Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sparta Hilton- Our First Fire Inside

"Sweet Hunter" says that he likes me being an afternoon hunter.
He likes to come in to a nice breakfast on the fire.

I promise that this is not all I do!  See me wearing a t-shirt?
You don't see that at home.
If you see me wearing the same clothes over and over it is
because we leave clothes here.  It is nice not having to pack a lot.

Salt pork, scrambled eggs, gravy & homemade biscuits & cooked apples.
Breakfast is ready!

It gets pretty warm during the day but is getting chilly early in the mornings here.

Next weekend is suppose to be colder at nights than it has been so "Sweet Hunter"
 thought he better get some wood ready for our little wood heater in the cabin.

Our first fire inside the cabin.
See the little concrete blocks?  My Sweet Mother gave us these.
I just love them.  We are gonna get some pea gravel and fill in underneath the heater.
But isn't the fire great?  Oh I love it!
I have missed the smell of a wood fire inside.

I love it and it is really warm too! 
It is almost too warm in the living room.
This is my kind of "hunting". 
Pajamas, computer, fire, cinnamon rolls, coffee ( coke for me), and a good movie on.
I love this hunting stuff!


Love Bears All Things said...

Sounds like you're having fun...I like a nice fire, too..we had one in our fire pit outside yesterday afternoon.
Mama Bear

Anonymous said...

That breakfast looks delicious and I love a fire in the fireplace too. Sounds like a perfect retreat! Enjoy Valerie.

Real Life Reslers said...

yummy! can you mail me some breakfast here in wv lolol

Allie said...

Val, I think you have the prettiest, cosiest hunting cabin anywhere!!! We don't have a fireplace in our home and I surely do miss one.

Granny J said...

That is a smart idea to leave a supply of clothes there. The breaakfast looks delicious. I love salt pork but it's hard to find here.

PEA said...


The night is dark
and the goblins are out,
and the witches and black cats
are prowling about.

And costumed creatures
the strangest I've seen,
are knocking on doors
'cause tonight's Halloween!

Happy Halloween dear Valerie:-) Oh how I'd love to join you in front of that fireplace, it all looks so warm and comfy. I love cooking outdoors too, the food always seems to taste so much better:-) xoxo

Needled Mom said...

I can see why you would like that "hunting" stuff. That fire looks devine. There is nothing like the smell and warmth of a wood fire.

Pat said...

GREAT set-up for hunting......the computer, the indoor fireplace, some Coke to drink, etc. ENJOY!!!

webbsway said...

Looks like you are the "Perfect - Hunter"! Tis nice to enjoy these beautiful days while we can. :) They are such a gift.

caknitter said...

Your breakfasts always look so appetizing. Yum!

All4Him said...

Breakfast is my favorite!! However, when we camp and cook breakfast outside, it gets cold so quick!! Any suggestions?

Patty Sumner said...

Again, the food looks yummy! It was bound to happen....that cozy fire inside. Enjoy! Your place is such a great getaway from all life's hussle and bussle. Blessings!

Alice Grace said...

I am so proud you are getting this wonderful time together and doing what you really want to do! Have fun, and I wish I had some of that wonderful breakfast!

Domestically Inclined said...

Hello Valerie, You make camping look like so much fun! Enjoyed "meeting" your family through pics. I miss our "Granny" (my mother in law) who died this past April as well. Looks like your Granny left quite a legacy. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Monika

Melissa Miller said...

Hello Valerie,
It's nice to meet you!
Thank you for entering my blog friends giveaway. After 2 years of blogging I still enjoy the very best part of it and that is making great new friends like you. You're the sweetest!

What a fantastic and relaxing trip you took. Yummy food and pretty scenery. Lovely photos.

Happy fall blessings to you all!
Warmly, ~Melissa :)

W. Latane Barton said...

I've be over for breakfast in the morning!! I've never seen food looking so good. Reckon I could find you out there in all those woods... hmmmm, I think the scent will draw me.