Friday, July 31, 2009

Special Moments on Vacation

Brother (our 6 yr. old GS) being covered with sand.
We were waiting in line at a restaurant and I turned around and saw brother on his daddys back while playing his DS game.
Beautiful Babes!
Tris (our GD on right) & Haley (Tris's friend)

One morning we woke up and Alyssa (9 yr. old GD) had us cinnamon rolls cooked.
She gave Paw Paw a paper plate and me a real plate! Look at the look on Paw Paw's face!
What is so funny about this, is at home I always serve the guys on real plates and all of us girls just eat on paper plates.
I think Alyssa thinks her Gran is special!
Quiet time for Mommy & Son

Shannon & Bryan throwing the football!

Like Mother, Like daughter

There is a shark on your head Brother!

We are two of a kind!
Bryan (son in law) telling Paw Paw how to wash dishes!

One Morning we cooked Pancakes & Bacon for breakfast.
Alyssa is helping flip the pancakes.

Brother brought me his bear named "Fuzzy"
for me to sleep with.
Isn't that so sweet?

Paw Paw showing Alyssa how to hold a football.

Triston & Haley looking pretty again!

Me & my "sweet honey"!
In the morning we will be heading home. We have had a great relaxing time on this trip to Panama City Beach. We are already looking forward to the next time but hopefully the rest of the family will be with us. We just love vacations!

Family Vacation

Every year while on vacation we always take some family pictures. This year we are missing a few family members. It really is not the same without everyone. We are having a great time here in Florida. The weather has been gorgeous. The food has been great. We have really got a lot of much needed rest. We have 2 more days and we will be heading home! I hope you enjoy the pictures below.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun In The Sun

We are with part of our family in Panama City, Fl.
We miss the others that are not here.
It is just not the same.

Our Grandson Brett is playing hard in the ocean.
This little 6 year old has so much energy.
He could stay out all day and usually does.

Our Granddaughter Triston & her friend Haley.
Triston used to just stay in the ocean when we came to Florida but this year is so different. I don't know if it is her growing up or having a friend with her. Now she just wants to lay out and read a book and look pretty- and she is pretty!

Paw Paw (my sweet honey) & our granddaughter Alyssa are having fun in the ocean!
Paw Paw got very sunburned the very first day. He never does that so this is strange. He just had a steroid epidural on his back and so we figure it might be the steroids. He has had to wear a shirt all week. Actually today we didn't even go to the beach or pool.

What a way to finish our day by eating supper on the beach!
Right down the road from our condo was a place to eat while looking at the ocean. It was gorgeous. I have to say though these places are so expensive. Randy & I always share so it is not bad for us but for my daughter & son in law & children it costs a lot.
This place even had a 5.00 sharing fee for a meal so we ordered appetizers and shared so we would not have to pay that fee. I don't know how big families do it anymore. Things are way out of range. But I have to tell you that there is no recession here. I have never saw so many people in my life. The para sails are constantly taking someone out and the banana boats are full. The restaurants are packed. We only eat one meal out a day and that is supper. We eat in the condo for the rest of our meals. I couldn't imagine eating all 3 meals out if I had a big family to feed like I used to.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Funny Man On Scooter

We are riding down Front Beach Rd. here in Panama City, Fl.
All of the sudden Randy starts dying laughing.
Cars are bumper to bumper. He tells me & Alyssa to turn around
and look at this guy on a scooter.

He is talking to a girl on another scooter everytime traffic stops.
Everytime he stops talking he takes a big puff on a cigar and makes the funniest face.
I tried to take a pictures without him noticing me.
The faces he made were hilarious.
My 9 year old granddaughter was in the back seat and was cracking up.
We all were. I snapped several pictures trying to capture the face he made after each puff.
I finally got it!

After the smoke cleared this is the face he made.
He didn't do this one time - he did this everytime!
You would really have to had been here to see it.
It was hilarious. Randy said he must not be used to smoking a cigar
or it was an extra strong one. It was so funny!
And you expected beach pictures.....................
Note: Click on picture and enlarge. It is so funny!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Walmart & Cooking On Vacation

When we first got here in Panama City, Fla. we unpacked and then the guys took the kids to the beach. Me & my daughter Shannon went to Walmart. What a mistake! Look at this crowd. I took this picture while we were standing in line. I looked one way and saw this and the next picture shows the other side. These pictures do not do it justice. I have never saw so many people in my life.
We had a list and went through getting only the things we needed because we didn't want to come back any this week. It should have took us an hour but this trip took us about 4 hours. It was rediculous. There is no recession here. We are not planning on cooking much here but we got enough to get us by. We stood in line one hour and a half. I was sick of Walmart.

Today we decided to cook breakfast for lunch. Everyone pitched in even the teenagers!
Triston cooked the eggs & sausage while Haley made the patties. I cooked the homemade biscuits & gravy. Shannon cut up the potatoes to be fried & sliced fresh tomatoes while Alyssa set the table and fixed drinks.

It was so good but we don't plan on cooking too many big meals like this.

It sure was nice for everyone to pitch in and help.
We have decided that vacation is not for Walmart or too much cooking!
I have to say it was a lot of fun having all the girls working together.
Hey, I just noticed something.....Where were the guys?
Oh I see them.......over there watching t.v........imagine that?
Save Money.
Live Better.
This is Walmarts slogan. I am sure you have heard it. Our 9 year old Granddaughter Alyssa says this all the time just like the commercial. After our experience at Walmart here at the beach, I just don't believe saving that money was worth it. I wish we had waited and went and found a little hometown grocery store. It was a lesson well learned.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Florida, Florida, Florida - Oh Yeah!

Guess where we are? Panama City, Florida!
When I was a little girl, my sisters & I made up a song
everytime we went on vacation to Florida.
Our song went something like this:
Florida, Florida, Florida
Oh yeah!
We're fishing & swimming about half past one
We'll never quit it, We'll never get done.
Florida, Florida, Florida
Oh yeah!
This is one of the pools. That mushroom to the right is a big water fountain for the kids to play in. I have taught all my children and grandchildren the Florida song so the memory can live on.
This is where our condo is. Sunrise Beach Condo's.
We came with our daughter Shannon, & Bryan and 3 grandchildren and a friend.

This is Triston and her friend Haley.
Do they look 14 years old?
Oh to be young again!
This big ship is a restaurant we ate at tonight.
I think it is called the Treasure Ship.
The food was great and the kids enjoyed it too.
There were live pirates there. Alyssa & Brett had their face painted and got their own personal sword made from a balloon.
We are having a great time. The weather is beautiful and not too hot. The ocean has some seaweed in it but gorgeous. We have a 3 bedroom condo. Shannon & Bryan let us have the Master bedroom & bath. Randy & I slept in this morning and everyone was already at the beach when we got up. We went down and joined them. We love to sit in our beach chairs with our feet in the water and just enjoy the peace. We sure do miss Nathan, Maranda & Lane & Mandy & Dusty & of course "Little D"! That would make this trip perfect!
I guess you know what I will be blogging about this week.
I saw a big billboard that said Quilting by the Bay.
I am going to see if Randy will help me find it. Sounds good, huh?

Friday, July 24, 2009

In Love

Happy Anniversary to my Mommy & Daddy!
I think they are in love!
I love my Granny & Pawpaws house.
They have lots of toys!

I am 6 months old now so Pawpaw thinks it is time I learn about the real world!

I think I like this tractor thing! Pawpaw has lots of cool toys!

What did you say, Pawpaw!

When am I old enough to drive Pawpaw?

My Mom & Dad left me with my Aunt tonight. We call her "Big Sis"!
This is their first night going out by themselves since before I was born.
They are celebrating their anniversary but they won't be gone long because they will miss me!
They are in love with me! Look at "Big Sis."
She loves me too!
I think the whole family is in love with me!
Happy Anniversary Mommy & Daddy
I love you.
From, "Little D"

35 Years Ago Today........

35 Years ago today, I had my first baby. It was a boy! I was 19 years old and all I ever wanted was a home, husband and babies. I was so excited when I found out that I was expecting. Back then you didn't get to find out if the baby was a boy or girl but I knew in my mind that he was a boy. I had a dream that I would have a boy first and then girls. I wanted Big brother to always take care of and protect his little sisters. I can't believe it has been 35 years ago today! Wow. How fast time flies! Nathan was about 10 years old in this picture.
We wish for you the Peace, Health, & Happiness.
Mom & Dad

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Granny Visit

Here is Granny telling us not to use that "picture taker" again!
The last few times I have been there I have forgot the camera and everytime she says, "You don't have that picture taker this time?"
Here is her sweet old sewing machine. She had been sewing before I got there.
I just loved seeing the scissors & glasses and the quilt squares right there. It is almost like I placed them there just for the picture but I promise this is how I found it.

Here she is showing me how many rows she had done that morning.
She said that she has to get 16 rows.

This is the last quilt she made.
She said she just used scraps.

Here is the one before that. This Granny is a go-getter!
She also froze homemade soup this week and froze tomatoes out of the garden.
She makes me tired. I am 54 years old and she is 95!!!!