Sunday, September 13, 2009

Granny Overwhelmed?

I went to see Granny this past Friday. I walked in and she was in the kitchen. She looked up at me and she said, "Oh Beth, I am so glad to see you." It wasn't a happy sound. She was overwhelmed. I asked her what was wrong. She said, "Oh you just don't know what a mess I am in." I was really getting concerned. As you remember this is laundry day. The dryer was going. As we passed her bedroom, she pointed to her bed and said, "Look." I saw the sheets were off the bed and I asked her if they were in the dryer. (It was around 10:00 a.m.) She said, "My bed is not even made." I told her not to worry that I would take care of that. She said, "Oh no, that is not all!" She told me to follow her. So I follow her as she slowly walks in the living room and again she said, "Look." I looked around and saw a couple of baskets of peas that she was shelling. She was really concerned that she would not get it all done. I told her not to worry and that I would help her. I told her to sit down and take a deep breath and that I had a surprise for her. I wish you could have saw the look on her face. She looked at me as if to say she didn't have time because she had so much to do. She didn't say that but I just read her face. Then I showed her Sherry's card, 50.00 for her quilt, and the crocheted book marks. She got big tears in her eyes as she looked at them.

She read the card out loud to me and with tears in her eyes she told me that the card and crosses & my visit made her day. She placed the crosses in her Bible.

Then I surprised her and pulled out another 100.00 for 2 more quilts.
She just could not believe it. She was so happy. She told me to make sure and tell all of my friends that she makes the quilts to keep you warm. I told her that I told everyone that. I told her that everybody loves her quilts. She looked at me and said, "they must like them-I have never sold this many before."
This seemed to calm Granny down and ease her mind. So I told her that we better get busy shelling those peas. She said that she didn't think she would be through before Monday and that she had to start another quilt. I told her that it was just Friday and that I was there to help her. I had not planned to stay there as long as I did but I just could not leave her with all of that to do.
Granny has to eat her lunch around 11:30. I saw that it was about 11:15 and I told her that I was going to run and pick us up something to eat. She isn't used to going out too much. I asked her if she would like a hamburger or vegetables. She would not give me an answer and kept telling me that she would just warm up some green beans that she had the night before. It is not that she doesn't have more, she just eats that way. I finally convinced her to let me go and pick up something. I brought a to go plate with turkey and dressing, cooked cabbage, okra, pinto beans, and cranberry sauce. I also brought us banana pudding. I even bought her a glass of tea. I knew that she likes milk but I went ahead and got her one thinking if she doesn't drink it I would enjoy it later on. But she wanted it. She acted excited. She said that was enough for 4 meals for her. It was so funny....she eats with a spoon. I knew that but she got the little plastic fork that came with the meal and started using it. All of the sudden, she looked at me and said, "Do you care if I get my spoon?" I said, "of course not, Granny." She really enjoyed our lunch. I really enjoyed our lunch! She said, "Look Beth, I only have my spoon to wash!"

While Granny was at the sink washing her spoon, I ran out to the dryer and put her sheets on and made her bed. She didn't notice for a few minutes. She was putting her food up so she could eat it at supper and looked over at her bed and said, "Who came in and made my bed?" I told her that I did it. She said, "when?" I said while you were washing your spoon. I honestly think that she thought someone came in and did it. I also had folded her little load of clothes and laid them on the dresser. She saw that and could not believe that it was already done. I didn't attempt to put them up because she has told me when someone puts her stuff up she cannot find anything. She is so funny.

So here we go again, shelling the peas.
Granny uses scissors to cut the end of the peas to make it easier for her to open.
I was on the other side listening to her talk about how long it was going to take her to get this all done. I was determined that I was going to try to finish shelling them before I had to leave but I don't think she believed me.
She worked so hard. I found out something about Granny.
I always thought her "Grunt, Sigh, & whistle" was just when she quilted but
she made the same sounds while doing the peas!

I just love pictures of Granny at her sink.
This is when she was washing her spoon.
We are finally through shelling the peas!!!!!
Granny was so happy and so was I!
Me & Granny don't want to see any more peas!
I wanted you all to notice the collar on Granny's dress. It has a safety pin in it. I asked her why she had it pinned. I can't remember the words she said but it was all about being modest. I thought that was sweet.
Granny & I had some sweet conversations that day. One time she looked at me and said, "What are we doing this hard work for?" But she also let me know how thankful she was. There were a lot of quiet times too. They were precious. Along with hearing her grunts, sighs and whistles, I listened to her breathe as she worked. She would stop and show me the really pretty full peas. She would say they are beautiful. I thought about how much work this woman had done in her lifetime. Granny will be 96 years old on Oct. 24th.
I hated to leave but I had to. Before I left I vacuumed her house. I wonder if she noticed that. I don't even think she heard the vacuum cleaner. I loved helping Granny. I need to do it more.
I helped her wash and pick through all of the peas. Then I put them on the stove.
Granny was so tired. She never lays down during the day. (That must be where I get it. I cannot sleep during the day.) But I had to leave to go pick up my grandchildren from school. I told her to let them come to a boil and then turn them off. She said her back was hurting so bad and that she might lay down. I told her that she couldn't lay down until the peas were turned off. I was going to try to run back over but I got so worried about her forgetting about those peas on the stove that I called my aunt Carol. She lives down the road from Granny. I asked her if she would go and check on Granny and the peas. She said she would, so I felt so much better. I clean houses to make extra money and had one job to do after I left. I just could not leave her seeing how overwhelmed she was. So I was so relieved when my aunt said she would take care of it. My day with Granny was so special but I can tell you one thing she is a hard worker. I had never saw her overwhelmed before so I didn't know anything to do but to help her. When I left I think Granny was feeling better, just tired. Once I talked to my aunt, I was feeling better.
Thank you, Aunt Carol!
Special Note:
Please go and read Martha's Blog. She is the first blogger that purchased a quilt from Granny. She started this ball rolling for Granny. In this post she honored me and my Granny today, Sept. 13, 2009. I am speechless and in tears. Thank you Martha.


Karen said...

I love how pretty Granny looks in her polka dot dress! She looks like she was ready for Church! So glad you were able to help her. Sometimes it's the little things that can be overwhelming. Thanks for sharing Granny with us!

Needled Mom said...

It sounds as though you were her angel sent from above that day. I know how much Granny appreciates the help, but I imagine that just the precious time you spend with her is just as important to her.

I have often thought about the incredible work that generation of women did. They certainly never had all the fancy machines we had and their household work would consume so much of their time. What a generation it was!

Anonymous said...

Well you have me crying again but they are happy tears. Happy that women like Granny still exist and women like you who respect and cherish them still do too. You are so wise to take the photos of the small things she does (like washing her spoon) and like snipping the ends of the peas with scissors with her quilts stacked beside her. Your blog posts and these pictures will be priceless to future generations one day. Both my grandmothers made a silent whistle sound while working - you make me almost able to hear it again by talking about Granny doing the same. Thanks.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What a sweet thing for you to do for Granny. I hope that she felt that her day went better because you visited her.

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Oh Val, what a wonderful day you had! My mama is a lot like her and her spoon. She will use the same glass or cup all the time and just rinse it out. I get so upset with her when she is here because I tell her it isn't necessary. She also wants to use the same wash cloth over and over, so every night I slip and get the dirty one and put her a clean one in that spot. I don't mind cleaning for her.

Becky G.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I find as I get older I tend to get overwhelmed easier than I did when I was younger. I like for everything to be done ahead of time - no waiting till the last minute. I feel as if Granny was my very own and I thank you for the glimpses you give us into her life. blessings, marlene

*karendianne. said...

As I read your post I thought about what a beautiful person you are. I also noted has God has perfect timing - you arrived at the perfect time. And I was quite taken with the moments of silence you two shared while she was working. Often folks feel the need to talk instead of simply enjoy the silence. To me, there's real comfort and peace in that.

Blessings my friend. Many blessings. Thank you for blessing us all with another chapter in the Life of Granny.

Allie said...

I love that top pic of Granny - she looks like she's almost afraid to touch the card and money, like she can't believe it! What a blessing you are to go help her like that. I'm so glad you went. And I love how she had her dress pinned for modesty. God bless her.

Alice Grace said...

I am crying as I write this comment. Since I know Granny so well, I can imagine her sweet voice. I am so glad you got Carol to go and check on her. God bless Granny and God bless you and all those who help to watch out for her. You are so wonderful to be there for her.

Michelle said...

What a beautifull post that was. What a blessing you are to have been there for her. You are an angel. Thank you for sharing Granny with us.
be blessed,

Susannah said...

Val...I just love your Granny. There are no words precious enough for her. And I'll bet you are right about her working so hard over the years. It is wonderful to see her standing at the sink. It reminded me of my own grandmothers..that I miss so much.

You are so sweet and kind to her, Val. You both are lucky to have each other. God bless......


martha - ca knitter said...

Awe, sweet Granny. I love that the safety pin on her collar had a meaning. It was great that you helped Granny out and the lunch sounded delicious!
I wrote about Grandparents Day on my post and included you and Granny...if you'd like to read about it, hop on over.
Happy Grandparents Day!!

martha - ca knitter said...

You're so welcome Valerie. :-)

grandmarockton said...

Every mpment spent with Granny is a million dollars for you ENJOY! God bless you both.

Tootsie said...

your Granny sounds like such a sweet hubby has a Nana like her...I just adore this woman with my whole heart. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful woman...and she is so lucky to have you to help her when she falls behind!

Sherrie said...

What a wonderfulgift you gave to yourself and to Granny!! This is a day that you will both remember and cherish. God is soo were BOTH so blessed because YOU listened to your heart and helped her through a difficult day!! Check on her as as often as you can and make lots of memories! One night when I went to check on my mom, she was dressed just like Granny......with the pajama bottoms on under her dress and got really upset when I questioned why she had them both on. OH what memories! Thanks for sharing and you and Granny have a wonderful week!! Sherrie from S.C.

Karens Hopes said...

Thankyou for sharing your granny with us, she is a remarkable women.
I just wondered what she was going to do with all the peas ?

Darla said...

I love to visit Granny with you!!

Anonymous said...

Your sweet Granny is a blessing to me and I love reading about her and the ongoing stories of her making quilts and of them being sold. It was so kind and good of you to look after her on a day she was needing it. Your helping her was love in motion.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Another wonderful memory for you and granny and for us.
I never tire of your posts Valerie.

Granny is a rare breed and it's so wonderful she has you.


PEA said...

Well I do hope you don't mind seeing this one more PEA? hehe I so love your posts about Granny, they truly do make my day:-) You are such a blessing to her and I want to thank you for sharing your time with her with us!! How heartwarming to think of her as feeling overwhelmed with so much to slowing her down at all, is there:-) I would so love to own one of her quilts, would you be willing to ship one to Canada? Of course I would pay for any shipping charges as well! Let me know!! xoxo

SandyQuilts said...

Valerie I'm so jealous of your time with Granny. Both of mine passed a long time ago ... I imagine if they were still here my time with them would be just like you and Granny. You two are so lucky and fortunate to have each other.

I love the photo of Granny with her 'pink' pants. Don't miss a day.

Lexie's thoughts said...

hi, I'm sherrys daughter from 'if i could set my soul free'. I absolutely love grannys quilts. My mom showed me the one she had bought from her & i fell in love with it. I really hope to buy one when I get enough money. Reading this post made me cry. what a special relaionship you guys share. Granny looks like a great role model & woman. I truely wish I could meet her, I'm sure she's very wise. I hope she stays healthy, she sounds like she's doing great!

Sherry said...

I'm so glad Granny liked the crosses!! I would be over whelmed with all that she does....she is definitely a hard worker. I'm sure she appreciates all that you do to help her!

Have a great day Val!

Tina said...

I stumbled upon your blog today after a google search for "machine embroidery blogs" which had a link to your mom's embroidery thread post....

I adore your granny and the way you cherish and honor her. I lost one of my dear grandmother's in 2007 and there's a hole in my heart that nothing else will ever fill. Hug her and enjoy her and help her and love on her just like you are. God is so good to have gifted us with grannies!

She's precious!

Sherri said...

Valerie, do you have a way that we all can send Granny a birthday card?

English Cottage in Georgia said...

I love your "Granny" posts - what a sweetheart for a grandma you have. You are both blessed to have each other.
God bless you both:-)

Brenda said...

This is such a precious time for you, Granny for and all of us to watch! Thank you for sharing these wonderful moments! Love, Brenda

Catherine Rogers said...

I can't get over how much your granny looks like HER Mama. It's like seeing my Great-Grandma all over again! Seeing those peas reminded me of being a little girl bouncing into her house smelling something good cooking on the stove. OH my! I was only 6 or 7 then, but Grandma Teasley was never too busy to stop and spend time with me, to greet me with open arms and always, always, wanting to feed me. --Oh if she could only see today what her cooking did for me. lol
Thank you for the pictures of your Granny and giving me a walk down memory lane.