Sunday, March 28, 2010

Granny Just Keeps On Keeping On

Is this not the sweetest looking picture ever?

This quilt she is working on is gorgeous!
I yelled so Granny would hear me when I came in but she was concentrating on that sewing machine.
Finally she stopped the sewing machine and realized that I was there.

Granny always says she needs to stop sewing and "fellowship".

Sometimes I just tell her that its ok and tell her go ahead and sew but today I had received the sweetest card from Glenda for Granny!

Now Granny always reads every word of the cards she receives. It means a lot to her when she gets a card from someone. It makes her day. This card was really special. It had a picture of Glendas grandson covered up with a "Granny quilt" while reading a book. So sweet! Granny loved it! Thank you so much!
It wasn't long after that, that Granny was back at it.

I told her that she looked tired and needed to rest but she says she can rest on Sunday! I wish I had her energy!!!

I am sure that this quilt is already finished. She probably finished it that day I visited last week so this quilt is for sale if anyone is interested.


THANK YOU Granny asked me to put the camera down and help her roll this quilt, but then my daddy walked in and she told me that he can do it better than me!!! She is so funny!

When I went last week Granny had finished several quilts and I will put them on my sidebar.

She told me that I was getting behind selling her quilts! So if you want to see what Granny has in her quilt room for sale just take a look and let me know if you want one!! It made me feel good to see Granny. It is so peaceful in her little home. She doesn't let things bother her. She told me that when she gets up in the mornings that sometimes she is not sure if her legs are gonna get up and go. She said that she says out loud......Phil. 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. She says it isalways in her heart. Granny just keeps on keeping on. What a blessing and an example she is to me!!


Amelia said...

Such a blessing she is - a pillar of strength..she has the wisdom of a woman who has walked with Christ for many years...a person many of us should use as a role model in one way or another.

Val, may this week be filled with many pleasant surprises.

Michelle said...

I laughed out loud when I read that Granny told you that you were getting behind. She is such a sweet doll! Her quilts are getting so colorful. What a blessing you have been for her to 'get up and get going' on her quilt making. I'm sure it has really filled her days with a lot of joy and PURPOSE. I know there are so many older folks without PURPOSE, and they seem to fail fast. Granny feels so loved by you selling her quilts. You really have given her the GREATEST gift, Val...purpose.
Bless you, sweetie. I have missed your posts.
Praying for you, and expecting a miracle! Michelle

Pat said...

I am always amazed at the way your Granny sticks to her tasks and is such a strong person. She is a role model for many, I am sure!

Anonymous said...

Seeing sweet Granny at work in her cozy home always gives me a good feeling. All the love she shares with so many; she would be amazed at how widespread her admirers are! Blessings to you Val. I love you and keep you in my prayers - "I promise."

Alice Grace said...

I wish I had her attitude and stamina! She is amazing, as usual!

Shauna said...

What an example to all of us. Blessings to you and your family today!

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

How sweet she is, Val!

Just wanted to let you know I had just been thinking about you, looked at my blog roll and there you were with a new post. Take care! Becky

Allie said...

Bless her heart - she's a blessing to you, yes, but through you, she blesses all of us too! The days I don't feel like getting up, I remember Granny.
Hope things are going better for you dear one, you are in my thoughts and prayers!

Diane said...

I loved seeing Granny, I have missed you girls! I wish I had just a smidge of grannies get up and go!

Kim said...

Granny is a blessing to us all Val and you are too. I love all your posts and look forward to them always!

martha - caknitter said...

Bless Granny's heart. Gosh, I wish I had her energy. It was so sweet of your friend to send a picture of her grandson with the quilt. I'll bet that was special to see.
btw, your package will be on its way tomorrow! yay!

Nanci said...

Such a sweet granny you have and always a joy to see what she's up to these days. Her quilts are fabulous and have so much color these days. Give her a hug she truly is a blessing. I hope you are to taking good care of yourself, you are very loved by many.

Needled Mom said...

That is the same sentiment that my grandmother used to say!!!! She lived to almost 104 years old. They are remarkable women. Do you think they will have a granny club up in heaven?????

Connie said...

What a blessing your granny is, the Lord is good to her. Did you get the fabric square that I mail her? I hope they didn't get lose in the mail. Tke care of yourself and Granny. Have a blessful week!

Anonymous said...

I imagine Granny goes to bed early and gets up early. I wish I could get myself into a routine like Granny is in. I guess I have too many distractions. Granny knows that life is precious and short and she takes her mission seriously! We all should take our lives more seriously because not all of us will live to be Granny's age, and we have to count each day as precious! Let's fellowship. I like that! Fellowship sounds so much better than just chat. It seems more personal.

aussiequilter said...

your granny is such a source of inspiration!You are so blessed to still have her with you cheers Teri
p.s. I hope everything has worked out for you in the testing you have been through! xox

Glenda said...

How fun to see Granny opening my card! It was almost like being there. She reminds me of the saying, "Hands to work, hearts to God". Praying for a good week for you, Val.

cockermom said...

I have been following Granny since you first posted her and she is a treat! As I read each post, I get the feeling that all this quilting has given her such purpose, and she really seems to like that new sewing machine!
She looks wonderful! I wish sewing would roll back my odometer as it seems to have done with Granny.
Sew Granny, Sew!

Amy said...

Such a sweetie. Give her a big hug from me. What a blessing.

Have a wonderful Easter week.

God Bless.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Tell Granny I love that quilt. Scrappy quilts are my favorites. She's an amazing lady. I wish I had her energy, too. Hope things are going well with you and your family, Valerie. Thinking of you and praying for you often.

Real Life Reslers said...

Granny and this blog are such great blessings to me! I love hearing what Granny has to say!

Amy said...

Email me your addy or your email and I will send you the pattern for Now I know my ABC's. Or go to Blackbird Designs.

I have lots of ones you might like and that are fairly easy. Let me know what you want to do.

Kim said...

It is so inspiring to see what she does. If we could all be that strong at that age. (in Faith, strength and ambition)

Amy said...

Here's my email. email me and I will share my patterns.

Have a wonderful day.