Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Dad Is Quilting Again And Shares With Sweet Teen

After I took "Sweet Teen" to the dentist the other day we stopped by my Dads.
(ST's Great grandfather)

He wanted to show us what he was up to. Daddy had not done any quilting since Granny passed away. But here he is showing "ST" a quilt top that he made this past weekend.

Here he is showing us another one that he did. I could tell he was proud. I was kind of worried that he might not sew anymore but he is back at it again.

Can you believe this? He sure does take after Granny.

3 quilt tops in one weekend! Wow.

Here he is showing her a dutch doll quilt top that he bought at a yard sale.
I wish they weren't holding it upside down but they were talking and I didn't want to interrupt.
He was showing her that it had a little small tear in it but he thought it could be fixed.

Then he told her that he wanted her to have this quilt top. She was so excited. My "Mom"
is making a quilt something like this. She had shared with "ST" a while back how she was going to decorate her dutch dolls with buttons and ribbons. I knew what "ST" was thinking. Right after she got this from my dad her sewing machine tore up. School is also keeping her pretty busy. Her sewing machine should be fixed this week though and she can get started again.

I was so excited to hear and see that Daddy is quilting again. When he started quilting while Granny was still with us, it gave him such joy. Before we left there I saw this on the back of his couch. It looks like he has some squares already cut for another quilt top. Granny would be proud that he is sewing again.

I just want you to look at this beautiful granddaughter of mine.
She has been wanting to get a little business going. When she heard that I had ordered a starter kit from Mary Kay she was so interested. I told her all about my friend Cindy coming over and giving me a facial and how wonderful it was. Cindy did not come to sell me Mary Kay. I am the one that approached her. I needed some skin care and make up so I asked a lot of questions about it. So before she left I wanted to place an order with her. When she saw that my total was 85.00
she shared with me a way that I could get a starter kit with everything I was wanting plus much much more and I would qualify to become a consultant. All for 100.00! You would not believe what all I got! Well I was telling "ST" that I would not give parties but I would sell online. I would not mind giving facials though. Before Cindy gave me one I had called several spas in town and never could get an appt. with anyone! I loved my facial!!

Well, my package came in and guess who has it......"Sweet Teen"!!!
She called me today and said it was wonderful.
She is also going to be selling it. She loves the make up.
I am so excited for her. Now I have got to order me another kit!!!!
She is hilarious!! I didn't even get to see what was in it! It was so heavy though.
But you know what? I can already say that I have signed up someone to sell and I wasn't even trying! I will be putting a link to my web site on my side bar in the next few days if anyone else would like to order from me. I will ship your products free. I am really excited about it because it is a winner for me either way. If I don't sell anything I have lots of make up and skin care!!! I am excited. Click Here to visit my Mary Kay web site!
I think me & "Sweet Teen" are gonna have fun!


Maria said...

How wonderful your Dad is quilting again. Sweet Teen is doing really well with her sewing too. Granny would be so proud of you all.

Anonymous said...

I am so very proud of your Dad and his quilts and how great that he and Sweet Teen have this in common to share sweet times together.

Amelia said...

Part of the grieving your father was experiencing has passed with his quilting again...that is wonderful!

Good luck in your venture of selling Mary Kay.

Granny J said...

I was just thinking about your dad yesterday. Here I am making three squares a day and he finishes three quilt tops in a weekend. lol His tops are beautiful.

I love the dutch doll quilt he bought at the auction and that he gave it to ST. She will always treasure that quilt because it came from her greatgrandad.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Valerie I am joining you in rejoicing over your Dad's return to quilting! I knew he would get back to it but sometimes it just takes time to get over that initial grief that is so debilitating. And good luck on your Mary Kay venture. I've used to use a little Mary Kay but right now I don't even remember what it was. I don't wear makeup base, only eye makeup and blush. Do they have a cream blush? That stuff is sure hard to find any more! blessings, marlene

Millie said...

What a lovely posts to see your dad is quilting again and sharing with his tween...granny would be proud and smiling.

Needled Mom said...

I am so glad to read that your dad is quilting again. What a fun side project for him and what fun to be able to share with ST.

Marydon said...

Valerie, how fabulous your Dad is quilting ... I love ST is moving ahead with her sewing & becoming an enterpreneur, to boot! What a beautiful & industrious young lady

Have a beautiful weekend ~
TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Val I think this is just wonderful that your Father has started sewing says he's comfortable with his loss now and he can move on and be happy doing the things from before.

How great ST sews!!!!
Oh, you gotta just love Mary Kay don't ya!


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