Friday, September 24, 2010

The Simple Womans Daybook

Outside my window......It is dark and cooler than it was earlier today.

I am funny my "Sweet Hunter" is! He keeps me laughing all the time.

I am thinking.......about the calm before the storm.
I am thankful for.......Life, health & strength.

I am p.j.'s & covered up with a quilt with a fan right next to me in case a hot flash comes!

I am creating.........a mess-----a car full of yard sale stuff!

I am bed and then to my daughters house in the morning for a yard sale.
I am reading......some cookbooks.

I am hoping........that I sell a lot tomorrow!

I am hearing.......the eleven o'clock news and a "snoring hunter".

Around the house........peaceful.

One of my favorite things.......going out to eat with my "sweet hunter".

A few plans for the rest of the, work, work so I can go play next weekend.

I am praying for.............My cousin and her husband.  He had a bad wreck on a motorcycle. Please help me pray for their family.

Here is a picture thought that I am sharing......
As I was coming home today I had to stop to let this Momma Hen and her almost grown babies cross the road.  It is funny.  I think they know that they are safe right now since it is deer season.


Anonymous said...

Hi Valerie, That's a great photo you shared and Happy Birthday to your son in law.
I'm hoping we'll get rain this weekend but I hope it won't ruin your yard sale tomorrow. Let us know how it goes!

Real Life Reslers said...

Just said a prayer for your cousin. I love your new blog look!

Susannah said...

Hi Val...Happy B-day to you son-in-law! I hope he emjoys the day. I love your Daybook. It is thought provoking.

Remembering you cousin and family in my prayers. I hope all will be all right!


Granny J said...

Love the picture. I miss that now that we live in the city. I've said a prayer for your cousin and the family.

I'll try to get a picture taken today of the way I end off my rag rugs.

Hope you have a successful yard sale. Wish I could be there.

Love Bears All Things said...

I love that you are all covered up with a fan close by just in case...I told my daughter that I thought my power surges were beginning to taper off..she is just starting and didn't like thinking she has 20 more years of it...I tend to have cold feet so it is take the socks off, put the socks on..usually I wear a spaghetti tank top with a long sleeve over it in the AC so that I don't strip completely when I have one...At night, its throw the cover off, put the cover on.....
Mama Bear

Allie said...

Hey sweetie - I'll join you in praying for your cousin's hubby and I hope you sell lots at your yard sale tomorrow!