Thursday, August 5, 2010

Today Granny Is Smiling

I truly believe that Granny was smiling down on today.
I know that you have all saw this picture many times but I just love the look on her face in this picture. I still feel the love from her.
This was about 2 years ago. I want you to notice "Sweet Teen".
I wonder if she would have thought that today she would be making quilts.
She didn't seem interested back then but she is so excited about sewing now.
Here Granny is showing me some of her quilts and "Sweet Teen" is just reading her book.
Even "Brother" is working one of Granny's word puzzle books. And "Angel" is taking pictures of it all. That was then.

And this was today.
I went to pick the kids up so I could spend some time with them before school starts next week.
Just look at those sweet faces!
We took them out to eat and then my Dad wanted me to bring them to his house.

He told "Sweet Teen" & "Angel" that he had something for them.
We started in the trunk of his car with some sheets for the back of quilts.
Even "Brother" acted excited!

Then he took them in the house and he had got some of Granny's things together to give them.
Most of the things were gifts from you bloggers. The little Singer Tin case he is showing them there was given to Granny from my best friend Vicki. My Dad wanted "Sweet Teen" to have it.
She just kept saying "Thank you, Thank you."

Here he is showing her the 2 sewing machine covers that bloggers made for Granny.
He told her that she could pick one and he would keep one.
He also gave her some of the squares that some of the bloggers had cut for Granny that she never got to use. I wanted to raise my hand and say...."What about me?" But honestly we all are so proud of "Sweet Teen" and now even "Angel" is learning to sew. I think my dad which is their Great Grandfather knew that "Sweet Teen" would make something out of these things.

Daddy hasn't sewn since Granny has been gone but this past weekend he did start cutting some fabric. So I think he is about ready to start. I was glad to hear that. For a long time I was the only quilter in Granny's family and then Daddy started sewing. Granny was so proud of him. One time she kiddingly told me that maybe it would keep him busy! lol

"Brother" even acted interested in all this sewing stuff!
"Sweet Teen" & "Angel" was so excited and could not wait to get to my house to get it all out.
I could not help but think of Granny and how she had to be looking down on us and smiling. I miss her so much but she is so much alive in our family. I really don't think when "Sweet Teen" was reading that book sitting on Granny's couch, while me and Granny were talking quilting............I really don't think she ever knew she would be following in Granny's footsteps. I think Granny is so happy to know that "ST" is getting some of her fabric and gifts.
I have to remind you about Granny's verse that I gave her one day when she was aggravated at her sewing machine and said she didn't have faith. She told me over and over how she had that verse in her heart forever.

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."
Philippians 4:13

I also have to tell you that "Sweet Teen" is my oldest grandchild. Since the day that she could understand what I was saying I have taught her that same Bible verse. I just think of how amazing that it is that they both have that Bible verse in their hearts and now "ST" is following in Granny's footsteps. I hear the excitement in her voice about sewing and it reminds of me of Granny's excitement about quilting.
Granny's 91 year old sister joined her in heaven yesterday.
Please keep the family in your prayers.


Love Bears All Things said...

Well, the sisters are together now.

Did you see the photo last week of the Princess sewing? She is so interested in telling what she'll be making in a couple o years.

We're both blessed to have granddaughter interested in the heritage skills...
Granny is indeed smiling.
Mama Bear

Anonymous said...

Yes, those sisters are both smiling down today. We all learned so much from Granny and thanks to your blog, your grands have pictures and stories to refer to and pass down to their children one day.

Alice Grace said...

Tears, sweet tears, for Granny who is celebrating a good life here, now with her Lord that she loved more than anything. I share your joy in Sweet Teen and Angel using their talent that they have inherited. I am excited for them.

This is a precious post reminding us that Granny is happy, smiling, and that her dear sister has now joined her in heaven.

Granny J said...

What a great post. I love the pictures of Granny. She had such a sweet smile. She would be so proud that her love for sewing is passing down through the family. I'll bet she's got all the angels in heaven quilting. Now there is a new angel sitting at her side. Your family is in my prayers.

Michelle said...

Loved this.

Darla said...

A post full of sweet sorrows...

Libby said...

Such a sweet post! I so love your Granny stories! What an inspiration for us all!
p.s. I must admit that I stayed up late reading Twilight. Like Sweet Teen, I was not thinking about quilting while reading that!!!

Susannah said...

This post is precious!

Sherry said...

YOur family will be in my prayers and thoughts. Granny will have lots of stories for her sister.
Granny is so proud of you and your girls.
y grandmother past away when I was 19 and I'm now 54 and I still feel the love that she has for me that love never goes away.
I just noticed that you grandchildren had a great great grandmother for all these years how lucky for them.

Needled Mom said...

I am sure that Granny is smiling double because her sister is now home with her. Blessings to your family. Val.

It was fun to see pictures of Granny again. I am glad there are so many now following in her footsteps.

Terri said...

You and your family are in my thoughts. I know your Granny and her sister are looking down and smiling upon you all. I know Sweet Teen will treasure the treasures your dad gave her. I remember always getting things from my grandmother. I still have them and treasure them. :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh...I will pray for your family losing Granny's sister! Did she quilt also? Your family is so special! I am sure Granny is still watching over you!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

I so love how your whole family has taken on Granny's passion for quilts - and it's so refreshing to see your granddaughter take this into her heart too. Young people have so many different things to distract them from 'the real basics of life' - she's headed in the right direction.
I love that they are getting special reminders of Granny.

Sorry for the loss of Grannys sister - it's for sure Granny is smiling down on you all.


Marydon said...

Oh, Val, what a beautiful write. I so love the pictures. Mildred said it perfectly, your stories are wonderful for the children to share with future generations.

Beautiful day ...

Have a lovely PINK summer weekend ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

caknitter said...

My sympathies to the whole family regarding Granny's sister.

Hopefully giving some of Granny's quilting items to the kids made your father happy. He looks a little sad in the pictures.

StitchinByTheLake said...

It was good to see Granny's picture again and it's good to know that her legacy is being carried on. I still have her button on my blog though I know that someday I should take it off. For now though she is still there inspiring me to sew more and to continue to serve the Lord. blessings, marlene

Jenn said...

This was a beautiful post. I am sorry for the loss of your granny's sister. Now they are both at peace and that is a comforting thought. So glad your "sweet teen" is sewing...and teaching her little sister, that's wonderful!!

Pokey said...

Love this post, she is a presence missed! I'm so glad for the kids growing interest, and that your Dad is back at it, too. It's so hard to lose a loved one, AND your creative expression! Thank you so much for sharing here, Valerie. I'm glad for the joyful reunion in heaven, God's promises never fail. :-}pokey