Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Treasures from Granny - Sparta Hilton Part 6c

I love Lucy at the Sparta Hilton? 
Nothing is too good for us.
These brownies were our pre-breakfast and snacks.
Do you know what pre-breakfast means?  It means this is what you eat before the real breakfast is done!
"Sweet Hunter" left early in the morning for the woods. 
When I got ready to get up this is what I did.  I ate a brownie or 2, had my morning coke and watched "I Love Lucy"!
What a life!
I know that you have already saw my bed in a previous post but I was putting on clean sheets before we left and decided to show you my wonderful king size bed that I only paid 150.00 dollars for!  It is like sleeping on a cloud.
Mom gave me these beautiful pillow cases. I just love them.
This bed is looking so good it makes me want to crawl back in!
Now it's made up so I am not as tempted. 
Did I tell you that "sweet hunter" wants a quilt with deer on it?
He usually gets what he wants. 
I will never forget a few weeks before Granny passed away, "Sweet Hunter" told me to buy the fabric and get Granny to make the quilt.  I asked him why he didn't want me to do it.  He said he would like to see it in his lifetime!!! lol
"Sweet Hunter" vacuums and washes dishes too!
He is a real man.
This is part of the real breakfast.  The last time we were here we cooked breakfast on the fire.  We froze the meat that was left and I cooked it on our little stove.  Yes, that is canned biscuits and they were soooo good!  Our hunting buddy, Rog's mother made some muscadine jelly and it made this breakfast complete.
Don't forget the gravy too!  When it was finished it was really good.
Evidently I didn't get a picture of it when it was ready to eat.
Do you remember the little dish pan on the right?  Granny wanted me to have that.  I treasure it but I also use it.
Granny did most everything in that little dish pan and so do I.
When Granny was still quilting away one of my blogging friends Connie sent Granny this USA fabric.
It was one of the last quilts that Granny made.  She gave it to me because one of my friends sent her the fabric.
She must have knew that she was going to leave us because any other time she would have wanted me to sell it.
I will treasure this quilt forever too.  Thank you Connie.
It even has the famous "Granny border" on it.  As you remember I got Granny's bed too so this quilt is on her bed.
It is amazing to think of how many quilts she layed on this bed to measure and pin together with her one pin.
I will treasure her bed forever too.
Here is Granny's bed all made up and ready for the "honeymooners" to come and visit.
Last time they came to the Sparta Hilton all we did was work so it is a little different now.
We have our bed and Granny's bed in our room.  See the little white chest in the corner? 
That was Granny's little chest that she had in her bathroom. 
I will always treasure that too.
Life takes us to many different places.  Last year at this time I would have never thought that Granny would not be quilting away in her little house. I would have never thought that I would be using her furniture in our little Sparta Hilton.  I would never have thought that I would love this little home away from home like I do.  I sure would not have thought that I would be serious about hunting.  You just never know what life will bring you.  Amazing. 


Michelle said...

Loved your post today. Everything is beautiful.

lindsey said...

I have just sat and read through your posts from the Sparta Hilton, looks like you had great wonderful to have a little cabin of your own to go and visit!

caknitter said...

I love your cozy home away from home. The brownies look so good, I'm going to have to make some very soon. :-)

Anonymous said...

Like Michelle commented ~ I love this post Valerie. Granny must be smiling down that you and your family are enjoying her earthly treasures and putting them to good use. God bless dear friend.

Alice Grace said...

Wow! That is a lovely "home away from home"! You have done a great job making it cozy and comfortable with Granny's things. Great job!

Granny J said...

You have really made the Sparta Hilton a beautifullittle home. I love all the quilts but I think the Granny quilt is my favorite. Thanks for sharing pictures of your vacation.

I have a little dishpan like yours. My mom had it, then my sister had it and now it's mine. It's one my treasured things from mom.

Darla said...

The Hilton looks so cozy!

Pat said...

You have made that place SOOOO nice, Valerie! I have enjoyed watching all the progress along the way.

Lori said...

OK, now I want to come and visit even more! What a cute place you have there! I laughed at the comment about getting a quilt in his lifetime. LOL I started a quilt for DH almost three years ago now with fabric he helped pick out and I have 8 squares done. Ahhh, someday...(sigh).

Ann Nichols said...

Oh...your granny sounds like such a wonderful lady... What a blessing to have had her in your life! And what beautiful quilts! I love that you are a homemaker and proud to be one! What could be better than to make a home for ones family - it takes effort and is rewarded with sweet sweet smiles many hugs and lots of love!
Please stop by my history blog - It's about St. Nicholas!
God bless,

PEA said...

I love how you have reminders of Granny everywhere at the Sparta Hilton:-) I can well imagine how very special that last quilt that she made is, I'm so happy that you're the one who got it. Brownies for a pre-breakfast snack...I could go for that!! hehe As always I enjoyed looking at all your pictures, such a special place the Sparta Hilton has become:-) xoxo

Patty Sumner said...

What a wonderful place! The legacy of you Grandmother lives on....It is so wonderful to see how her attributes has passed on to you along with some of her priced possessions. Blessing to you and yours!

Allie said...

You guys have worked SO hard Val, this is a delightful little getaway - a home away from home. So glad you got one of Granny's last quilts.

Connie said...

Val, I really enjoy your post, your flowers are so pretty, and the Sparta is such a cozy place and all of Granny quilts and things makes it so SPECIAL and her last quilt she made she had gave to you, I'm so glad that i send some quilt blocks to her... you had such a sweet granny, I know she is truly miss. Hope you will have a wonderful and blessful week in!

Sue said...

The busyness of life got in my way! I have been rejuvenated in so many ways by stopping by your blog emotionally, spiritually, just every way!
Thank you!! I miss Granny so much.