Thursday, September 9, 2010

Old Drug Store Tour

This is another historic place we toured. This is actually a working drug store but they had all of the history of how it used to be.
Look at this little sewing machine!

This is herbs and stuff where they make their own meds.

Well, I'll be.......................another sewing machine!

Now this is old.

A baby sewing machine!

This old drug store was on our trolley tour in St. Augustine.
We could walk through it and stay as long as we wanted.

I think this is the old soda fountain counter.

They had a room with just dolls.
Isn't she pretty?
My Mother has made many dolls like this.
Trouble & Angel
Me & Mom
(Can you tell I am sick? I was faking it really good.)


Anonymous said...

I love the little green knee press sewing machine~

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun place to look around. Wonderful photo of you and your mom. Hope you all have a nice weekend.

Pat said...

What a fun place to look around. I'm sorry you weren't feeling well. I've been battling some kind of bug for about 11 days.....finally think I'm coming around now.

Love Bears All Things said...

I love that drugstore. I had an episode with my vertigo today. I know how you feel. It wasn't bad, my head just didn't feel normal.
Mama Bear

Needled Mom said...

It does look like you enjoyed yourself despite the fact that you did not feel well.

Alice Grace said...

It was a fun trip! Amazing that Angel loved everything we did, went right along with everything. She was wonderful!

Michelle said...

That little green sewing machine was an Elna. They call that one a Grasshopper, because, look at the knee control. It folds right up against the machine and looks like the leg of a grasshopper. I had one of those once. I found it thrifting, for a very good price, but had to have the motor reworked because the oil had gummed up after all those years ('50's). I ended up selling it on ebay (at a loss), when money was tight. I never really used it, so thought someone else should enjoy it, but it was the quietest little machine that made the most perfect stitches!

Looks like you had a great time, and I can tell you didn't feel the best. Your eyes looked like you might have had a headache, or were sensitive to the light.

A warning to all....if you suffer vertigo, do you use products with aspartame. If you do, check it out on the internet and see all the things that can happen to you if you are aspartame sensitive. Some people have a toxicity to it. I know I did. I battled vertigo for about 6 years and paid lots of money, along with my insurance company, until I finally figured out it was the diet soda I was drinking. Gosh, it feels good to be over that!

Be blessed and have a great weekend!

Granny J said...

I loved the tour of the old drug store. Isn't St Augustine a fun place to visit?

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Val...what an interesting post....I love it.

OHGosh 'Trouble' looks like you.
When you were doing the 'comparison' post I thought so too but when I saw this with no mention of 'comparison' I could see you in her so clear.

Hope you feel better soon Val.


Allie said...

That looks like a neat place, I love visiting shops like this! You look wonderful, can't even tell you're not feeling well.

caknitter said...

Great tour. My mother used to have an old singer sewing machine just like the black one you pictured.
Unfortunately she gave it away or sold, not sure.
I hope you're feeling better now.
Happy Friday.

AmyW said...

St. Augustine is one of my favorite places. I grew up going to St. Augustine for vacation every single summer. The old fort was always a favorite place to explore.

Jeannie B. said...

I am enjoying your vacation!

snoring solutions said...

Wonderful photo of you and your mom.I know how you feel. Your eyes looked like you might have had a headache, or were sensitive to the light.

PEA said...

There's an Apothecary in Niagara on the Lake that we've visited and it looks very similar to this old drug store you visited. I always find it so amazing to look at the bottles and medications they used to have back then.

When I went to the Fall Fair last weekend, they had quite a few vintage sewing machines and I thought of you right away:-)

I do hope you're feeling better by now and that the vertigo isn't bothering you anymore. xoxo