Thursday, July 8, 2010

Watch them Grow

If you would like to see more flowers or join in the fun click Here!
Remember Victoria from my Mom's blog!
Here she is way back when Mom first gave her to me after she had already bloomed.
Here she is today.
Don't ask me why all of this is underlined.
I don't have it marked. LOL

My Mom gave me all of these little plants on the first of the month.
We were going out to eat so I put them in water and planted them the next day.
This is when I first planted this in my barrel.
I think she called this bleeding hearts.
Here it is a month later. Looking good, huh?
Mom told me that the touch me nots spread and I think I see one in this barrel!
I planted this in a barrel too. I don't know what she called this but she said that it gets little red star flowers on it and climbs everywhere.
Look how it has grown now.
These are Touch Me Nots. She had these seed from her Mother, my Grandma.
Here the Touch Me Nots are today.
They are so tall and full of blooms.
These are our new little visitors. They are babies. The Mom jumped away before I could get her picture. She was double their size.
Mom also gave me Dahlia bulbs and I ran late planting them.
They grew pretty fast.
But look at them now. I can't wait until they bloom.
I didn't exactly plant these. The seeds fell out of my bird feeder and I told "Sweet Hubby" just to let them grow.
They are so pretty. I love sunflowers.

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Real Life Reslers said...

U have such a green thumb! I am just proud of myself for keeping my hanging plants on the front porch alive. Were those skunks! You are brave!

Carol/Firecrackerkid said...

Oh I love flowers and greenery, but I don't have good soil or a green thumb. Believe me, I've tried:) Uh oh, some visitors you have there... LOL... we mostly get racoons and I smell the skunks, but don't see them. Enjoy your flowers Valerie:)

lindsey said...

Your gardening is a gift. I love sunflowers too and amzing that they can just grow like that with the seeds having fallen from the bird feeder..what a nice surprise!

Michelle said...

I LOVE the sunflowers!

Alice Grace said...

You are doing well with those little plants I gave you! Oh my, don't get too close to those skunks! Good job! Watch Victoria grow! Won't be long till she has a beautiful bloom or even more!

Granny J said...

Great looking flowers.

Darla said...

How sweet of your mom to give you these. The lacy looking plant in the barrel is red cypress vine, it has many common names, will grow quite long and the hummingbirds love it! It also is a reseeder.

Amelia said...

Love the flowers...yes, the the one with the tiny red flower os a red cypress vine....they love to climb on something...your thumb appears to be real green!

Have a great is raining again today here...

Pat said...

I enjoyed seeing your flowers...cute baby skunk photo, too. I'm still sad today as we had to put our dog to sleep yesterday. I feel "lost" this morning.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow fabulous flowers and greenery! You do have a green thumb :-)

caknitter said...

I love sunflowers...yours look so cheery.
All your plants look so healthy, you have the magic touch.

siteseer said...

your plants are beautiful and the sunflower is so colorful.

Barbara said...

Such a lovely place you have and all your gorgeous plants, those baby skunks are so cute, never seen one up close, heehee hope I don't too. Blessings Barbara

Linda said...

Just found your blog and loved it here!
Your flowers and plants are beautiful-I love sunflowers!!
Have a great day!

Allie said...

They're all so lovely!

Tootsie said...

it's all just wonderful! now...last September I got sprayed by a skunk in the middle of the night. I thought I heard hissing and figured the neighbors cat was beating up my I ran out and grabbed the dog but not before we both got sprayed in the face! It was not a pretty week in my
thanks for linking in this week...see you again soon!