Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sparta Hilton- Our First Fire Inside

"Sweet Hunter" says that he likes me being an afternoon hunter.
He likes to come in to a nice breakfast on the fire.

I promise that this is not all I do!  See me wearing a t-shirt?
You don't see that at home.
If you see me wearing the same clothes over and over it is
because we leave clothes here.  It is nice not having to pack a lot.

Salt pork, scrambled eggs, gravy & homemade biscuits & cooked apples.
Breakfast is ready!

It gets pretty warm during the day but is getting chilly early in the mornings here.

Next weekend is suppose to be colder at nights than it has been so "Sweet Hunter"
 thought he better get some wood ready for our little wood heater in the cabin.

Our first fire inside the cabin.
See the little concrete blocks?  My Sweet Mother gave us these.
I just love them.  We are gonna get some pea gravel and fill in underneath the heater.
But isn't the fire great?  Oh I love it!
I have missed the smell of a wood fire inside.

I love it and it is really warm too! 
It is almost too warm in the living room.
This is my kind of "hunting". 
Pajamas, computer, fire, cinnamon rolls, coffee ( coke for me), and a good movie on.
I love this hunting stuff!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sparta Hilton #8a

You would think that all we do is here eat!!!!
Well you are almost right!

Yum! Bacon cooked on the fire!

I even fixed waffles outside!

There is just something about cooking and eating outside!

And believe it or not....I rather wash the dishes outside!
We have a kitchen and a sink but I make my own simple kitchen outside. 
I heat my water on the fire.  Then my ice chest is my drainer!
It works for me!

My Sweet Mother In Law gave me this old
coffee pot so I can even make coffee on the fire!

I made Brunswick stew at home and brought it in jars.
While we were out hunting this was cooking slowly in our crock pot
outside under the shed.

I had made the cornbread before we left out and
when we came in after hunting our supper was hot and ready.

I promise you that eating is not all we do here at the Sparta Hilton!
We do hunt!  Well this is me sitting with gun in hand in my little blind waiting.
Maybe it should be called "waiting" instead of  "hunting"! (smile)

This is one of the views from my blind.
I'm still waiting.

And yes, I had to show you one more thing that we are eating here at the Sparta Hilton!
We are hooked on these pork rinds!  We found them here at a local grocery store and they are so good!!!! Eating is a big part of "waiting"....I mean "hunting"!!!
Having a ball though.  It is so peaceful here.
I love peace!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sparta Hilton Update #8

Oh boy!  The Hilton has a new (new to us) refrigerator!
The refrigerator we have already works  but the refrig doesn't get cold enough for me. 
The freezer works fine but we needed another one. 
Our friend, Bruce (the one that is getting married) had a refrigerator that he wasn't using so we went and picked it up.
Thank you Bruce!!!

There is only one problem.  We cannot get it in any of the doors at the Hilton!
I need my hunting buddy D. to come and tell the guys how to do it. lol

I am just thankful to have it so I got started cleaning it up.
Bruce had bought this refrigerator brand new in 1986.
The best part of our Hilton is the shed on the outside so we just put it under the shed.

It looks great even if it is outside. 
We do most of our cooking outside anyway so it really works out well.

The mornings are a little chilly and I love to cook breakfast on the fire.

That morning we had Sausage, gravy, fried potatoes, eggs and biscuits.

It was just the two of us again so I didn't
cook as much as I would with others there.

"Sweet Hunter" bought me this chair to put in my blind.
I don't think he thinks like me.  I need a cup holder!
But it was so sweet. It is easy to carry too.

So "Sweet Hunter" decided that I needed to go sit with him in his blind.
I don't know why.  I do fine in mine with my book and stuff.
But it was a sweet thought.

So here we go.  We walk and walk and walk.
He tells me not to step in the food plot and be really quiet.
Then when we got down in the woods the leaves made a crunching sound as we stepped.
He told me we had to be so quiet.  So I started walking in his footsteps.  My left foot and his left foot stepped at the same time, etc.
It still made a lot of noise.  And then we heard a turkey calling. 
It was the neatest thing.  "Sweet Hunter" knelt down. I thought he was about to pray but what he was doing was listening to try to figure out what kind of call that turkey was making.  He finally told me that it was a "lost" call.
Then we heard another one coming toward it. We were so close but could not see them.
And then it ended.  I guess the hen found the baby.
It was so neat to hear that.

Then we sneak up to his blind.  Quietly.  I am wondering how we are going to both sit in this thing and be happy.
But it was sweet that he wanted me to go with him. 
I love this man more than anything but I was miserable in that little blind. 
My new chair made a crackle and pop everytime I moved.
He would say Quiet!
I told him it was the chair.  I had no book. I had no drink.  We just sat there.
Now he would get me tickled every once in a while. 
But we never saw anything.  Boring.
I like my set up better.

Then we had some relaxing time. 
We set up the horseshoes and played a little bit.
It was so much fun. 
Looks like someone needs to mow that grass!

He thought that I had set the stakes up too far apart but after
walking it off he realized that I was within 1 foot of what the paper says.
Imagine that! lol

I told him that there was some limbs in the way so
he told me to get that long saw and saw them off.
I sawed and sawed and sawed. 

Then he came over with a little bitty saw that he carries in the woods
 and sawed those limbs right down.
I think he just wanted to see if I could do it.
Well if I had known about that little saw he had I am sure that I could have done it too.

Then "Sweet Hunter" cooked us some cheeseburgers on the grill. 
It was so good.  I just love cooking over a fire or charcoal.
It is funny because at home we don't do things like this.
We work so hard during the week that we cannot wait
 to get back to this little shack in the woods.......I mean "Sparta Hilton".
We love our little getaway!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Look at these sweet hands!
Granny left us April 13th, 2010 but her birthday was yesterday.
What a blessing she was and still is to our whole family.

I remember last year at this time she was making Apple butter.
Her kitchen smelled so good.

I have had the hardest time trying to figure out
what to put on this post to honor Granny.
I miss her so much.

Then as I was going through pictures I remembered how Granny
 reached the world with her quilts and  her love of the Lord.
I will never forget this day.  My best friend, Vicki and I met at Granny's house to visit her.
If Granny wasn't quilting, she was working a word search puzzle.
When we walked in she looked like a queen sitting here.
This picture still brings a smile to my face.
The Lord and Granny's quilts along with her family were her passion.
Granny lived a simple life that didn't require much.
What an example for us all.

Remember Granny's one pin???
As I was looking through the pictures to put on here, I found a picture of a framed tribute that my Aunt Joyce (Granny's daughter) wrote in honor of her.  It sounds like that she wrote it for Granny's Church but I am not sure. This framed tribute is very old and was actually typed on a typewriter. I can remember this being in Granny's bedroom for many years.  While you read this tribute, remember that this was written by Granny's daughter before Granny had reached the world through something she never even understood....the internet.
The Lord knew long ago that Granny would touch more lives than just her circle of friends. 
Granny touched the world!
Thank you all for blessing Granny.

Tribute To My Granny
Written by her daughter, Joyce, in honor of her Mother

My Mother is a shining example of how to truly live.  About the age of six years old I noticed something different about my Mother.  We had began to go to a new church and my Mother was filled with a new joy.  She told me this joy was the result of being filled with the Holy Spirit. Through the years, she has stood firm in her spiritual commitment, convictions, and beliefs in spite of the trials and upheavals that all families endure. My Mother has an ongoing, enduring love for all persons. She expresses this love in support, acceptance, prayer and forgiveness to her fellow man.

Many times in my life, I doubted her ability to endure with this Christian love, but she has not only endured but has grown every day and has touched the lives of more than she will ever know.  She continues to be filled with the Holy Spirit which guides and sustains her.  Because she continues to be spirit led, we, her personal family and her church family have benefited.  We, her children feel like the richest family ever to be blessed with this wonderful person in our lives and we know that you do also.

Matthew 6:33
But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Day At Our House

I am not much on coffee unless I am cold but "Sweet Hunter"
 likes to have it on the weekends before going deer hunting.
On weekdays he goes through the drive thru at McDonalds and gets the senior coffee!
I remember the first time he realized that he could get the "senior" coffee.  The speaker was tore up and he drove to the window and asked them for a cup of coffee.  Usually he paid around 80 cents for it.  The girl handed it to him and said "46 cents please." 
He said "why is it cheaper?"  She said "you asked for a "senior" coffee didn't you?"  He said "I guess I did.  How old do you have to be?"  She said "55."  He called me and asked me how in this world did she know how old he was!!! It was hilarious! 

After "Sweet Hunter" goes deer hunting he usually comes home to a breakfast like this.
Deer Tenderloin
Biscuits and gravy
Cheese eggs
Cooked apples
Is he spoiled or what??? I love it though.

I have been wanting to buy a "WII" for a while. 
 The grands got out of school early the other day so we just went and did it.
"Angel" loved it too even though they have all this at home.  There is just something special about having it at Gran's house.

"Brother" would get so aggravated if he didn't bowl as good as he wanted to.
He decided that we needed to play teams and he wanted to be on my team!!!
He is pretty smart, huh?

"Sweet Teen" even gave up her texting for a while and played with us!

Gran even gets hugs for buying the wii!
It is so much fun.  That made it worth it all!

"Brother" loved being on my team! 
He gave hugs everytime we won!
He said he liked winning.

They made a Gran and a Paw Paw Mii (I think that a Mii is a Wii person).
They got the biggest kick out of making Paw Paw's!
Looks just like him.  Now does he look like a "Senior" Coffee man to you?? (lol)

Then Paw Paw ( better known as "Sweet Hunter") came home
 and got the biggest kick out of that Mii they made for him. 

Our den was a disaster when the grands were here! 
As you can see when it came to the sword fighting....
Brother got serious!  Shirt & shoes had to come off.
He is so funny!

Then my dad came by to show us a quilt top that he made.
I think it is the prettiest one yet.
"Sweet Teen" was showing him pictures in her phone of a baby quilt that she just made.

Isn't this pretty?
I am so glad that he is back to quilting again.
It took him a while to get back at it after Granny left us.
Granny would want him too. She always told me that it keeps your mind busy.
Speaking of Granny.......Tomorrow is her birthday!
So there will be a special post just for Granny tomorrow.
I do most of my posts at night so it will probably show up on Monday.
I bet there will be a big birthday party in Heaven tomorrow.
She is Gone but is not forgotten. 
Stay Tuned.....