Tuesday, July 20, 2010

People Watching

People of my favorite pass times when I am out at the beach.
Look at this little doll!
These 2 must not be married! They went round and round the lazy river holding each others feet and giving each other goo goo eyes!

I took these pictures off of my balcony. I watched as people loaded up all their belongings and headed to their rooms.

I watched this poor man take a huge tent down and put it in that container he is dragging. Then he loaded all these other things on his back and off he went.
Then here comes his poor wife about 50 yards behind him. She had to gather up all of their trash and clean up and then drag these ice chest and bags up through the sand to get back to the condo. I was tired just watching them. I wondered if it was really worth it.
We were amazed watching this lady. She never got up the whole time that we were at the beach. There were children bringing her shovels and buckets full of sand (we are assuming) and she was sifting through it all. It took her forever to look through one little scoop. We finally assumed she was looking for gold! lol
Now these 2 girls had the right idea. Instead of a boyfriend they had a little rubber doll!
Funny, huh?
These 2 kids were having fun! I had to stop them and ask if I could take a picture of their Elmo shirts. My grands got a kick out of them.

I looked to my right and there was this beautiful girl that had glasses on her face but look up on her head!! 2 more pair! Oh...................this is my daughter "Trouble"! (aka Shannon)
This is what you do when you are a Mommy. You hold every ones stuff.
We were up at the lazy river and this guy was beside me and never woke up. If you notice in his left hand is his billfold. He was not letting it go! Every so often his head would fall to the side but honestly I never saw his eyes open.
Oh and look at this man! Love the straw hat! Wonder why men like to sleep so much?
Oh guess what? This is my sweet honey! lol See I people watch my own family and am sure others do too.
This woman was also having her a good nap.
She woke up when a wave hit her chair and tipped her over.
This guy would walk back and forth in front of us with earphones in his ears holding his ipod even while he was in the ocean.
I promise you that this is not the lady that got stuck in the inter tube yesterday. But "Trouble" (my daughter) came running in the condo and said Mom you have got to come and see this. This lady was at the lazy river at the condos next to us. She didn't have an inter tube on like the lazy river provides. This is a little bitty blow up kids ring. She was using it as an arm rest most of the time. It was just funny after what we saw yesterday. Another one of those things that you would just have to see yourself.
A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.

Special note: I have a new computer that you will be hearing about soon. I can receive email on it but for some reason my replies to your comments are not sending out. I am working on it, so if you get a reply and it is several days old you will know it has sat in my outbox. I have a lot to learn evidently.


caknitter said...

Ohmygosh, your pictures are so entertaining! Love them! People watching is one of my favorite things to do too! :-)
Keep enjoying your vacation. :-)

Alice Grace said...

Great post! Looks like you are having fun! I love the picture of "Trouble", she is so beautiful! Of course, she is my sweet granddaughter and that makes her even more special to me!

Granny J said...

Fun pictures. I love people watching.

Amelia said...

How fun...people watching...writing a story to go with their actions.

Darla said...

And I wonder who was watching you while you were watching other people??? lol Great post!

Allie said...

I love to people-watch too - love your pictures! That lady with the little ring around her middle is too funny - although wouldn't it be nice to have an arm rest all day, lol!!!!

Diane said...

That is so funny, that is my favorite pastime. People watching is so fun. What beach are ya'll at, it looks sooooooooo nice. Have a great time!
Love ya,

AmyW said...

I love to people watch. The beach looks gorgeous. Makes me wish I had my feet in the sand right now.

Glenda said...

That was fun! Almost like being there. It looks like a great vacation. :)