand you on the phone you might want to keep looking.
2. If you drive up and you are right across from a JAIL, you might want to keep looking.
3. If the car looks brand new, when it is several years old, and I mean brand new, you might want to keep looking.
4. Always take your reading glasses!!!!! You never know when you might need them!!!

What a trip!! We were all 3 ready to get home! This is one of those things that you would have just had to have been there. It was hilarious after we got home talking about it but very scary at the time. My daughter said she might not have got the car but Mom sure got a good blog post out of it!!
Flylady Update:

This weeks Zone- The Main Bathroom & Home Office Area

Tuesday: PLAN & PLAY DAY

Morning Routine ( DONE
Prayer Time & Bible Reading: Starting again in :Psalms 4 DONE
*15 min. Decluttering: I will be cleaning out 2 more drawers in my bedroom.

*15 Minute Mission: Wash door facings, light switch plates, & door knobs & fixtures. Office mission is to file anything that needs to be filed. DONE
*Water: Goal is 6 Glasses 2 glasses-thats a start!
*Walking: Goal is 15 minutes Done-Yay for me!
*Laundry: I always wash a load or 2 whether big or small every weekday morning. DONE
*Ironing: I will iron as the clothes come out of the dryer in order to keep up. DONE
Whats for Dinner tonight? Breakfast! Bacon, eggs, gravy & biscuits. DONE
Sewing Goal: I want to finish my siggy blocks this week.

Ebay Goal: List 2 things today.

Bedtime Routine ( DONE

I am looking forward to going to lunch with 2 special friends today. I had planned to go visit my granny yesterday but I had a doctors appt. and didn't get out in time so I plan to go after lunch this afternoon.

Favorite Quote: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
Eleanor Roosevelt

A Bible Verse to share: But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head. Psalm 3:3

My Word of the Day(

Burnish- 1.To make shiny by polishing. 2. A polish or shine

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Granny's Precious "Things"

My Precious, Precious 95 Year old Granny

I wonder how many dishes have been washed in her sink.

Wonder how many conversations
have been shared on this kitchen phone?
She still uses this metal dish pan. I can remember
this from when I was a little girl.
Her Precious little hands doing her favorite thing.
The Gas Stove that she heats with and it is warm!
Old Kitchen Radio
Her canisters.
I wonder how old these are.
These kittys are hanging on the livingroom wall
Granny was frying okra for lunch.
Her Favorite Thing....Her sewing machine.
Sometimes when I visit my Granny I take pictures of things that I think are precious. Most of the time she never knows when I am taking them. I look around her little humble home and think how happy she is inside of herself. I think of how we all think we need "things." I talk to Granny a lot about her life and the most important thing to her is her "Lord." She says that is all that matters in this life. My daddy told me one day about her routine. She gets up, turns the coffee pot on, reads her Bible & prays. Then she fixes her breakfast (homemade biscuits & bacon & eggs) and then she starts her day. She usually starts her quilts early in the morning and sews most of the day. She does have to take breaks though. When she takes breaks you will find her doing word searches or puzzles. She eats her lunch around 11:30 and it is usually a pan of cornbread and something simple like fried okra. She loves sewing her quilts. She tried to tell me one day about how much she loves doing them and I told her I totally understood. She says that most people don't understand her love for it. She told me that once she starts a quilt she likes to get it done in case something happens to her, she would want it finished. She used to do 2 quilts in a week but now I think she just gets one done. I think that is a lot. (It took me 25 years to do my first quilt.) She is very proud that I am enjoying sewing. She does have a t.v. but I can honestly say that I have never saw it on. My daddy told me that she does watch 2 church programs a day. Friday is always "wash" day. She will not change her schedule at all. She goes to bed before 7 p.m. -I remember going to visit one day and it was about 5:30 and she told me that I needed to come earlier because it was about bedtime. She is just so precious. I know that "things" are not important to her. But as I look around and see things that have been there as long as I can remember they are sure precious to me. By taking pictures, I will have memories more than just in my mind. It is not so much the "things" as it is the memories that I want to never forget. I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I do.

Below are my goals for tomorrow (Monday) per As I get them done I will be marking them during the day. Last week I didn't do as good as I had planned to, but Life does happen. My Bible reading stopped after last Tues. and then "the trial" came and I didn't pass the test because I didn't resume my Bible reading. I will be trying to do better this week hopefully. I am picking myself up, dusting my knees off and starting again.

Flylady Update: Zone- The Main Bathroom & Home Office Area
Monday-Weekly Home Blessing Hour (cleaning)
Prayer Time & Bible Reading: Starting again in :Psalms 3 DONE
*This weeks Zone: The Main Bathroom & Home Office Area
*15 min. Decluttering: I will be cleaning out 2 drawers in my bedroom DONE
*15 Minute Mission: I will start by starting at the top, cleaning any cobwebs from ceiling down, then cleaning the vent & light fixtures in my master bathroom. In the Office area I will be clearing off my desk area. DONE
*Water: Goal is 6 Glasses
*Walking: Goal is 15 minutes
*Laundry: I always wash a load or 2 whether big or small every weekday morning. DONE
*Ironing: I will iron as the clothes come out of the dryer in order to keep up. DONE
Whats for Dinner tonight? Barbecue chicken, Potato Salad, & Baked beans DONE
Sewing: I want to finish my siggy blocks this week. That is my goal. We will see!
By the way, I sent both of my PIF gifts out last week to my MOM & to Darla! I hope they liked them. I made them a Buckwheat Neck Pillow made with 100% natural buckwheat hulls that are allergy free and dust free. I made them with some beautiful blue waverly fabric. Alyssa, my 8 year old grandaughter also signed up for the PIF. I didn't think she would enjoy a neck pillow so I have made her a special gift that will go out in the mail on Tuesday. I will share pictures of all of these once Alyssa gets hers.