Monday, June 29, 2009

Third Visit With Granny Last Week

Here is Granny with walking cane in one hand and broom in the other.

She sets the walking cane down to sweep her porch.
Her sweet little sink where she spends a lot of time.

She caught me taking pictures of her.
But I got there right in time before she
tried to sweep the steps herself.
Here she is looking at the blueberries that I brought her
from my blueberry bushes. She calls them huckleberries.
She was so tickled to get them.
Well, that is all of my Granny visits last week. I will go see her once this week like usual.
I will miss all those early mornings with her. I usually visit in the afternoon but went early
to pick beans before it got too hot.
It was very special to see what all she does during the early morning.


Faye said...

Oh Valorie,You are so blessed to still have her! She looks so precious. Have a great day! Blessings

Darla said...

Her porch barely needed sweeping!! We are haresting blueberries too, I have made a blueberry cobbler and a homemade blueberry cheesecake!! Love to your Granny..

Sherry said...

I love how active Granny still is! I can only hope to be like her at her age!!

Thanks for sharing your visits with Granny! I love them!

Needled Mom said...

It is so nice to see her still so active. My grandmother used to accomphish so much and once told me that she could just sit around, but then may not be ABLE to get up. So true.

PEA said...

Some people complain at the tiniest bit of pain and say they can't do anything...your gran could sure show them a thing or two! lol Look at her sweeping and everything!! She really has become my hero:-)

I'm wondering what she will be doing with those blueberries, something delicious I bet!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

What did she make with the blueberries??? That is so great you have a wonderful relationship with your granny .


andsewon said...

Glad to see Granny is still doing good! You favor her you know!!I bet she was a looker in her day!!
We only have baby bushes so not many blueberries this year. So what will you all do with them?? I do go to pick your own and put those in freezer for muffins and pies..!Yes the wild ones are called huckle-berries. We used to go 'huckleberrying" along the woods path to pond. When they cut timber seems to have killed the wilds too.
Are ya hot? We are up here.

martha - ca knitter said...

Granny looks so sweet sweeping her porch. Happy Monday!

Alice Grace said...

Granny is such a busy lady! At 95 years old, she is the most amazing woman I ever saw! I know she cherishes her time with you, as you do with her.

Allie said...

Love how she does her routine every day. I agree with Faye, you are blessed.

Karen said...

Valarie how very precious - she is just the sweetest little lady. You are a very lucky woman to have a grammy like this.
Wow, what a pot of blueberries! Yummm.

*karendianne. said...

I love all the activity she has happening at her sink. Studying it I found the squash (dinner?) and the saved margarine tub (practical) and the tomatoes (spirit looking forward to the coming days). She takes such pride in her work. You have that in you as well. I want to look up to both of y'all! I think I will. :)

Julie said...

Priceless memories you will have of her. I wish I could meet her. have a great day. Julie