Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Granny Sells 4 More Quilts! Part 1

This is my best friend Vicki meeting my Granny for the first time.
She brought her pear butter & pear relish for a gift.
Vicki took lots of pictures and even 2 videos that are at the end of this post that I would not take anything in this world for. When you watch them you will see why.
Vicki had called me and told me that she wanted to buy 2 quilts from my Granny. One was for her neice Stacy and the other for herself. Then her daughter Carrie called her and said she would love to have one. That makes 3!!! Granny was so excited. The quilt Vicki is holding in this picture is the one she chose for herself. It is a scrappy quilt.

When we met there at Granny's I looked in the quilt room and all of the quilts were neatly stacked up. I had mentioned to my daddy that we were coming. There is so much more to tell you about our visit but that will have to be in part 2 which will probably be next week due to me going out of town. Thank you Vicki for your visit and for blessing Granny by buying her quilts.

This card came in the mail with money for one of Granny's quilts in it.
It is from Marlene! I have commented on her blog for a long time and she has visited me a lot. The other day she emailed me and told me that she would like a quilt of Grannys. She told me that she would love to have a yellow one if possible. I just could not wait to tell Granny and that is the same day that Vicki came and bought those 3 so this was like Christmas to Granny.

I just had to show you this card. I asked Marlene where she got it and she said that she has had them for a long time and only had 4 and saved them for a special occasion. Isn't that sweet?
Granny kept saying, thats not me, is it?
How did they do this?
She even wrote a special note to Granny. We read it to her and she loved it.
All the yellow quilts were gone except the scrappy yellow but sitting on Grannys sewing machine was a very pretty one in the making. Marlene, the videos I give to you as a gift from Granny. She is sewing your quilt. This was yesterday. Today my dad told me that your quilt is almost finished but it will be next week before I can pick it up and ship it to you. When Granny sews she forgets about who is there. It is not that she is senile. She just loves sewing and focuses on it. Vicki sneaked and got these special moments on video. I would not take anything in this world for these.
In these 2 videos Granny is working on Marlenes Quilt.
Thank you Vicki, Stacy, Carrie and Marlene for making Granny's day!
Enjoy the videos. There are 2 of them so make sure that you watch both. You will be blessed by Grannys humble sweet heart.
We are going out of town and I am not sure if I will have internet or not so I thought I would leave these videos with you.


Allie said...

Well - I teared up watching those videos - she is a treasure. Pure gold. I can't thank you enough for sharing her with us.

martha - ca knitter said...

Wow, Valerie! Thank you so much for sharing the videos. It's so touching to see Granny working on her latest quilt. I got a little emotional watching the second video.
I think it's so amazing that she sold 4 more quilts? Wow!!! Christmas is looking good for her.
Little does Granny know that she's spreading love and blessings through her quilts. :-)

Karen in Lubbock said...

I am in tears...Granny is precious! What a blessing to have her. I know you cherish every minute with her. Thank you for sharing the videos.

SandyQuilts said...

Oh how nice that Granny is selling some of her quilts.

I haven't blogged all summer so I'm way way behind.

Have a good trip.

Anonymous said...

Valerie, How very precious these videos are of Granny. You often see tags that say "stitched with love." These quilts are definitely a work of love. Thank you for sharing Granny with all of us.

Alice Grace said...

Those videos captured Granny just exactly! How sweet. I teared up too, watching them. Thank you for sharing Granny with your blogging friends!

Darla said...

Okay ya'll, pass the tissue box!! Precious and Priceless!!

Anonymous said...

What a precious lady she is, awesome. I love my Granny quilt!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Valerie I can't tell you how I smiled when I watched the videos. I even made my husband come and watch! I'm thrilled to be getting a quilt from Granny. blessings, marlene

Susannah said...

God grants us many things...but the blessing of a Grandmother is superb! Granny is wonderful. The videos are terrific! Keep them forever and pass them down through the generations.

I loved my two Grandmas dearly. You are very you well know.


Anonymous said...

Hi Val! I was so thrilled to watch those videos of you and Granny!!! How fun to hear your voices and watch Granny work. I have to say that you two are cute as buttons, and your southern accents are out of this world adorable!!
Thanks for sharing. =)

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

And great to HEAR YOUR I can hear you talking when I read your posts.

Kim Johnson said...

I Love my Great Granny Gribble too.

Brenda Sue said...

It makes us all feel as though we were right there with you all! Thank you so much for sharing Granny's days with us! I love you all. Your sister, Brenda

Sherry said...

Love the videos Val! I love seeing her in motion!