Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sweet Gifts for Granny & More Quilts Sold!

Look what Sherry sent me & Granny in the mail.

She made the cross bookmarks. They are beautiful.

She told me that one was for me. I was so excited.

Thank you Sherry!

By the way, did you make that card? It is beautiful.

Sherry purchased a quilt from Granny and here is her note to her.

She has posted about her quilt on her blog if you would like to see it. (Just click on her name)
I will be taking this card to Granny tomorrow. I am going to take both bookmarks and let Granny decide which she would rather have.

Thank you Sherry for blessing Granny.

This is the quilt that Sherry bought from Granny.

Sherrys little boy took over the quilt so she said

that she will start saving her money for another one.

SOLD: This quilt is sold to a special friend for a gift.

SOLD: This quilt is sold. I don't have the money yet but it is on the way.

Michelle P. H. is buying 2 quilts. She is buying one for her daughter also.

Michelle is this the one you wanted (above)?

SOLD: I think this one (above) is sold to Shannon C.-

Let me know if this is the one you wanted.
This is one of my favorites.

This quilt is very pretty and uses many colors.
Nobody has picked this one yet.
I have several emails & calls from people wanting a Granny quilt.
If you see one that is not sold that you want
just let me know and I will hold it until your money comes in.
I never ever imagined selling quilts for Granny through my blog.
I wasn't even trying.

This quilt is unique. See the backing?
I love it. Of course I love them all.

UPDATE: SOLD 9/11/09 I received an email from Tricia S.

She wants the quilt above. Thanks Tricia!!!

This is a beautiful quilt. I guess you could say it is reversible since the backing is a print also.
Granny says that she doesn't make quilts to be pretty even though they are. She makes them for warmth.
I promise all of her quilts are made with love and prayer.

SOLD: Michelle P.H. wants this one for her daughter.
Let me know if I am correct Michelle.

Like I said before, I never even tried to sell Grannys quilts but you all have blessed her so much. I get a blessing just seeing her face when I bring her a card and money. I hope you enjoyed this little tour of quilts. I will have more pictures after I go over there tomorrow.

Thank you to all of you that love my Granny. She is a special woman.

Everytime a quilt is bought Granny thinks she has to hurry and make another. Thank you for giving her something to wake up to in the mornings. She said that this gives her hope.


Michelle said...

What a special lady your granny is, and you are so blessed to have her. Yes, you have given her a special gift, in that she feels needed, and feels she needs to make more quilts. That is such a wonderful gift to give.

We ALL need to feel needed at one time or another. God is smiling down on you, Valerie. He is Oh, so proud of you.
Be blessed,

martha - ca knitter said...

I get so giddy and excited everytime I read that Granny sold another quilt. Wow!
I keep thinking, it's amazing how our paths have crossed to make something like this possible and like you mentioned, giving Granny hope. And, it all began with a little blog called Life's Little Garden and with your Granny who is sharing her blessings and warmth with your blog friends one quilt at a time. :-)

Darla said...

Hope...a wonderful thing! What size are these quilts. I want to see a photo of here choosing her bookmark!!!

Anonymous said...

Granny is such an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for sharing her with us and God bless.

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Kim and I live in Ohio. I have been visiting your blog for some time and I love it and would love to buy one of your granny's quilts! I'm not sure how to go about it. Could you please e mail me with the information on how to get one? My e mail is Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...


Sherry said...

I hope Granny likes the bookmark and I'm glad you like yours!! We love the quilt!!


(P.S. I did make the card)

tricia said...

Hi Valerie,
All of Granny's quilts are beautiful. I love the brown stripey one with the yellow background and thats the one I want. I sent you an email this morning.

P.S. Give Granny a big hug!!

quiltingnana said...

so much fun to hear about Granny....makes me think about family each time I read about her

Allie said...

How sweet of Sherry - I love that card too! I'm delighted to see Granny being blessed so abundantly. She's got a little cottage industry going, lol! I want to be just like her when I grow up.

Needled Mom said...

It is all such wonderful news, Val. I can imagine how thrilled and shocked that Granny must be with all of her "internet" sales. Just imagine!

Susannah said...

God bless Granny!


G'G'ma said...

This is all so much fun!! I'm lovin' reading about "Granny's Quilt's" business. It would be fun to be a little mouse in the corner to hear her exclamations of glee when you show her the cards and money. I check your blog every day to see if there is a new granny story.

Alice Grace said...

God is truly blessing Granny thru you and thru all your wonderful blogging friends! To have this happening to her is beyond anything she probably ever dreamed of. Thanks for your love for her and thanks to all your blogging friends!