Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Here We Go Again.......Sparta Hilton Part 4

Here we go again! We have the trailer loaded and are ready to go. If you don't know what the "Sparta Hilton" is our hunting shack....I mean cabin (ha!) that we are trying to get livable before deer season starts. This is our 3rd trailer load we have took down there.
This is our official snake killer and lawn mower!
My "Sweet Honey"!
He also sprays weed killer so the weeds won't draw little varmints. Yuk!
Is my "sweet honey" cute or what?
Gun on the hip and boots on will keep him safe.
Here "D" & I are laying the carpet in their bedroom. We knew it was a given that we would lay this carpet since we did the rest of it the last time. If you haven't read about that you need to go to the archives and look under "Sparta Hilton". Our guys are a trip.
The "honeymooners" came again to help us.
Aren't they sweet? Doesn't Maranda ("Big Sis" as her nieces & nephews call her) look like she is having a great time? Ha! Maranda had a lot of homework to do so I was glad that we had Granny's couch so she could study some. I don't know what we would do without them. I think Lane can do anything! They are so good to us. We decided to let the guys lay the vinyl in the kitchen after we got it all painted. It is our least favorite room so we didn't want to do it but as you can see this is what they did once they carried the vinyl in there. They didn't think it would fit. So they were pondering and discussing it. At the same time "D" & I were over there and knew exactly how it needed to be turned. She knew exactly how to cut it and make it fit. It took us women again! That is why the Lord gave men help mates!
So we just got busy and got ur done!
Here we are cutting some wood to put under the legs of a table that was wobbly.
I have to say that we amaze ourselves!

I don't know if you can remember how bad the kitchen was before paint and vinyl but it was bad. It is still rough but it is getting there!
The "honeymooners" organized our tapes and DVDs since we don't have cable yet.
When it cools off we will be outside anyway. Who needs a t.v., right?
Lane & Rog worked on the wood heater some more. It is looking better.
I was so tickled when my Aunt told me that I could get Granny's stereo.
When we picked it up the speakers didn't seem to work but once we got it to the "Sparta Hilton" it sounded great! We have got to find a needle for the record player and we will be set! See the rotary phone? Rog kept picking it up and saying hello and then calling me to the phone and I always fell for it! The funny thing is it is not even hooked up. Hilarious!
My Aunt & Uncle gave us this table & chairs so we fixed an outside dining area under the shed. The shed is our favorite part. Oh see that little grill in the back?... I found it at a house that I cleaned and my sweet hubby painted it and it looks like new! Friendship is such a sweet gift. We haven't been friends too long with our "hunting buddies" but you would think that we have known each other forever. We have so much fun and laugh so hard every time we get together.

The "honeymooners" have helped us so much on our little cabin. The girls need it to be a little more livable but the guys say that it is great! We always stay in a Fairfield by Marriott while working on our place. It is so nice. But next time I guess we will be staying at the "Sparta Hilton"! We told the "honeymooners" that they could come and stay anytime they wanted for a get away. Maranda said, "that's OK." I mean it comes complete with VHS tapes for the t.v. and a stereo. How romantic is that! She is so funny! We had so much fun with all of them this weekend. I can't wait to go back.......I think! Ha!


Alice Grace said...

You all look like you are having a lot of fun for sure! I like the table and chairs outside!

Brenda said...

This was great! Wonderful getaway! I can just see Maranda saying that! Would you have room for deer and fish mounts?

caknitter said...

The Sparta Hilton is looking good!

Granny J said...

You're coming right along on the little hideaway. It's starting to look real homey. That outside eating area looks great.

Michelle said...

It is always so much fun to fix up things and make them look 'new'. It is looking great, Val. Enjoy!

Darla said...

tis going to be wonderful!

Pat said...

If there are so many snakes that hubby needs a gun on his hip, I'd not want to stay there, either. I am with Maranda on this one!!! LOL

Love Bears All Things said...

Its looking good!
Mama Bear

andsewon said...

It sure is looking nice an cozy!I am sure it will be come the Fun Shack aka Cabin soon!

Lori said...

It's coming together nicely but I have to know...what kind of varmint is the pistol for?

Glenda said...

What fun! It looks like you're going to have a great time there. I invited our girls to use our trailer anytime and I got the same response. Maybe they just don't need a "getaway" as much as we do! :)

Allie said...

Val, I am absolutely amazed at how you've all transformed this place - you guys rock! Love the rotary phone, I've been looking for one - I miss them. They were so much easier to hold on your shoulder. My grandma and I would talk for hours!