Monday, February 2, 2009

Sewing Nook

Since I had to move my sewing area in my bedroom, I have not been exactly satisfied with it until today. It seemed as though my bedroom looked so messy because of all of my stuff. After blessing my house today (cleaning per flylady), I decided that I was not going to do any decluttering or deep cleaning today. I usually try to do a 15 minute decluttering drill but my shoulder has been hurting some and I thought I would just skip that today. Well, that didn't happen. I finally SAW in my minds eye how I wanted to fix my little sewing area. So I set my 15 minute timer and away I went! It is like a race with me. I knew exactly what I wanted---finally! I did it and I am so happy. I love it. The picture would have looked better if I had closed the entertainment center but I didn't think about it. Tomorrow my 15 minute drill will be to get rid of some of the cords that are showing and organize just a little more. I would love to label everything so I could find it easier but that will take a while. Right now, I am happy with it. I also got the binding pinned on my second quilt tonight so all I need to do now is sew it on and it will be finished. Oh yes, I almost snowed today. It was beautiful. I snapped a couple of pictures, but it doesn't do it justice. We are suppose to get a little more tomorrow. I would love it. If you would like to see more of what I did today, make sure and check out my Cooking & More Blog!

I recieved an award from my sweet blogging friend, Darla several days ago. I am just now getting around to doing this. The award is called "Honest Scrap." I am suppose to link to seven other blogs that I would like to pass this award on to but if you read this blog and want to play, then you get the award. I also am suppose to list 10 honest things about me so here goes:
1. I am a procrastinater.
2. I am constantly organizing. ( I take that after my Mom )
3. I can do almost anything if someone shows me how.
4. I love my "me time."
5. I try to fight that worrying spirit. ( I take that after my Mom too)
6. I am addicted to blogging, sewing, & gardening.
7. I don't like talking on the phone. (my BFF, Vicki is laughing her head off right now).
8. I don't like to commit.
9. I am trying to learn to say no.
10. I love to have a cold coke first thing in the morning. (preferrably brought to me in bed by my "sweet honey."
Thanks Darla for thinking of me!


Alice Grace said...

I will take the credit for the "worrying" but YOU are the organizer! If not for you and Vicki, I would never have discovered! If only I could follow her rules!
I love your sewing area! I see you have your design wall up, that looks great!
I am so proud of you, and on your 10 honest facts about you, I thought I was reading about myself!

Connie W said...

This is a great post and I see more things we have in common. :0
Your sewing space is very organized and looks just right. I see your siggy block and the pincushion. ;)
Good luck with those cords tomorrow. They can be a real nuisance.

lindsey said...

That's a great 'sewing corner' well done. I know what you mean when something has to be has to be done!

Darla said...

Great post! Love the sewing nook.

KrisinTN said...

I see that you spread out of the closet! I love it...

Needled Mom said...

It will be great to go to your sewing nook and create. I need to get some organization going in my room too. It is so much easier to find what you need if it is where it should be. :) It's amazing what you can accomplish in 15 minutes.

I am with you on the phone talking.

G'G'ma said...

I know how it feels to finally get some area "organized". Then I wonder why it took me so long to think of that arrangement. It is fun to work in a newly organized spot.

Anonymous said...

Lady, you amaze me by all that you do!! You are great! :) God Bless You! Love ya lots, Shannon Collins

Jacquelynne said...

It is always easier to work efficiently in a space that is organized and that you like. I can't wait to see what you make in there!

QuiltedSimple said...

Love your sewing space - I have a whole room, and I think that is my downfall - I tend to spread out a lot. Love the blocks you have up on the wall!

Julie said...

I found this post so inspiring !! I am in the process of setting up a sewing room in my bedroom. I dont have a room I can designate just for sewing. Your post was just what I needed. I am also going to change my blog a little to incorporate some of my "home" things.

Thanks for sharing