Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Alyssa!!

My Special Little Angel

9 Years Old!
This picture if a little fuzzy but I just had to show you her little toenails.
So pretty.

Here she is with us. This little girl is a special one.
She loves pretty dresses & shoes!
She is all girl!

Here she is holding her little cousin.
She is the most organized little girl.
If her Mom loses her keys or anything else, all she has to do is ask her
and she will know right where they are.


Special Note: Alyssa was born on her Mom & Dads anniversary. I will never forget how we celebrated their anniversary in the labor room 9 years ago. They received the most awesome gift..............Alyssa!



martha - ca knitter said...

Happy Birthday to Little Miss Alyssa! She looks beautiful in her birthday outfit. I'm loving her shoes and toenails. :-) I hope she had a great day!

blushing rose said...

What a beautiful girlie-girl! Happy bday Alyssa. TTFN ~Marydon

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

How sweet. Hope she has a wonderful birthday. Those single digit years fly by too quickly.

Allie said...

Happy Birthday Alyssa! Love the toenails and those shoes! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! That cake looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Alyssa!! Oh my, I love the toes!! =) Im gonna have to be a copy cat & get mine like that next time.....cute cute!! She's a little doll. Hope she had a wonderful day! :)

Shannon Collins

Amelia said...

Such precious grandchildren! Alyssa is really growing up and is so pretty.

You have every right to be proud of them (and the others).

Alice Grace said...

Happy birthday to one of the sweetest little girls I know! I love you, Alyssa, and I hope your birthday is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

What a darling smile Alyssa has - I wish her a very happy birthday! Love her toenails, sandals and dress!

Darla said...

Very pretty, what a great smile she has.

Alice Grace said...

I forgot to say:
Happy Anniversary to Shannon and Brian, my beautiful granddaughter and grandson!

Granny Vicki said...

Happy Birthday Alyssa! Hope your day was super fun! You are such a beautiful girl! Love you bunches! Granny Vicki

Sherry said...

Happy Birthday Alyssa! I love the dress, shoes and her toenails are so pretty!

I hope everyone had a great Anniversary/Birthday!!


Midlife Mom said...

Happy Birthday Miss Alyssa! She looks so pretty with her toe nails all done up! A true girly-girl for sure! Also love the shoes, wish they came in my size!

Needled Mom said...

Happy birthday, Alyssa. She has the most gorgeous smile too.

PEA said...

Happy Birthday to Alyssa:-) She is absolutely darling, look at that radiant face of hers!! Imagine being born on your parents' anniversary...I'd say that was a perfect gift indeed!! xoxo

Brenda Sue said...

You are so pretty! Happy Birthday to my sweet friend! I Love You Alyssa! Love, Brenda