Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sweet Teen

& Angel
gave me 2 gifts made just for me by them.

Look at this cute apron! I LOVE it! Look at that flower on the bottom!

Look at this cute pillow. I gave them this fabric. A blogger sent it to me for Granny. I know she would love that they made me a pillow out of it! I am so impressed. Sweet Teen is teaching Angel. I am so proud!

Gifts from my garden!

Angel had a birthday last week so I whipped up these little pajama pants for her! My Mom
bought the fabric a while back and I am just now getting around to making these. The fabric is so cute. It says "I love you" all over it. My grands are just like me. They love p.j.'s!
This is a gift from 2 precious friends. It is actually from our "hunting buddies" son's. They just graduated from high school! Congrats! Isn't this so sweet that they thought of me when they saw this sewing machine? I love it! It is a brother! It is in really good condition. Thank you so much!
*Just a note to let you all know that I am working on the RAK gifts! I promise that I haven't forgot. LIFE has just been busy!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Love It When I Am Missed

Life has been so busy lately but we managed to get in a little trout fishing.
It was 95 degrees but down at this beautiful river it was much cooler.
I caught 4 little fish and 1 good trout.
Sweet hubby only caught 3 or 4 trout.
I guess it was too hot for the fish too.
Between my work, life in general, working in the garden and all of the other things that keeps us all busy I haven't even blogged in about a week or so. That is so unusual for me because blogging is one of my favorite hobbies.
It is nice to know that I have been missed. I have received several emails and phone calls asking me why I haven't blogged. Thank you.
We are just starting to get some vegetables out of our gardens.
My Dad planted things that I don't even know what they are. Do you know what this is?
I figured it was a type of squash.

We have been out of town but my Dad said he picked about a bushel of beans while I was gone and they are already to pick again! Busy, busy, busy and it all starts over again Monday! I am thankful for "busy" though.

Prayer Request: A Mothers heart.

Thank you for missing me!

Did you know that blogs can get too full of pictures? Well mine is about to overflow so I will be starting another blog soon. I will let you know when it is ready. I hope you all will visit me when I get it all set up. I LOVE my blogging buddies!

*Also, if you look at my sidebar you will notice that it is "Angels" birthday tomorrow! You can click on her picture and it will take you to her blog. Happy Birthday to my sweet Angel!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Quilts & Swimming Party

There is nothing like a swimming party to celebrate the Grandchildren's birthdays!
Here brother is blowing out his candles. His birthday was last month but just now having the party. Happy Birthday Brother!
My little "Angel" is celebrating her birthday about a week ahead of time!
Happy Birthday Angel!
This is my youngest grand baby! Look at him swim!
"Little D" thinks he is the stuff!
And he is!
Remember a couple of posts back when I showed you that "Sweet Teen" (my oldest granddaughter) was making a quilt for her little brothers birthday? Look how she packaged this up! She even made a pillow to go with it. I am impressed.

Look what she has done for her little sisters birthday! Is it another quilt & pillow?
Yes, she worked up until the time to come to the swimming party on Angels quilt and pillow.
She said it took her 3 days to get this one done. Oh I am so proud of her. But I know someone that is prouder. I just know that Granny is looking down on her smiling.
Here is Brother with his pillow.
He looks wet and cold!
He is proud of this quilt!
I had to get a picture of "Sweet Teen" with the quilt also!

Angel loves her quilt and pillow too!

This quilt is so pretty. It is pinks and browns.
I helped "Sweet Teen" cut out the fabric for this and then she took it home and did the whole thing herself. Can you tell I am a proud Gran?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fertilizer Friday & Flaunt Your Flowers

This makes me smile. If you want to see more or join in on the fun
go visit Tootsie's blog!

I didn't even know that this little bee was in that flower!

This is another Canna that never has bloomed until this year.

Some of our many day lilies!

More day lilies!

This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalm 118:24

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Know How Granny Felt Now

This is my oldest granddaughter, "Sweet Teen". She came over today with her arm full of what all she had been sewing. Here she is working on the binding for a quilt she is making.
Here she is sewing the binding on. She LOVES my Singer 401A!!!
If she keeps on like this I will probably have to get her one!!

I am sure no expert but we are trying to sandwich a quilt together that she made all on her own for her little brother.
Here she is with all 3 quilts that she has made. She has the 2 little ones quilted but doesn't have the binding on yet. Then the one to the left is the one for her brother. He loves Georgia Bulldogs so she made this quilt for his birthday. He is 7 years old.

Didn't she do a great job? She did this all by herself. All I did was help her put the 3 layers together today and she will take it home and quilt it.

She made this one by herself too except the binding and we worked on it today.
I am not a binding person. I will probably learn from "sweet teen".
We tried several ways but we think Granny was the smart one. She had her own way.
This is her first quilt. She made this at my house. She still has to bind it also.

And you have just got to see these baby booties that she made all by herself.
I had no idea that she could do this.
Now I know how Granny felt when I became interested in making quilts.
The one thing that Granny asked of me was to keep making quilts and teach my grandchildren.
Granny was so proud of me and I am so proud of my granddaughter!
Granny would be proud of her great great granddaughter too!

Monday, June 14, 2010

What Women Do...Sparta Hilton Part 3

Well here we go again to our little hunting shack.....aka Sparta Hilton.
If you have never read about it before, it is a very rough shack that we are trying to fix up. We have had so much fun doing this with our hunting buddies Rog & D & their boys and the "honeymooners". It is a lot of work but we have had a ball. The honeymooners didn't go this time but are planning on coming next trip. The guys call this a cabin. The girls call it ........interesting. Nevertheless we are trying to make it livable without spending a whole lot of money.
Here my sweet hubby is looking at the carpet. You can't see Rog. (his hunting buddy) but he is right there beside him and they are analyzing how to lay this carpet.

While these two perfectionists ( OCD hubby's) were discussing how it should be done the girls got busy. Before we knew it we had it cut and laid in the living room and my bedroom.
Well here they are again discussing how to hang this shelf.
Rog: What do you think?
My Hubby: Well we need to get a measuring tape.
Rog: Don't forget the level.
My Hubby: Do you think it needs to be painted first?

While the guys are discussing the shelf, us girls (me & D) are
painting their bedroom. If you are wondering what all those boards are it is a window and if anything has a hole in it we board it up, paint it, and cover it. This is a rough little shack...I mean Sparta Hilton.

We were so lucky to find this little gem. We got a "real deal" on this.....Free!
We knew that when winter comes we would need a heater and we all wanted a wood heater so we can see and smell the fire. We just have the carpet cut around the heater. My Mom
has some concrete borders for flower gardens that we are gonna put around the front of the heater and then fill in with pea gravel on the concrete floor. That is the plan anyway. We are all very proud of this wood heater!

Do you recognize this couch? It was Granny's. I think she would be happy to know that it was still being used. I bet there are not many men who have a nice pink couch in their hunting cabin. I added the end tables and lamps. I had that little table in my basement and we thought it would come in handy. Oh and the picture.................I wanted a big picture to cover some of the rough walls so I found this at a yard sale for $3.00!
Right across from the couch we added Granny's recliner. We had the rocker already. The end table and lamp was Granny's too. One of the handles fell off in the 3 hour drive. Luckily we found it and just haven't put it on yet.
Now are you wondering why the girls work so hard.....
this is it!
This is not at the Sparta Hilton.....we only wish! While we are getting our little hunting shack livable we always stay in the nicest hotel. It is a Fairfield Inn by Marriott but it is in the middle of no where and is gorgeous. This is what we look forward to every time we go. It is worth it all! We worked so hard and got so much done and at the same time had fun with great friends!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

This is my first entry joining in with Susan for "Outdoor Wednesday".
I found it through Mama Bear's Blog!
Are you wondering about the bull?
I have a cleaning business and I drove up to my first house today. I was in work mode and jumped out of my car and was unloading what all I needed when all of the sudden I heard a moan. I had never been to this house so I had no idea what was 5 feet from me standing in this fence. Do you think this scared me to death? It did. I talked real sweet to it as he watched me take my things in to this house. Afterwards I laughed but not while it was happening.
I think I need to be more aware of my surroundings! Ha!

Changing the subject but staying outside. This is a "wanna be" flower bed. I am trying to fill it in. Slowly but surely.

This hydrangea has actually been in this little garden for years and never bloomed until this year. It is the only pretty plant in this garden so far.

I have been splitting my daylilies so I moved 4 of them here. I am going to try to have daylilies all the way around this bed.

We split some hostas also. They are small right now but they grow fast.
I moved 4 of them into this bed.

It is hard to see what I did but hopefully one day it will be filled up.
I will have to cut some branches so some sunshine can get in there.
I did this Sunday afternoon and after digging up 8 little plants and moving them to this garden I was pooped! I am not what I used to be - that is for sure!
I have been watching this canna trying to bloom. I bought this little plant at Walmart years ago and it was on clearance and she has struggled every year but here she is trying to bloom.

I took pictures every other day or so trying to catch the different stages.

Finally, a beautiful bloom! I think I will move her down in the lower bed next. But right now I just want to enjoy her first bloom ever!