Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Old Jail

Mom was so anxious to go into this jail she was first in line! This jail was built in 1891 and could house up to 72 prisoners for 60 years. It is one of the few surviving 19th century jails.
The jail was built by the same company that later built Alcatraz and was bankrolled by oil and railroad billionaire Henry Flagler. If you visit this historic city you will find out that Henry Flagler built most everything there.
This is a tour of a jail in St. Augustine, Fl.
It is so interesting hearing the history of the jail.
Back then they hung people for doing wrong.
The people that walked us through the tour acted real tough and mean just to show us how it really was. This prison housed prisoners until 1953 before becoming a historic attraction.
We actually walked inside the jail cells.
This looks like a real person but it is just a wax model.
I wish I had got pictures of the kitchen. It was really neat.
The men in the jail worked outside and the women cooked and cleaned.

This model shows a elderly man that was sick.
There are 4 cells in each jail. There is a bunk above him and then 2 beds on the left side.
That little aisle is all the room that they have.

Ahhhh! Look who this is!! Angel is in jail!

Then we headed to the sheriffs quarters. The family lived right in the jail building.
This is one of the children's rooms.
I love that crazy quilt.
Isn't this sweet? You can tell they were playing in the floor with these toys.
I wonder if the children realized that right on the other side of their quarters were some of the meanest prisoners ever.

I loved this. I love old things. The sheriff sure lived a lot better than the prisoners.
When you look on the outside of this prison you think it is a beautiful hotel.
It was even pink. But then you go on the inside and it was actually scary.

Everywhere we go there is always a sewing machine!
Do you think that is a sign for me to get to sewing???
I wonder if the sheriff's wife sewed or if she had someone do it for her.
This is the sheriffs room. Him and his wife have a nicer room than those cells.
St. Augustine is a historic city and we didn't see all of it. This is our second year going there and we are trying to see something different every time we go.
Snippets From My Heart
Are you tired of seeing St. Augustine? It is not like the typical Florida trip - that is for sure.
I love history. I wish I had loved it in school. It is funny how when you are young and carefree you would never think that you would like to learn later on in life. I guess we all wish we could go back and do it over. I sure do. I would not actually want to go back to that age. I love my life but I try to learn everything I can. I always think of Granny and her word search puzzles. She said you can never learn too much. My Mom is another great example. She is so smart about history. Actually she is smart about everything!!! When I was younger and had 4 small children and sometimes was so overwhelmed with the every day life of raising them I had a very good friend come over to my house. She was an amazing woman. There was nothing she could not do. Anyway, one thing I will always remember that she told me was to not let one day go by that you don't do something for "yourself" and always learn something "new" every day even if it is just a new word. Good advice, huh?


Granny J said...

I love the pictures you share of your trips. Of all the pictures, the quilt caught my eye. When I was a kid we lived in old farmhouses that had little or in most cases, no insulation. The bedrooms were always upstairs. The only heat was the heat from a wood cook stove in the kitchen and a big warm morning stove in the living room. I can remember my mom making quilts like that in the picture to keep us warm in winter.

Real Life Reslers said...

Oh no Angel's in jail! I'm sending bail money.....


Marydon said...

To die for BED! Love your St. Augustine tour ... you are great company & a fabulous tour guide.

Have a beautiful weekend ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Anonymous said...

I loved the tour too. Angel's photo is especially cute! I love seeing the furniture, toys, quilts etc. Hope you have a good night and blessed Sunday Val.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think the sewing machines are a sign to 'get sewing'! You can wait until you get home though! LOL

Allie said...

I want that sewing machine!!! Wow. Now see, if we'd kept our jails looking like this, we might not have so much overcrowding - no tv's there, or weight rooms! Or libraries, etc.

I hated history in school - it wasn't until I started homeschooling that I realized how much I love history. Now I can't get enough!

Alice Grace said...

You forgot to say that the narrator of the jail tour picked Angel as the highlight of the tour. She called out Angel many times and told her how she would be "watching" her on the tour. It was so cute, and Angel took it with a smile, as did all of us.

Glenys said...

That was so very creepy!

PEA said...

Like you, I love history and love visiting old places like that jail! I would have so enjoyed going there with you. How interesting that the sheriff and his family lived right next to the jail cells, as you say, you wonder if the children even knew what was on the other side of them!! I can't even imagine being stuck in a jail cell like that, though, no wonder I always try to be a good girl! LOL xoxo