Thursday, December 10, 2009

Goodies For Granny

To: Granny
From: Thearica
She sent all this fabric plus a Christmas card that she made herself and
a snowman full of candy!
Thank you for blessing Granny!

I cut all the fabric up for Granny.

Don't look at the mess. We are getting ready for a wedding and things are boxed up everywhere.

This is where I cut my fabric. I love my cutting table. It folds out to be a lot bigger than that.

It also has lots of storage. I bought it at Walmart years ago.

Granny was amazed at her Christmas card.

She LOVED the fabric squares.

She was amazed at this snowman too and when I opened it up and she saw candy it made her day. She loves something sweet after she eats.

This sweet Christmas card is from kim!
Kim has bought quilts from Granny and also won one when I had the giveaway.
Thanks Kim.
This is the last quilt that Granny made this week. My dad just called and said she is putting the binding on one right now. So that makes 2 this week! Amazing for a 96 year old don't you think?
She told me that if I hadn't sold her quilts for her that she would not have to make any and it gives her hope that someone wants something she has made. Thank you to all of you bloggers and friends. You all make Grannys day when you buy a quilt from her.
I have had several requests for an address to send Granny a Christmas card so here it is:
Valerie Shoates
Attn: Granny
P.O. Box 35
Dalton, Ga. 30722
If you send a card and have a blog, please add the addresss so I can acknowledge you on my blog.
There are a couple of Granny Quilts for sale on the sidebar of my blog if anyone needs a last minute Christmas gift!!!! They are made with love & prayer.


Darla said...

This is so sweet and funny...I mailed Granny a Christmas card this past Tuesday!!

Thearica said...

I am so glad that Granny liked her surprise! I wish my granny were still here! She was so much fun and loved her quilting too! I am glad you are willing to share your Granny with us!!

Needled Mom said...

What lovely fabric. I am so glad to know that Granny's quilting addiction is being supplied by fellow bloggers. ;) I wish I could accomplish as much as she does.

Plain-n-Simple! said...

How sweet!! I love your cutting table looks 'drop leafy'



Anonymous said...

What lovely fabric and that candy filled snowman is precious. So nice that Granny gets so much joy from her sewing and as always thank you for sharing her with all of us. Will Granny be able to make it to your daughter's wedding?

Alice Grace said...

I think Granny is getting attention from your wonderful blogging friends every week! I love that fabric that Thearica sent. And you know I love love love your cutting table!

martha - ca knitter said...

I get so emotional when I see pictures of Granny. I'm sappy that way. :-)
The fabric Granny received is so pretty and the candy, wow, she scored! Thanks for sharing all of this with us Valerie especially when there's a wedding in the works. ;-) I hope the bride-to-be is cool as a cucumber.

Susannah said...

Hi Val.. Thanks, again, for sharing your Grandmother with us. It is delightful to read about her and the close relationship you have with her. Reminds me of my Grandmothers. Sending a card....