Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Here we are at our favorite restaurant celebrating 31 years of marriage.


You can't tell but that is an Apple walnut cobbler with icecream and a candle in it.
We had a ball. There are not many places to eat that I would drive an hour and half to get to but this is my favorite place. It is Houstons in Atlanta Ga. It was heaven.
O.K., before you see the next picture you have got to hear the story. My daughter calls me and says there is something laying on my bed that doesn't seem like her daddy would buy for me. I said what is it. She said it is lingerie.........Black! I said, what?? Your Dad bought that for me???
She said well it is laying on your bed. We got really tickled because if you know anything about me, you know I love PAJAMAS.....but lingerie is not my thing. I was kind of confused because I thought after 31 years I know that he knows me better than that. Well, I came in and this is what I found.......
Believe me....THIS IS NOT ME!!!
Well, I got so tickled but didn't want to hurt his feelings. I looked at my daughter Maranda and I said, I just can't believe that he bought this. He knows I love pajamas or even a t shirt and maybe a pretty gown but this????????????
We laughed so hard but I went out in the den and said "thank you"??? It is ..........pretty!
He looked up at me just as serious as can be and said, I thought you would like it.
In my mind I was thinking to myself, I thought he knew me.........................more than that................I thought I knew him. Anyway, he said it looks a little big. I was trying to keep a straight face and I said what size did you get? He said medium. I held up the itsy bitsy panties and said these cannot be a medium! Well to make a long story short...........He did not know a thing about it! He had never saw it before. He just went right along with it though. My crazy daughter Maranda did the whole thing!! I went to my sweet honey and hugged him once I found out that he didn't even know anything about it and told him I was so worried. I was afraid that after 31 years he thought I wanted this or worse than that.........that he wanted it! Now don't get me wrong, this is fine for some women but for me, well, is just not me!!!!!
This was so funny and a great ending to our 31st Anniversary!
Attn: Granny Fans: Tomorrow nights post will be about Granny.
Stay tuned!


Allie said...

Dinner looks wonderful - and I almost wet my pants reading about the lingerie!!!! That's hysterical!

Needled Mom said...

Cute! I am like you and this would not be my cup of tea either!!!

Glad you had a great dinner. It looks delicious.

Michelle said...

Definately a memory!

Darla said...

It is obvious that your husband still loves you dearly by his body language in the photos. Yummy dinner---your daughter is a hoot. Now, you did model it, right? LOL I wonder if they make enough wine for me to model something like that??

Alice Grace said...

Hilarious! Maranda has inherited her Daddy's sense of humor! Between you and Randy, life is a hoot! You are both funny!

Tootsie said...

ha ha !!! sneaky girl!!! good thing you had already eaten!!!
what a good sport he is!
happy anniversary!

Susannah said...

You two are enjoying your life shows. And what a wonderful daughter to do that! Lots of laughs and lots of fun....terrific!


StitchinByTheLake said...

Val that's hilarious! If my husband bought something like that (trust me he wouldn't!) I'd have him committed. :) I'm with you - comfy pajamas. Best if they're flannel in the winter. blessings, marlene

cockermom said...

Boy He is good! Didn't know a thing about it and just picked up the cue like that! Hilarious!

Behki said...

Hadnt been on in FOREVER but the lingerie story had me in stitches...too funny...Maybe mandy could use it lol! I need to start my blog back up...maybe this new pregnancy will be my motivation!

Brenda Sue said...

You all are so funny and soooo wonderful! Love, Brenda

Anonymous said...

I love reading about your granny and her quilts. Also, the part about the lingerie was very funny! And I love Houstens too. I think it is awesome that you have been married 31 years. you are such and awesome, optimistic person. i'm glad i'm getting to know you through your blogs.

Sherry said...

I'm glad you guys had a nice anniversary!! Your daughter is so funny! What a great joke to play on you!!

I'm not a lingerie type person either.