Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Burp Cloths, Bibs & A Card OPAM

I know you are all probably tired of seeing my burp cloths and bibs that I make but I just think they are so much fun.

My daughter Mandy asked me to make a set for a gift for her friend so I got busy.
This was a few weeks ago and I am just now showing you.

I am just a beginner but I love making them.

I have a Brother embroidery machine and I am learning how to use it.

Can you tell this gift was for a baby girl??

Do you remember when Becky sent me the package of card making goodies?
Well I took the bag to Mandy and she got busy and put together this sweet card.
Didn't Mandy do a great job? Becky had the lamb all cut out and Mandy added the extras.
Thank you Becky!
Mandy gave this card with her gift. She said everyone loved it.
The burp cloths and bibs are the last project that I have completed.
Life has stopped me from getting into my sewing room lately.
But I am planning on changing that!!!


Anonymous said...

I never get tired of seeing any of your hand made delights!!! I love the colors you used!! Very cute card as well. Hugzzz

Alice Grace said...

Great job! I love the burp cloths and bibs! Mandy did a great job on the card, I love it!

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Val, such pretty pink things - I love them! Thanks for the link to my website! Becky

Amelia said...

So cute...the new mother will get such a great use out of them...loved the little lamb card.

Almost time for you to start your work in the veggie garden, isn't it?

martha - caknitter said...

The burp cloths are the cutest things especially with the matching card.
Sewing is the cure-all for when you're feeling low. :-)
I love to see your creations.
Thanks for sharing. :-)

Anonymous said...

These are so sweet and so cute. Well done!

Real Life Reslers said...

They look great. I'm not tired of seeing your creations! God has definitely blessed you with talent!

Allie said...

You're not a beginner anymore, sweetie - these are just beautiful! And I for one never get tired of seeing what you make. I really love these.

Susannah said...

What a sweet and useful gift for a baby.... and such pretty colors! The card is delightful with the gift.

Hope all is well, Val. May you all have a wonderful Easter. I continue to have you and your family in my prayers every night.


Shauna said...

Talented for sure. Love your burp cloths - a mother can never have too many. Great gift and beautiful in pink too!

Anonymous said...

How nice! Your doing well learning your embroidery machine. Any mother or baby would love them!

Michelle said...

Very cute! Good job!

Darla said...

These sure look like they were sewn by a professional to me, beautiful and the card is so sweet..don't let life run run your life :).

Glenda said...

I love the burp cloths and bibs. These are the first bibs I've seen on clips. What a great idea! You'll love being able to monogram with that embroidery machine. I have lots of fun with mine! The cute little card looks so sweet with that gift. Lucky baby!

Connie said...

GREAT JOB! Love the color pink, such a good color for a little girl.In the quilter's world magazine there is the cutest little burp cloth and bib, the magazine was really good this month.HAPPY SEWING!

dusty&mandy said...

Behki loved these and so did I! She was excited to hear that she made it to "blog status"

Thanks again!

Sue said...

Beautiful things, lucky mommy, lucky baby! Never tire of seeing the things you make. The card is precious, so many special gifts in all of you!