Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Here We Go Again

Well, I am not the griller in the family but hubby was gonna be late and I had picked all of this out of the garden so I added some barbecued ribs and went outside and started the grill. Now I know why he is the one who was so hot!
Here we go again!
One more time.

"Trouble" (My daughter)

"Sweet Teen" (My Granddaughter)

" Angel" (My granddaughter)

" Brother" (My grandson) before losing his 2 front teeth!
" May May" (My daughter)

Little D (my grandson) saying "What do we do now Gran"?

And last but not least......."Big Sis" (my daughter)!!!
I Love it!
So who do you think looks most like me?
This was so much fun!

I went out early before work this morning and picked about a bushel of okra!
It was so hot at 7 A.M.!!
But it was worth it! I came home, made some cornbread, fried this okra and added sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and canteloupe out of my garden. Yum! Yum!
Facing Your Giants.......First thought of the morning, last worry of the night---- your Goliath dominates your day, and infiltrates your joy.


Sherry said...

I have to saw they all in there own way look like you. How lucky are they.

Michelle said...

Trouble and Sweet Teen definitely look like you, hands down!

Anonymous said...

I honestly think if I saw one of your children or relatives in a store, I'd say...Hey there is one of Valerie's family members!!! You all have such strong simularities!!! Amazing. Good food also! I love grilled vegi's~

Dora, the Quilter said...

That is so cool--that so many shared genes came out that way!

Allie said...

Trouble and Sweet Teen look the most like you - but I'm loving this series, I think you should do a big collage!
Your barbecue looks so good, but girl, it's too hot!

Amelia said...

Oh I agree that Trouble and Sweet Teen appear to look more like you...but all pictures hold that special meaning to you, I am sure...because they are of people who you love and they love you so much in return.

We are enjoying our okra too...have put a lot in deep freeze and given away plenty.

Granny J said...

Trouble looks just like you and sweet teen is a close second.

quiltingnana said...

cute kids

Libby said...

They are all SO CUTE!!! but Trouble and Sweet Teen look so much like you!!! I have always thought that Big Sis looks like Elizabeth from "The View" Beautiful!!

Real Life Reslers said...

Looks yummy! Everyone in your family is so beautiful! It's super hot here too.

Needled Mom said...

It has to be Trouble and Sweet Teen!!!!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

I have to say that TROUBLE has your smile for sure! And MAY MAY has your eyes but Trouble looks the most like you.

This was fun...thanks for posting!

Hugs, Karen

Patty said...

I think Trouble is a dead ringer for you but I must say that May May and sweet teem look an awful lot like you too.

caknitter said...

The grilled food looks delicious!
I'm loving all the pictures of "Gran", lol. Now you have to get the men into it too.
It's unbelievable how everyone is experiencing really hot weather yet we have had the coolest summer in decades. Let's hope the hot days decide not to come in the fall.
Have a great week!

snoring solutions said...

I honestly think if I saw one of your children or relatives in a store.We are enjoying our okra too...have put a lot in deep freeze and given away plenty.