Friday, January 8, 2010

Granny Is Part Of My Fridays Fave Five

Fridays Fave Five is hosted by Susanne!

The purpose of this FFF is to have an attitude of Gratitude

for the week we just came through and to name 5 of your favorite things this week.

1. My Sweet Granny

I walked in her livingroom and she didn't hear me come in.

Looks like she is pondering what to do next on this quilt.

When she realized that I was there she told me to go into the quilt room and get the latest quilt out. She actually had 2 but I have already sold one locally. This is one of the best quilts that I have ever saw Granny do. It is a scrappy quilt! It is so pretty. It has a pink backing. This quilt will be on my sidebar for sale if anyone is interested. UPDATE: Quilt is sold.

Here she is showing me the next quilt that she already has started.
I am so thankful for my little 96 year old Quilting Granny.
I love her so much.

2. My Design Wall
I worked hard in my sewing room this week and I was determined to get my design wall up so I can see what I am working on. I am so thankful that it is up and looks great if I do say so myself.

3. Snow Days
We only got a dusting but the temps were so cold that my frozen pond was covered in white before the snow even hit the ground. I love snow as long as I have electricity and Coke!

4. The innocence of a grandson.
Brother asked, "Granny, Can I sew too?"
I said, "Of course you can baby."

5. A Pan of Hot Corn Bread


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I'm grateful for sweet blogging friends like you!

Kim said...

That is a beautiful scrappy quilt. She does very nice work. I am thankful for my internet friends.

Susanne said...

Your grandmother's quilt is lovely. I love the colors. I am totally in awe that she is 96 and still quilts!

Love your quilting wall too. You ladies are very talented. And how sweet of your grandson to want to sew too.

I've only ever made cornbread once in my life. We had it with chili I believe. It was delicious.

Michelle said...

I would like to buy Granny's #40 quilt. How pretty. She is really getting creative!

I am thrilled that Brother wants to sew. It is not just a girl thing, it is an creative outlet. Keep encouraging him!

Your design wall looks wonderful! I can't believe how creative you are getting in that sewing room of yours!

I am thankful for your friendship, and I am thankful that you share Granny with us.
Be blessed, my friend!

Pat said...

Very nice list of 5......good idea to do that each week! (I suspect Granny might be on the list every week!!!)

Amelia said...

Loved the 5 items you selected for this Friday...the wisdom of an older person and the innocence of a child much can be leanred from both.

Hot corn bread baked in a cast iron skillet...pure comfort foood.

Enjoy the weekend.

Linda said...

Treasure your time with your Granny. She is so sweet. Great idea your design wall.

Kari said...

what a wonderful list of five. Your Granny is talented. That is so wonderful.
Your design wall looks great too.

Heidi said...

Valerie, The next scrappy quilt that Granny makes - I would like to buy it.

It's just adorable.

Kim said...

I love your favorite 5 Val!

Hazel said...

96 years old and quilting ! What an amazing, sweet and talented granny you have! For now I will just have to dream about quilts. One day I will own one :)

Stephani said...

I love your Granny! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You can find Wondrous Words Wednesday a Here is the link to my first WWW post if you are interested

Have a great week!

Willow said...

How blessed you are to have your granny and your mom, too! Great faves! The blue quilt (already sold) on the sidebar is lovely. Tell Granny I think it's beautiful.

Have a happy weekend!

Sandy@JesusandDark Choc said...

I love the picture of your 96 year old grandma! So sweet! I can't sew to save my life, but do wish I had you or your sweet granny to teach my daughter. Her quilts are beautiful.

Alice Grace said...

I am so impressed with your star quilt on your design wall! Your colors are gorgeous! Love little Brother being creative! How precious!

Anonymous said...

Great post!!!
I love the quilt you had on your design wall!! Love the colors!!

Allie said...

Awww - I'm thankful for YOU! And your sweet Granny. Your design wall looks wonderful, Val! Your grandson looks so proud of what he's doing. What a cutie!

Patty said...

There are so many thing to be grateful for and your five things are some of the best. It
s nice to take a moment and recognize the important things in your life.

carol said...

I'm "blown away' by your grandmother. I guess there's hope for me yet! Wow!

Thearica said...

Now lets see...grannies, grandchildren, and Cornbread! yep...We have some things in common! :)

Love your design wall! I sew up in our bonus room so the knee walls keep me from having

Love Bears All Things said...

Tell me about your design wall. Did you make it or buy one already made?
Mama Bear

Pokey said...

There is always many things to be thankful for. We just forget to count!
Thank you for sharing your list with me.

Bobbi said...

this post made me choke up a little bit. please be proud of how good you are to your granny!