Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

This is my first entry joining in with Susan for "Outdoor Wednesday".
I found it through Mama Bear's Blog!
Are you wondering about the bull?
I have a cleaning business and I drove up to my first house today. I was in work mode and jumped out of my car and was unloading what all I needed when all of the sudden I heard a moan. I had never been to this house so I had no idea what was 5 feet from me standing in this fence. Do you think this scared me to death? It did. I talked real sweet to it as he watched me take my things in to this house. Afterwards I laughed but not while it was happening.
I think I need to be more aware of my surroundings! Ha!

Changing the subject but staying outside. This is a "wanna be" flower bed. I am trying to fill it in. Slowly but surely.

This hydrangea has actually been in this little garden for years and never bloomed until this year. It is the only pretty plant in this garden so far.

I have been splitting my daylilies so I moved 4 of them here. I am going to try to have daylilies all the way around this bed.

We split some hostas also. They are small right now but they grow fast.
I moved 4 of them into this bed.

It is hard to see what I did but hopefully one day it will be filled up.
I will have to cut some branches so some sunshine can get in there.
I did this Sunday afternoon and after digging up 8 little plants and moving them to this garden I was pooped! I am not what I used to be - that is for sure!
I have been watching this canna trying to bloom. I bought this little plant at Walmart years ago and it was on clearance and she has struggled every year but here she is trying to bloom.

I took pictures every other day or so trying to catch the different stages.

Finally, a beautiful bloom! I think I will move her down in the lower bed next. But right now I just want to enjoy her first bloom ever!


Marydon Ford said...

We just got done splitting huge hostas & lilies also ... your garden will be lovely in time. Flowers are funny, like people, you just never know when they are going to bloom.

Have a beau-TEA-ful day!
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Anonymous said...

like that bull,..

Jan said...

Yes that bull sure looks intimidating.
I have cannas that colour, but even the breezes we have here play havoc with their leaves.
That area in the garden will be beautiful when it when all the plants thrive there.
Have a Blessed week.

Karens Hopes said...

Its funny I have a hydrangea that has never flowered I moved it this year so fingers crossed I'll let you know if I get any flowers.

Alice Grace said...

Your new flower bed will be great with time. I did learn one thing about hydrangas, I cut mine back one year, and it took two years for it to bloom again, so now, I just let grow all it wants to.
I would have loved to have seen your face when you looked up and saw that bull! I guess he was lonely and was glad to see you! LOL!

Granny J said...

That bull would have certainly scared me if I hadn't know it was there. They really do make a moaning sound, don't they? My nephew has a whole herd of the longhors at his ranch in Oklahoma.

Your flower bed is going to be gorgeous. I have so many flowers that I want to plant in my tiny little yard. If I plant them all I won't have any grass to mow.

Amelia said...

A flower bed this size will take awhile to get full....but you can enjoy the growth and changes as it goes along.

I am like your Mother...the look on your face when gazing upon that bull...priceless!

Linda said...

Thats a lot of bull. lol
Don't miss out on my giveaway. ends June 13th

Nancy said...

Very industrious! We have made baby steps on our outdoor clean up. A month away, and cold rainy Vermont weather is a bit daunting. No doubt we will be done by snow fall.! :-)

NanaNay said...

Looks like you will have a great flower bed there. I have a lot of lillies and iris. I have a new flower bed, too, but it is in the sun. Takes time, but its worth it.

Needled Mom said...

Love that longhorn, but I can imagine your shock.

Your plants are all looking great - especially the canna.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

The canna bloom is beautiful. It takes time to develop a flower garden and yours looks to be pretty good size. Keep on, keeping'll get there! :0)

I'm sharing some wildlife that visits me if you'd like to take a peek.

Have a wonderful day,
Stephanie ♥

Love Bears All Things said...

You did well for your first post on Outdoor Wednesday. I've not had time to visit much lately.
We are planting a hosta garden around our little pond which is a work in daughter got some hosta from Mother before she went home and last year she divided it and gave me some..It grew in a planter all summer but we set it out in the Fall..It is doing so well..I like knowing it is a pass-a-long plant...I've planted two more varieties there and want to get the blue one next year. I also planted a few daylilies and some grond cover.
Mama Bear

PEA said...

Omigosh, that bull would have scared me half to death as well, especially if not expecting to see one that close! lol That is too funny.

Your blue hydrangea are gorgeous. I have a white one I planted two years ago and it's really doing well. I planted a pink one last year and it's doing good as well although it hasn't bloomed yet. I split all my irises and lilies last year and put some in the back of the house so hopefully they will do well there. It's a lot of work but isn't it all worth it once you see all the blooms?! xoxo

Brenda said...

I wonder if the bull comes with the sale of the house....

Those beautiful blue hydrangeas remind me of Granny!
Love to you. Brenda