Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Should I Or Shouldn't I?

Howdy Doody? Do you remember him?
This is a lamp and it works!
Yes, I went to the thrift store again today!
I think I am hooked. Now I know what you are thinking.
Was Howdy Doody calling my name? Did she feel the love? No, but he did make me smile.
Then I remembered ebay. I don't know if I will make any money on it but I will try.
Thats the risk you take with ebay. I paid 1.99 for him.
As I was leaving the thrift store I looked on the sidewalk and saw these fireplace accessories.
These are not cheap made. They are cast iron and very heavy. I think they look great, don't you? I paid 6.99 for these.
This is Fabric ribbon from Hallmark. They had a sale tag that said 1.49 from the store.
They were marked 49 cents with half off at the thrift store so I jumped on these.

Pillow stuffing? Annie Dolls?
They had 99 cents on it with half off!

Can you see this? It is about 3 or 4 feet long.
I am not sure what it is.
I am guessing a plate holder. I really don't know, do you?
Yes, I did feel the love! I paid 2.99!!!

I could not believe it when I saw this. It is a Singer Buttonhole attachment that looks in great condition. It even has the book with it. I wonder if it will fit my Singer 401 A!
I paid 3.99 for this. I think I did good.

Now the question is SHOULD I OR SHOULDN'T I?
(if you didn't read my last post you will not understand this)
There are 3 more packages of Toilet Seat covers at the thrift store.
I already have 500 and if I buy 3 more packs of 250 each that will make me 1,250 toilet seat covers. I would never ever have to worry at hotels again for the rest of my life!!!!
Well Should I????


Anonymous said...

No you should NOT. You have WAY more than enough for now and now is the way we are to live. Let the future come and adjust as needed.

Howdy is cute.

Amelia said...

Val, you certainly made some good buys. I agree that the long metal object is a plate rack. I would not buy any more toilet seat covers. Let someone else get the bargain.

To me thrift shopping is so much fun.

Alice Grace said...

I agee with the two previous commenters, share the toilet seats with some other needy soul! LOL
Great finds again today!

Susannah said...

GO FOR IT, VAL!!!! Buy them and pass them out to the girls in your family and Vicki, too. You are having so much fun!! Isn't it great? And you are making me laugh over the toilet seat covers! It's good to laugh!


Pat said...

Nah...leave the covers there. I was trying to do the math...let's see...if Valerie uses the toilet maybe 5 times a day and goes away for 10 days a year, she'd use 50 a year.......and at that rate, you'd have enough now for 10 years. So...I think you can hold off before buying anymore of them....LOL Let us know how much Howdy Doody fetches on eBay. As for another of your purchases, I happen to have that same set of fireplace tools and I can tell you that you got a GREAT bargain with what you paid!!!

Rhonda in OK said...

no - I think you have enough :)

hope you make a bundle on Ebay with Howdy

martha - caknitter said...

I say get the seatcovers. Lol.
If you do, you can give them to the church or like another commenter suggested, give them to your kids and Vicki.
My friend has a set of fireplace tools and I have to tell you the set you found is a great deal.
Have fun shopping!

Michelle said...

STEP AWAY FROM THE TOILET SEAT COVERS!!!! Didn't I send you a button hole attachment with your machine? If not, it just might fit it!
Have fun thrifting!

Karen said...

Our thrift stores never have such neat things! lol

Bobbi said...

im just starting the thrift store obsession myself...but i have a thing for wood. furniture that is. nothing more fun than finding a great deal!

Maria said...

NO YOU SHOULD NOT.YTou have more than enough.
You did get some good buys again but if you don't really need them are they good buys??????

Anonymous said...

I think you are all set!

My brother was a big Howdy fan when he was little. You got some great bargains. Good luck with ebay.

Darla said...

Plate holder is my guess too. Girl, relax about the toilet seat covers, you are cracking me up!! Luck with the Howdy guy!!

Janaina said...

Well... I dunno that lamp guy... Probably a very American character, not popular at Brazil. Lol.
I agree: the metal thingy is a plate rack! Right? =)
Not sure about the toilet seats... LMAO. Do u really travel that much to spend that many on motels/hotels? Hehehehe...Anyways, you wont need to worry for a looooong time! Good for you! =)

Needled Mom said...

You have to make money on Howdy Doody!!!!!!

I think I would pass on more seat covers. How many nights do you plan on staying somewhere you can use them?????

Anonymous said...

Valerie I just love you!!! I have to admit your dilemna over the toilet covers has just cracked me up!! I needed a good laugh.
You have found such great treasures!! I love "bargain blessings"

StitchinByTheLake said...

I have to admit I'd buy the toilet seat covers. I'd give away a package - one to each of my three girls. When you're traveling, even just for the day, you could fold up three or four in your purse and they are so necessary for small children! Plate holder is my guess - it just needs a little paint and it will be good as new. Or why not hang it in your sewing room with a few magazines/books on it - colorful, plus they're out where you can see them when you need them. blessings, marlene

PEA said...

Oooooh, more great finds! If you do go buy more toilet seat covers, I say pass them on to your daughters...I mean, that's a gift that keeps on giving, isn't it! LOL The Howdy Doody lamp is just precious and hopefully you'll be able to make a nice little profit selling it on eBay. I've often bought things to sell on eBay and usually do pretty good:-) I have 3 full boxes waiting in my computer room with items I want to sell on there so I really should get busy with that. I'm glad you discovered the fun of thrifting...I could spend a whole day just looking:-) xoxo

Patty said...

Val, I say nay to the toilet seat covers.Unless yo plan on staying in hotels three or four time a month for the netxt five years or so I think they will just end up being something yor going to move from one place or another. I like the plate rack Rachel from p.s.i quilt had a nice little post about how she hangs quilts on her plare rack a whilr back.

Allie said...

Absolutely get the covers, and pass them out to family and friends. I love Howdy, you should be able to make some money on him! You sure found some great things!

Julie said...

Share the joy and buy them!! I'm sure you could think of a creative way to make them into a gift!! :) Love the lamp. You scored!! Have a great day. Julie

Cindy said...

Gosh, what a great thrift store you have.. I've never thought of getting toilet seat covers there though. I've learned something new today :) Love the post.