Sunday, October 10, 2010

My First Hunting Trip

Look what "Sweet Hunter" gave me the day before my first hunting trip.
He gave me binoculars so I could see the deer.  He bought me a thermacell to keep the bugs away.  He knew that I would use Off spray and the deer can smell that.  And he bought me the cutest little fleece camoflauged boggin and a orange vest.
So I got it all ready the night before.
The next 6 a.m. this is what "Sweet Hunter" looked like.

That same 6:30 a.m. this is what I looked like!
I do have my camo toboggan (hat) on though.
And I have to have my coke before getting ready, ya know?

So here I go to my blind which is not far away at all.  I was hunting with the cross bow. Now keep in mind that I have only shot this a few times.
So I am ready. I held the bow for a long time waiting on that deer to come and I waited and waited and waited.
Finally, I put it down.

And I got me a cup of coffee out of the thermos that I had brought to warm me up.
"Sweet Hunter" didn't know that I had all of this in my back pack. 
Well he did know about the gloves.
 He gave me those too.
I think that he thought all I needed were the things he gave me.
But I needed a flash light because it was dark.  I needed chap stick in case my lips got dry.  I needed a cell phone in case I needed him to come and help me drag my deer out.  And I needed something in case I got bored so I brought a book that I have been trying to read for months now.  The Excellent Wife.  I love the Bible study of Proverbs 31.  How do you like my little table that I put in my blind?  I actually have 2 of them.

The other little table is where I put the cross bow. I got very tired of holding it.
Hunting is not as easy as people think. You sit and sit and wait and wait.
I can honestly say that I admire my "Sweet hunter".

I traded my chair with the cup holder for one of these little
 wooden chairs because I was too low to see out of the windows.
And the pillow?  I had to go in the Sparta Hilton to get it
 because my rear got so sore from sitting for that long.

Well I never saw anything and it was getting daylight so I got my book out and started reading.
I would read a paragraph and then look out in the woods really good.
I never saw anything but the book was good.

Once it warmed up I actually enjoyed being out there.
It was like everything came alive except the deer!
If you know anything about me.....I am not one to sit still so this was a challenge.
But I did it.  I am determined.

Well I hunted as long as "Sweet Hunter" did. 
When he came back he didn't realize that I was still in the blind.
He was way down in the woods in a tree stand. 
He said he was proud of me for staying that long. So this is how I looked once I got all my camo on.  What you can't see is I have my p.j.'s on underneath! As I sat there in that blind all by myself that morning, I wondered what I would really do if I saw a deer.  "Sweet Hunter" says your heart beats so fast and you get so excited.  I just wonder if I will be scared or ready. I wonder if any deer passed by while I was reading the book. (lol) So this is my story of my first hunting trip and I am sticking to it. 


webbsway said...

O VAl!
So you have crossed over to the land of the "great white hunter"??? LOL I think you have to be the "Prettiest " hunter in town. ! :) I loved the idea of taking a book -that would make peace and quiet so nice. Since I am vegetarian I don't hunt - but my DH is a True hunter. They say he was that way when he was a kid and he has never outgrown it.
He did take my best friend with him one time and she came back froze to death. I had to laugh because she said he placed her on top of the biggest hill and the wind was whipping-but not so in the gully where he was. We always told him that he tried to freeze her to death so he would not have to take her hunting again! LOL Doesn't look like your dear hunter did that to you. ! ;)

Michelle said...

Too cute!!!

Alleluiabelle said...

Oh my...I so love this and you look so cute in your camo!

We come from a long line of hunters and my husband is/was an avid hunter up until his open-heart surgery in 2006 but he still goes to camp, and hunts the best way that he can. He certainly was born with it in his blood. He's tried to explain to me many times the adrenalin rush that one gets when seeing the deer and shoot it. I prefer to stay in my warm bed until he comes home.

Both of my thumbs are up to you my friend...again I loved this.

Love you careful out there in the wilderness.


Allie said...

I had to giggle as I saw your blind all girlied up with the comforts of home...LOVE it. You go, Hunter Girl!

caknitter said...

Ohmygosh, Valerie, you have more patience than me that's for sure. I would not have lasted more than an hour. I love all the goodies you took along...I call them necessities because I can't live without my chapstick either.

lindsey said...

Sounds just about what my first hunting trip would be like...except I wouldnt pick up the bow at all, I would just get right on into that book and only put it down to pour the coffee!

Alice Grace said...

You had me laughing all the way thru this post! I know you! If you did see a deer, it would probably scare you to death! You are the little girl that when night came, you pretended to be asleep till all was quiet in the house, then you would slip into our room and sneak to the foot of our bed because you were scared at night, and that is where we would find you sleeping away. This is so funny!

Granny J said...

Grampy just came in to see what I was laughing about. lol You're my type of hunter. Did Sweet Hunter tell you that the deer can smell the chapstick? I can't sit in one of the canvas type chairs either. When I get in there I can't get out.

Susannah said...

Hi Val...I absolutely love your posts about the Sparta Hilton!

You are a very determined woman! No wonder "Sweet Hunter" was proud of you.

Hope you get that deer soon!


Amelia said...

What an experience - staying comfortable too!

W. Latane Barton said...

Okay.... now I am just waiting until I see some photos of you doing some hand quilting there in your blind while you wait for a deer. That's what I would do but best you not tell your sweet hunter that you brought it along in your back pack. hehe. He might get upset or else tease you. You could tell him that you were cold and had to had covers. Not blind covers, .... covers to keep you warm. After all he is off doing his man thing (hunting) and is not keeping you warm.

Darla said...

You two are peas in a pod! Cute, cute, cute....

snoring solutions said...

Thanks for sharing your story of your trip! Love the photos too!