Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pretty Granny

Look at Granny! Isn't she beautiful?
I went to a family reunion for Granny's family today.
It was in a park under a shed and there were lots of people there that I didn't know.
I sat beside Granny a lot and when there was no one around she would describe to me how that bobbin dropped down in that new machine. She is really trying to figure it out in her mind. I told her that I was going to be out of town a couple of days and she looked so sad. I told her that my Aunt Carol would be there to help her. One time she said that she was just not sure if she could learn it all. I reminded her of that verse I gave her the other day. Phillipians 4:13. She said, "I still have that verse in my heart and I am carrying it with me always." That just meant the world to me. I carry my Granny in my heart.
This is me, Granny and my Dad.
My Daddy is so good to my Granny.
All her children are. They visit everyday.
I can't wait to get back in town so I can go spend some time with her.
Granny sews the quilt tops together on Mondays & Tuesdays and then on Wednesdays she sandwiches it together and starts sewing it. By Thursday she usually always has a quilt finished. Amazing. And of course Fridays are "wash days". (Laundry) She usually doesn't sew on the weekends but she just cannot wait until Monday rolls around again.

You all have heard about my Aunt Carol & Uncle Joe (Grannys son).
Now you have met them. They are precious to Granny.
Carol is the one that helped Granny on her new machine the other day.
My aunt also saved the day when me & Granny did all those peas. I had to leave and Carol came and finished putting the peas in the freezer.

I think you have met my cousin Nancy once before on my blog.
She is Joe & Carols daughter. Nancy is a lot younger than me but there is just something about her that feels like we have been around each other forever. We are family but we have never been close but I am telling you that this is the sweetest girl I know. Everytime I am around her I realize how much I love her. She is a very hard worker. Her step son is leaving for Japan with the Navy. I told him thank you for serving our country.
Nancy, we need to have lunch one day. Wanna meet at Grannys???
I bet we could find some cornbread!!!! We both are big "Granny Fans".

This is Granny and her 3 sons. She also has 3 daughters but they weren't there.
I really enjoyed seeing all of my family (the ones I knew).
There were others that I don't have pictures of. I have another cousin, Shirley that has researched our family history for as long as I can remember. She had stacks of books there with pictures, newspaper articles and the family tree. I would have loved to have looked at it closer.
She has put a lot of work into it. Then I saw Ginger, Shirleys younger sister. I thought I had a picture of her but I don't see it. Granny had 1 sister that was there. If I am not wrong, there are only 3 left including Granny. She has a brother that was one of triplets but he has been sick so he could not come.
I just thought you would enjoy meeting some of mine and Granny's family.
But isn't Granny pretty?


Thank you Mary for making this for me!


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I have never had one so I am very excited.

I am planning on posting the Give Away Tuesday, Lord willing and the creek don't rise. (Is that just a Southern saying?)

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Allie said...

Oh wow Granny looks so stylish! I love that outfit. Thanks for sharing your family! Is Granny the youngest, oldest or middle?

Anonymous said...

Granny looks just beautiful! What a treasure to spend the day with her and her relatives. Precious memories and treasures for the photo album.

martha - ca knitter said...

Granny does look beautiful, especially with her three sons.
I really admire your family because you treasure every moment together.
I added Granny's button to my blog. Thank you for sharing it with me.

Michelle said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful family.
be blessed,

Alice Grace said...

Beautiful pictures! I, also love Granny's family! Nancy and Carol are such a joy to be around! I am glad Granny got to go to the reunion.

Amelia said...

Thanks for allowing us to meet more of the family...Yes, Granny is beautiful - both inside and out.

God has blessed you to have such a role model in her...and I can tell you are passing it down to your children and grandchildren.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Valerie, what beautiful pictures. Granny looks so lovely. And it's so nice to meet the rest of the family too. Granny must be proud to have such a sweet family. And such a sweet granddaughter!

blushing rose said...

Pretty? Granny is gorgeous!! What a wonderful time you have with her.

G'morn, Val ~ Well, the lady on the telephone was sweet enough to hang on & listen to all the hubbub going on. I did get back to her, chuckle. TY for the sweet comments & visit to my birthday blog. IF you didn't get to read on 9/26/ pop over. She is one talented lady & did a darling post for me.

Have a beautiful week. Hugs, Marydon

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Yes Granny is soooo pretty and the beautiful jacket she is wearing is stylish and accents her beautiful hair.

You have a lovely family Valerie and your love shows so brightly. How enlightening to see this in todays world. Seems most people don't take that much time with each other any more.


Hugs, Karen

dusty&mandy said...

Granny is pretty- I hope you had a good day yesterday.

Little Boo is sick !!! We were up all night :( He is pitiful...

Have a good day

Diane said...

Your Granny is very pretty and looks awesome for a lady of her age. I think I am moving to Ga. Your entire family seems so nice and of coarse Paula Deen Lives there. What more could you want?

Midlife Mom said...

Oh how I love to hear about other families that look out for each other and help each other the way mine does. That's what family is all about! Your Grannie is just amazing, I just can't imagine putting quilts together as fast as she does! It's wonderful for her to have that for a hobby and to have something to look foward to each day! Sure wish my Mom could still quilt but macular degeneration has taken her sight from her. She used to do all the bindings for me on my quilts and I loved it! Now lots of times they just don't get done for such a long time as that is my least favorite thing to do in quilt making.

Will be looking forward to your Give Away!!

cockermom said...

Three sons! Yup, no wonder she is so feisty!
She does look very pretty and sparkly.

Darla said...

I do hope you treasure the closness of your family. So much of that has been lost....!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful family, wonderful photos!
I'll be signing up for your giveaway too! XOXO

Brenda said...

These pictures are priceless! I am so homesick! Thanks for sharing these wonderful moments you have with family! Love, Brenda

Julie said...

Hello--I am in Florida on a business trip with my husband--this is a far south as I've ever been. We are in southern Florida,and I've wished I could come to Georgia to meet Granny and take home a quilt. I would love to have her fan button. I will email you when I get home. Thanks--Julie

Needled Mom said...

Granny is a beautiful woman and she is lucky to be surrounded by such a loving family. I know she realizes how blessed she is.

I wish I could do quilts as quickly as Granny. She is amazing. I just wish her machine was repairable.

Yes, we are all looking forward to your giveaway.

Kim said...

How nice that you got to spend the day with so many family members. Granny is lovely, inside and out. I am so happy that I got to meet her and you, even if it is through blogging!
And no, Diane, you can't move to Georgia! Work just wouldn't be the same without you!

Sue said...

Granny looks lovely, so nice to hear about the family reunion. Thanks for sharing with us.

Hazel said...

What beautiful photo's of Granny and her family .She's such a beautiful dear lady .I love reading this blog that little lady just has something about her you can't help but love .

Scottish Nanna said...

Granny Is so special she looks lovely you are all so lucky to have her.
Hugs Mary.

belle said...

Thank you for sharing your Granny. I have been a voyeur to your site for a couple of months, enjoying your adventures, calamities, and love of Granny. I have lost both my Grannies early on, but they are both still in my heart and visiting with you and yours has a special meaning for me. My Granny was a quilt maker and seamtress also.

Sherry said...

Granny looks so pretty all dressed up!! I hope you all had a good time!


Anonymous said...

Granny looks beautiful & so do you Val!! What a blessing that you got to go to the reunion & see family! :) Hope you have a wonderful day! ;)

Shannon Collins

Lisa said...

Valerie! The quilts are beautiful and granny is Adorable! How precious! I just became a follower, will post it about it on my blog tomorrow and would love a granny button!

PEA said...

Oh yes she does indeed look beautiful! How wonderful that she got to attend the family reunion, she must have so enjoyed seeing so many loved ones all together:-) I loved being able to "meet" some of your other family members, look at all those wonderful smiles! I think it's so cute the way Granny has her days planned out. xoxo