Sunday, June 6, 2010

Yard Sale Finds & Mom's Goodies

I found this at a yard sale. I fell in love with what it said and didn't even notice that it was done on a cabinet door. It looks very distressed. I love it! This will be hanging in my sewing room.

I found this at a yard sale Saturday. I think it is beautiful.

It just makes me sad when I see something like a quilt or an afghan like this in a yard sale or an estate sale but I get to reap the benefits. It is bittersweet. Can you just imagine all the work that went in to this?

I have been looking for some pictures to dress up our hunting cabin (aka Sparta Hilton).
This is big and long and I thought it would cover some of those rough places on the wall.
This is another yard sale find.
Now to the good stuff! My Mom's things. She has been cleaning out and organizing and everything my Mother owns is nice. She is giving me and my sisters some goodies. All of these books came from her house. (Please remember my Mom in the loss of her brother.)
This gorgeous picture came from Mom's house too.
I LOVE it!
And just look at this pillow!
I love everything that my Mom gives me.
I should have had this hanging up on Memorial Day.
I love the flag.
This picture does not do this justice. They are beautiful.
I think Mom told me this is milk glass.
I love all of my finds but I treasure the things from my Mother.
How can you have this much fun all by yourself?
I had a blast this weekend.
Special Message to Mildred
You know who you are. I have had you on my mind and would love to hear from you. I miss your blog so much. I cannot find your email address.


caknitter said...

I can't believe how good you are at finding these great things.
The last picture looks familiar. I wouldn't doubt it if it's a valuable painting. If The Antiques Road Show comes to town, you should definitely pay a visit with some of your great paintings or those lovely milk-glass containers.

lindsey said...

You have lots of great treats there, we dont have yard sales here in the UK (I dont think) but we do have lots of charity shops which are always good to grab a bargain. I rally like the milk glass items, I havent seem that before. I would love to see photo's of your cabin!

Alice Grace said...

I am glad you like your goodies I gave you. I love the quilt you found at the thrift store!

Amelia said...

Those milk glass items are so pretty....and the verse on the cabinet door...truly a wonderful way of putting words together.

Have a great week.

ddogood said...

Great finds! Love the quilts. I collect Milk glass, but don't have any of those pieces. They are beauties.
I would love to go treasure hunting with you. What luck you have!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow Val, what treasures you found at yard sales! And of course having your Mom share her special things is so special.

Needled Mom said...

So many wonderful goodies!!! Yes, it is so sad to see such lovingly made items in sales like that. It just makes me happy to know that someone who appreciates them ends up with them.

Your mom's goodies are fabulous! I love the milkglass.

AmyW said...

You have a knack for finding the neatest treasures. The painted cabinet door is perfect for a quilter. My mom collects milk-glass containers.

PEA said...

Isn't it fun to go thrifting and be able to find so many treasures?! Like you, I always feel sad when I find a quilt or blanket that was handmade by someone...makes me wonder if that person is still alive and why their work ended up in a thrift shop.

Love the items your mom gave you. My mom also gives me a lot of stuff when she decides to downsize and I treasure all of it.

Have a wonderful week dear friend. xoxo

Shauna said...

Wow - you really found some beautiful finds.


Yep--think you outdid me in your finds this week end---good for you!!!!
I seem to be a few posts behind in reading your posts--I must have your site on the wrong blogsite and so I am missing you---sorry!!!
Hugs, Di