Oh Brother!

We had just returned from our vacation in Florida this past Saturday night. Brother had started complaining with his ear. At first we just thought water was in it. Then I thought maybe an ear infection. When he woke up on Sunday morning he could not open his little mouth and was holding his head and saying it hurt so bad. His Mommy (our daughter) took him to the doctor. It is a good thing she did. They said that they saw a foreign object in it and they wanted to send him to a specialist. They gave him 2 shots on Sunday.
Here he is telling me how bad it hurts.

I had the grand kids on Monday so we met Shannon at the Ear Nose and Throat doctor.
Here is me and my little sidekick sitting and waiting on the doctor to check him.

Here he is showing me the 2 shots he got. He got a antibiotic shot for infection and a steroid shot for the swelling. They said it was so swollen and that it was pressing on nerves. That is why he was in so much pain. On Monday the steroid shot kicked in and he was bouncing off the walls. He wasn't in pain anymore but he talked a mile a minute. He was wild.

We met Mom here Monday afternoon and he is checking out the games on the cell phone.
He was still wild and had a lot of nervous energy. He kept telling us that he thought it fell out of his ear. We were hoping that he was right.

This is right before the doctor came in. Brother was trying to stay tough but a Mommy hug always helps.

The doctor checked his ears and he agreed that there is something in there. He told us that we would not believe what he sees. He says when people get in the ocean there are so many things that can get in your ears. So Brother was wrong. It was still there. The steroids are just covering up the pain. Not only that but it is so deep the doctor thinks that surgery is in order. He said that he thought it would be too traumatic for Brother without putting him to sleep. So Thursday he will be having surgery. I hate anytime that you have to be put to sleep but I know that it is better than being awake.
Will you keep Brother in your prayers?


aww, keep us informed on how he does. Poor little guy.
Allie said…
Poor precious boy! I will certainly pray for him. Keep us posted!
Needled Mom said…
What could possibly be in there? I'm sorry it wasn't just a simple earache. Poor kiddo.

I'll keep him in my prayers. Surgery is always scary.
Julie said…
Sure will. That does not sound fun at all. One time one of my girls got one of those sticky play earrings stuck down her ear. Luckily the doctor was able to get it with some tweezers. Her ear sure hurt though. Best wishes for a speedy and fast recovery to brother. Julie
Awe, poor little brother. I'll keep him in my prayers.
I used to get really bad earaches when I was a child, so I can feel his pain and it's not a good one.
Hang in there Brother!
Karens Hopes said…
Oh, how awful for him. I am saying a little prayer for you all as we speak. I'm sure he'll be right as rain in no time.
Hugs to you all
Anonymous said…
Oh, I'm so sorry. He will be in my prayers.
Alice Grace said…
Sweet little Brother! My prayers are with him and all of you. I will be anxious to see this ordeal over with for him. I am praying!
Faye said…
OH! Bless his heart.I hope he gets to feeling better soon! Blessings, Faye
Darla said…
Of course prayers will be sent up!! What in the world is in there?
Susannah said…
There will be prayers here for sweet little brother. Everything will be all right again soon.

Amelia said…
Just sent up a prayer for him...poor little fellow.

Do let us know how the surgery goes.
Alyssa said…
they will not give him a ivey
god bless you]
Anonymous said…
Oh that sounds painful, coming from experience with severe earaches when I was a kid, they were terrible. Poor little guy!
Prayers said here Valerie - I'm sure that must be so painful and I'm praying for all to be well again. blessings, marlene
Jacquelynne said…
Poor little guy- hope he is better soon!
G'G'ma said…
Poor little guy. There are prayers from MI. Please keep us posted.
Brenda said…
Prayers change things! Love, Brenda