Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wasn't there Four?

We have celebrated Grandparents day since last week.

This is "Little D's" second day at Mothers morning out and
they invited the grandparents to join in the fun.

. They told us to wear old clothes because they would be painting.

Uh Oh!

"Little D" showing us the little playhouse at his school.

He gave Paw Paw this tractor and kept saying Paw Paw.
I guess because Paw Paw has one just like it.

Well he has discovered my sunglasses so he won't pay any attention to anything else.
We tried to get him to hold the butterfly for the picture but this little munchkin will not sit still.
So there is one Grandparents Day celebration.

We went and had lunch with "Brother" at school.
They get a choice of their lunch. He could have had spaghetti and potatoes and salad or corn dogs.
What did he pick? Frozen strawberries, yogurt, blueberry muffin!!!
We didn't actually eat lunch with the kids. We just watched them eat.
We left and went to a restaurant called "The Engine Room".
It sure was better than the school lunches looked!
So this is our second Grandparents Day celebration!
Then we went and ate lunch at school with "Angel".
Last year when we came she would not even talk to us.
This year her and her friends talked up a storm.
Angel doesn't like the school food so she brought a peanut butter sandwich.
So there is our third Grandparents Day celebration.
So you would think since we have 4 grands that we would move on to the fourth grandchild.............NOT!
I asked "Sweet teen" (15 years old) what time we were suppose to be at the high school to eat with her and she said, "HA! HA!
Imagine that??? gotta love um!!
So I picked the little ones up after school to go to the dentist.
Here we are in the waiting room and" Brother" sure is being sweet.
For some reason I was suspicious!

When I got this big kiss I knew something was going on!

Then they told me that "Brother" had spilt the pencil shavings out of his pencil sharpener!
Oh my goodness! It was everywhere in the waiting room floor.
I told you something was up. But we worked hard and got it all up.
"Angel" was in this room getting her teeth cleaned and Brother was coloring.

Then they called "Brother" in to another room.
So here I go back and forth and back and forth.

"Brother" wanted a big G on his balloon for Georgia Bulldogs!

Speaking of dogs......Have you ever went to a dentist that had a dog in the dentist office?
Her name is Chloe! The kids love her.

The dentist told the kids to go in to this room and see Chloe's special princess chair. They loved it.


Snippets From My Heart

Wasn't there four grandchildren? Yes, and there still is. But "Sweet Teen" is growing up. They all grow up so fast. I actually took "Sweet Teen" to the dentist the other day. I don't think she would have liked me taking pictures of her in the dentist chair! lol (I will do a post about her tomorrow). As I was thinking how fast they all grow up, I remembered a little cross stitching that I did many years ago for my children. It says a lot. It is a reminder to slow down and enjoy our children and grands while they are small.


I hope my children look back on today

And see a Mother who had time to play.

There will be years for cleaning and cooking

For children grow up while we're not looking.


Williams Arena said...

What great memories for you and your grandkids.

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures Val. I'm with Angel, I'd rather have a sandwich from home! Brother's balloon is great for Georgia Bulldogs! That dog is something else - I bet he calms a lot of nervous patients. God bless you and your beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

p.s. I forgot to say how much little D has grown since I last saw him! He's very sweet!

caknitter said...

Aw, what a special day with the kids. Happy Grandparents Day! I know it was on Sunday, but it's never too late.

Susannah said...

Hi Val....It is wonderful to see how much you love your grandchildren. Great post!


snoring solutions said...

It is wonderful to see how much you love your grandchildren. That dog is something else - I bet he calms a lot of nervous patients.

Pat said...

Your grandchildren are so lucky to have you nearby enough to do things with them regularly. I feel bad that I don't have that same situation. *sigh*

Needled Mom said...

How fun!!!!! I know that you guys had as much fun as the kids, but I do think you should have gone to school with the teen. Too funny!

What a great dental office with a pooch. That will put the kids at ease.

PEA said...

Another reason why it's so wonderful being grandparents:) They start school soooo young nowadays, they still look like babies. Loved seeing all the pictures and even a visit to the dentist is made to look like fun! lol I think it's awesome that the dentist brings his dog there, no doubt it's a big hit with the kids. xoxo

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Hi Valerie,
Sorry I haven't visited in a while. It's been a hectic summer around here. I've enjoyed catching up and seeing the great photos of you and your family. You certainly do NOT look old enough to be a grandmother--nor does you mom look old enough to be a GGM. I guess you ladies just have good genes.
Thanks for you comment at Blackberry Creek. Have a great evening.

Alice Grace said...

What great fun you all had! Your grandchildren will have great memories stored of all you do with them. So sweet!
I like the new look of your blog!

Love Bears All Things said...

I've always liked that verse....this is the first year since I moved back that I've not eaten with the Princess...I filled out the form and asked her if she wanted me to come...she said she wasn't sure so I gave it to her and told her she could turn it in if she wanted and to let me know...she's growing up, too, I guess...anyway, you're right about the food. I like what brother chose there better than anything I've eaten at the school here...You'd think they would plan something special for Grandparents Day...I enjoyed seeing the pictures.
And don't you have a new look to your blog?
Mama Bear