Saturday, September 26, 2009

Almost Happy Granny

I went by Granny's house yesterday and she had just finished this quilt. My new blogging friend Diane has already claimed this quilt.

Granny said that she was so flustered because they said that they could not fix her sewing machine. But my Uncle Joe and Aunt Carol brought her another one. It looks really nice and my Aunt Carol had spent most of the morning helping her to learn the machine. Granny said that my aunt was so good with it. Once Granny gets to sewing on it she said she is fine but if she had to thread it or fill a bobbin she hasn't learned that yet. But she will.

After she showed me the quilt I told her I had her another surprise.
She said, "Another one?" I told her yes.
This one had a very sweet note attached. It was from Tricia S.
I don't think she has a blog. (If you do Tricia, send me the address).
Granny could read this note good because it was typed and it was easy for her to see.
Thank you Tricia for blessing Granny.
Your quilt is on the way!

This is Granny's new sewing machine. Well, it is an old one but it is very nice and in very good condition. See my little featherweight sitting over in the floor? Granny said the foot pedal was too hard for her to push. I wonder if I could change the foot pedal because it is even hard for me. Anyway, this new machine isn't built in like her other was. My uncle fixed it where it just sits up on her sewing machine cabinet. But I have to tell you the funniest thing. Granny is used to putting her sewing machine down in the cabinet and folding it up when she is through. Well this one is not built in. Before I left she looked at me and said, "Beth does that sewing machine just sit there naked?" I said, "Naked"? She said "yes". It took me a minute but I finally figured it out. She was asking me does it just sit there like that all the time. I told her yes. I need to find a cover to go over it for her so she will not think it is naked!!! Smile.


STAY TUNED..........


Needled Mom said...

A naked sewing machine!!! Now that's a new one on me! I am so sorry that they cannot fix her old one. I wonder if they could take her old pedal and wire it to fit the Featherweight. Do you remember when the machines had a lever on the bottom of the cabinet that made the machine run by using your leg pressed against it? They were wonderful and you didn't have to chase the foot pedal everywhere. I'll bet the Featherweight could also be installed in the cabinet so it could be lowered and not left naked. I think the raised bed is going to be difficult for her to use.

Allie said...

Oh no!!! They can't fix her favorite machine? Oh dear. Can the hole in the cabinet be enlarged so that at least the new one will fit down in? Too funny about the naked machine - how about a fabric cover for it? If you send me the dimensions, I could make one for her! And YES I want a Granny Fan button!!!!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Thank goodness you got Granny a new sewing machine. It would be a pure tragedy if that sweet lady couldn't make her pretty quilts.

Michelle said...

Is that a Singer 401, or 403? Do you know how popular those machines are among quilters???? Tell her that she will be the envy of everyone! Ask your hubby, or uncle to attach a 'shelf' underneath, so the machine could be set down down inside and so the bed of the machine would be flush with the cabinet top. I think with it sitting on top, there is too much heighth added, and it will make her back and shoulders tired. She is used to the heighth of her old machine, and I think this will make it more difficult to quilt her quilts. Also, the machine she just got is FAST!!!

As for the foot control, if it is the original one, it has two buttons. One moves and the other does not. You almost have to be barefoot to use it, and use your big toe! Yes, a new foot control could be replaced in it's place. You see, that type of controller was meant for a cabinet. Inside the cabinet, was a bracket which held it. Then, a 'knee' control bracket pressed the button in to make it go. Could the foot controller she has be mounted inside the cabinet with her current knee controller? Maybe is you had her old foot controller, it could be wired into the new foot controller wire.

I'm sure Granny is sad about losing her machine. What couldn't be fixed? It's really hard for me to believe if it was a thread problem, that it couldn't be fixed. Did they bring her old machine home?

I will pray Granny loves her new machine soon.
be blessed,

Anonymous said...

That tickles me about the "naked" sewing machine! That Granny is a sweetheart! Blessings to all of you this Sunday.

Darla said...

So cute!

Alice Grace said...

I agree with Michelle! The difference in height may hurt her shoulders and back after awhile. Maybe they can find a cabinet that it will fit down into, other than that, she has already made a quilt with it? Wow! She wastes no time! Love the "naked" comment!

Amelia said...

She is such a dear...truly a person to admire. I sincerely hope she adjusts to the "new" machine easily and not let it fluster her.

Diane said...

That is so funny! I've just never heard of that. Isn't it funny the way the older generation looks at things? If that is my green quilt, I LOVE it. I have been busy helping both my sisters move this weekend, but Grannys "care" package will be on it's way monday! Val,thanks again!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Michelle at Just Simple Joys ( makes really cute sewing machine covers out of quilted pillow shams she finds at thrift stores. She has a tutorial on one of her posts in her archives - or e-mail her. She's a doll and would be glad to tell you how to do it. And you know I want a Granny button! I saw it on your mother's blog yesterday and was going to ask you how to do it. :) blessings, marlene

martha - ca knitter said...

Awe, bless Granny's heart for using the word "naked"...Lol.
I would love a Granny button, if you don't mind sending me one.
The new sewing machine is very nice, but I share Granny's feelings about getting used to the new one or anything new. We live and learn no matter the age. :-)
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh YES Val, I want to have the Granny Fan button for my blog so please email me with the info.


Sue said...

Val, I know you are so busy with all the wonderful things that you do but I found this idea for a sewing machine cover for Granny and thought I would share it with you.