Monday, January 4, 2010

Special Moments

I went to Granny's the other day and found her working her word search puzzles.
This is one of her favorite things to do and she is good at it too!
She challenged me and she won!
Before I left she gave me a word search puzzle book and told me to practice.
It really does make you think.
This is my little "Angel". She is stuffing her Annie Doll that she is making.
When the Grands come to my house we either cook or sew!
They love it and so do I.
Brother & Angel are proud to have this puzzle put together.
He looks sweet and innocent doesn't he?
I would not have been surprised if that hug turned into a head lock!
He loves to fight.
I love to see "Sweet Teen" at the sewing machine.
She made her first burp cloth while she was here that day.
She is really good at sewing. See her Annie doll laying there ready to be stuffed.
She has already made one and did a great job.
I just love being a Gran and being able to have my grandchildren over.
When they come to my house they do different things than they do at their house.
Normally Brother would have a Nintendo DSI in his hand and sometimes he still does but I love to see him doing puzzles!
I had a special lunch with my Sweet Mom (right) and her sister (my aunt).
I love anytime that I can spend with my Mom.
They were on their way to see their brother who is very sick.
If you have a minute will you mention his name to the Lord?

Have I told you that my Dad has turned into a quilter too?
I even gave him a sewing machine for Christmas.
Here is he is showing me one that he just put together.
He loves the scrappy quilts. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think my Daddy would ever be sewing, much less making a quilt!

Sweet Teen got her Annie doll all stuffed and sewn together.
Now she is working on her clothes and hair at her house.
I can't wait to see her all dressed up.
This is a precious friend. He calls me his adopted daughter and I call him my adopted dad. He is actually my best friend Vicki's Dad. If you have followed my blog at all you have read about him before. He is a miracle. We are blessed to have him here with us.
He works as a greeter at a local store. He has to sit outside in the cold.
I found him working hard sitting on a bench with his chocolate covered cherries and his nuts! He was so cute. Honestly it was so cold, too cold! He had 2 heaters out there at his feet but one wasn't even working. (Notice I did not say the name of the store even though you can probably tell.) I just think it is sad that elderly people have to work period much less be out in the cold!
Will you say a special prayer for him?
Special Moments


Alice Grace said...

Oh, all of those are special moments! The grandchildren will always have special memories of coming to your house and learning things and having fun while doing it! Thanks for mentioning my brother, Ray. He is a precious person, and he told me the other day that he woke up to angels singing in his room! He could hear them but could not see them. He is a true child of God and there is no doubt about his faith!
I will also pray for Vicki's dad. It is very hard that someone his age is out there still having to work for a living.

Amelia said...

Your title of "Special Moments" was certainly about "Very Special People" in your life...ones we have got to know about thru your blog. It makes me feel like I know them also...of course, not as well as you but still able to love them thru this blog-a-asphere.


Susannah said...

Hi Val...What endearing times you are having. It seems like I know your special family members and friends. It was nice to see your aunt and Vicki's Dad. And look how the grandkids are learning to sew. They are lucky to have a Grandma to teach them. Your times together are very precious. I felt so good when my grandaughter and I made gingerbread cookies and decorated them. It was wonderful.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Valerie, what very special pictures. Such special memories for you to keep in your heart. Love the pictures of your grands. They are all so beautiful :-)

Thearica said...

OK..Where is "this" store located? I think the manager should have a call from a concerned friend. He definitely should NOT be outside! Our door greeters are always inside the building. What in the world is that manager thinking?

Thearica said...

I didnt see your sidebar before I posted before.

I wanted to say Go Granny! I see she sold the 2 quilts she made with the fabric i sent her way! YAY!! :)

Paula said...

Seeing pictures of your granny makes me smile. I sure miss mine. I think our granny's probably had a lot in common. I'll be praying for your uncle and adopted's tough getting older, isn't it? And, I LOVE the idea of your dad quilting. My dad made a string pieced top after he came home from the Korean War and my Granny quilted it. I have it now and I love it. My daddy also crocheted for years, but now he can't see too well. Thanks for sharing.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Valerie I have lifted up prayers tonight for Ray and for Vickie's Dad. And I'm also thanking God for our friendship and the joy you've given me this year reading your blog. blessings, marlene

Needled Mom said...

I enjoyed reading all of your special moments, Val. I love the idea of your dad being a quilter. Now he needs to start a blog!!!!

I will keep your uncle in my prayers as well as Vickie's dad. I, too, cannot imagine that they would put them outside to greet. That is really dumb!

Faye said...

Oh Valorie, Such precious moments. I love all the pics! Hope you have a great day! Blessings, Faye

Kim said...

I loved seeing all your pictures. All your family members and your friends, they are all so sweet. I love it! Thanks for sharing them with us

quiltingnana said...

what lovely family moments

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy the posts about your family. How sweet they are.

Maria said...

I really enjoyed looking at all your special photos.
Wow good on you Daddy for making quilts!!!!

Darla said...

Very special indeed!! Vicki's Dad looks like he should be in movies!! I'm headed out to that store now for puzzles and paint, it's going to be 15 degrees this weekend. Our windchill factor is 16 right now! Brrrrrrrr!!

Stephanie said...

Thank you visiting my blog. Lots of craftiness happening at your house. So much better than sitting in front of the TV. Granny is a sharp minds are strong minds.

Martie said...

I love all the pictures! The quilts are so beautiful. It is nice to see people 'doing'-even in their golden years. Thanks for sharing.


W. Latane Barton said...

No way, Valerie... your dad taking up quilting. I think it is amazing and I am so proud of him. You must be too. Guess his Mama's talents finally rubbed off on him. (grin)

Love Bears All Things said...

I always love hearing about granny.
I'm going to see if I can print out the picture of her on fabric and make a label for The Princess's quilt when it gets here. I want her to know it was made by Granny.
When she comes to my house, she does srapbooking or jewelry making in my craft room just like your grands.
By the way, I thought your Mom spent the winter in Florida.
Mama Bear

Karen said...

Valerie...Vickie's dad should not be outside. I have never seen the greeters outside either. My hubby works for that company! ):

Allie said...

What precious moments you've had lately! I am praying for Ray and for Vicki's dad.

Nishant said...

He is a true child of God and there is no doubt about his faith!

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PEA said...

Such special moments indeed! I wish I had a house full of grandchildren but so far with just one and not being allowed to even see Christmas pictures of her, well, I may never experience that. Unless Corey gets married and has a few kids! lol I'll just keep on hoping:-)

Your dad did such a wonderful job with that quilt, I can well imagine how shocked you were that he is quilting! lol

You're right, no seniors should have to work, especially not in the cold! I've never heard of such a thing, being a greeter OUTSIDE!! Please know my prayers are with him and your uncle Ray. xoxo