Bear With Me!

Is this not breathtaking?
I just loved this little mailbox.

Look what we found! I didn't have my glasses or camera in hand so the picture is not great. You should have saw me rambling around in my purse for camera and glasses while watching this bear. It was really hilarious.
She crossed the road right in front of us and jumped a guard rail.

We pulled off the road and I took this picture when I saw something hop! Look real close and you will see another little face in front of her.

Then look on the side of this tree! Theres another cub!
There were actually 3 cubs jumping and running in front of their mother.
We were headed to Blairsville Ga. and we cross a mountain called Fort Mountain. It is only about 30 minutes away from where we live. As we started up the mountain we saw the bear. Then when we pulled to the side we saw the 3 babies. Is that not the cutest???

Get it........Bear with me!!!


Granny J said…
What gorgeous scenery. The bears look like they're not even scared.
We love that ride over Fort Mountain from Ellijay to Chatsworth (or the other way) there's some very pretty scenery!

Sounds like you are having a great time!
Pat said…
Very cute, but I'm glad you stayed a safe distance from them (and stayed in the car)!
Needled Mom said…
How fun!!! I am sure she would not be a happy camper had you actually gotten out to take that photo of her babies.
Anonymous said…
I bet you could BEAR-ly contain your excitement!! LOL I couldnt resist. Great scenery!!
Jenn said…
such a really awesome experience, that doesn't happen every day!!
Maria said…
WOW that is just gorgeous but I understand you were keeping your eye on the Mum.
caknitter said…
You are so brave to actually stop and take a picture of the bear with its cub. Hopefully they didn't see you. It looks like they were busy climbing a tree.
I hope you're having or had fun in the mountains.
Glenda said…
How exciting! In this part of Texas we only see bears in zoos!
Tyler said…
I love that area! I wish we could visit there more often! It is so beautiful there. I love your title to this blog!
What a gift.
I am very familiar with Fort Mountain. We have spent the night there. Also, when we were in Blue Ridge in the Fall, we drove over on our way back home.
Mama Bear
Sherry said…
WOW how exciting its not every day that we able to be that close to a bear and her subs.
How adorable...glad you were in the car!

Beautiful drive you had Val.

lindsey said…
Fantastic...the top photo could have been taken on our hill walk last week (see Wales post)...but we certainly wouldnt have found any bears. I would have loved it if we had!
Allie said…
OH MY! We saw a mama and her cubs up north last time, just strolling down the road - so glad to be in the car and not wandering through the forest! They're adorable from the car, lol.
Julie said…
My dream in life is to see a bear with her cubs(in their natural habitat, and not the zoo). What a fun adventure.

I love the quilt you found for 5.50--that was a steal of a deal.

Have a great day. Julie
PEA said…
Just be glad you weren't walking in those woods when meeting up with mama bear and her cubs! lol Such great shots you got and the cubs look so adorable. You just never know when a picture opportunity will crop her so that's why we have to have our cameras with us at all times! hehe

I'm back home from my trip and now catching up once again!! It's been so hot here lately, thank goodness for the air conditioning in the house. Not used to temps in the 90's in May!! xoxo
Rachelle said…
Wow Valarie, that is so gorgeous~Love the bear pictures :) you would love to visit here~we have places to visit just like that just about everywhere we go-one of these days I am going to have my husband take me for a drive..
We look and look when we go to Colorado but haven't seen a bear yet. What fun! blessings, marlene
Anonymous said…
Isn't God amazing! They are so cute! What a picture moment. Love it!

I know this is alot of exclamation points...sorry. But you just don't see a bear every day.

Be blessed,
Joyce Marie
Looks like you live in a pretty part of the world. Not sure I would like to be that close to a bear though.
AmyW said…
We make that trip in the fall when my son goes to Dalton for a karate tournament. The leaves are absolutely beautiful. The bear and her cubs is just too cool.
Patty Sumner said…
How beautiful......what a wonderful experience. Blessings!
prashant said…
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The mountains are so beautiful! I love the scenery. And the mailbox is so adorable.