Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Showing Off!

Our youngest grandson, "Little D".
Isn't he precious?

He is visiting the Pumpkin Farm.

I came with his Mommy to pick him up at Mothers Morning Out.
He always loves my sunglasses.
You ought to hear him....he is talking up a storm!

This is our other grandson, "Brother".
One day his Mommy took him to the store and
 he wanted to buy something that costs over 20.00.
He had his own little bag of money.  He made a deal with his Mommy to pay part of it. 
She said O.K. you pay ?? and I will pay this much. (I can't remember the amts.)
Anyway, when they got to the car  Brother counted his leftover money
and noticed that he was a couple of dollars short.  He asked his Mommy why?
She said well you had to pay taxes.  Brother said, TAXES????
He ended up crying so hard and the whole day blamed his Mom because she forgot to tell him about taxes.  They finally explained to him that anytime you buy something you have to pay taxes.  He did not take that well at all.  We have laughed and laughed about this.

He is such a big boy carrying his own tray in the lunchroom at school.

I captured this precious moment of Daddy giving "Brother" a haircut.

Our granddaughter, "Angel".

She always has a smile for us.

I have to tell you the cutest story on Angel.
Her Mom and Dad were talking about buying some mums for their porch.
Angel overheard them and asked them why they would buy more.
Her Mommy asked her what she meant.
She said we already have mums.
Mommy asked her where they were. 
She said in the medicine cabinet!!!!
They asked her what mums were for and she said for a tummy ache!!!
Get it....MUMS......TUMS!!!

Our oldest Granddaughter, "Sweet Teen".
 I remember when she was born.
Our first grandbaby. 
No words can describe how I felt.

Is she not gorgeous?

She is so sweet to all of the younger ones.  She will be grown up before we know it.
I am so proud of her and how she loves to sew.
Granny would be so proud.
Why, Granny?

“Why do you wear aprons, Granny?” I asked her one day,
as I nestled on her lap, while resting from my play.

“Mercy child,” she replied, “it’s just a part of life.
It’s as valuable to me as Grandpa’s pocketknife.

When I wrap it on each day it makes me feel complete. I’m
Prepared to face the day, whatever I shall meet.

Sometimes it’s a wiping rag to dry my dripping hands.
Sometimes it’s a holding cloth to grasp the boiling pans.

Now and then it dries a tear or wipes a runny nose. It’s a
Part of all I do, wherever Granny goes.

Carrying potatoes or the hen’s eggs from their nest.
Snuggling baby kittens close and warm against my breast.

Wiping up the drips and drops that splatter on the floor. Oft’
Times used to dust the table and there’s so much more.

On a rainy day it’s used to shield my head from rain or to
Take the horses lots of tasty, yellow grain.

Sometimes it’s a help to open stubborn lids I grip. It can
hide a dirty spot or shield a jagged rip.

It’s been known to shine a shoe or dry a puppy’s fur or to
Clear a mirror when the steam has caused a blur.

Best of all though, precious child sitting on my knee, it’s
A place to nestle you and have you here with me!”


Alice Grace said...

How cute! Little D is growing so fast! And Brother, what a rude awakening to taxes! I feel the way he does! He is precious! And Angel, what a girl! Never a dull moment around her, and such a helper she is...then Sweet Teen, words are not enough to express how I feel about her, her talents and her sweet personality! Well, you are blessed, my Daughter to have these wonderful grandchildren, and I am blessed to have you all! Love

Amelia said...

Such precious children - you can show them off anytime.

Anonymous said...

Your 'babies' are beautiful!
LOVE grannie's apron story!

Maria said...

WOW!! Valerie how Little D has grown. As has all the other beautiful Grandchildren. I can see why you are so pround of them all.

Your poem of the Apron brought a tear to my eyes.

Love Bears All Things said...

I love the poem.
Mama Bear

Allie said...

You are very blessed with such beautiful grandchildren, Val - had to laugh at Brother's rude shock, I've felt that way myself! Love the poem..

AmyW said...

Poor Brother....I know exactly how he feels about taxes :(

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Val your family is so precious...they are all just adorable/beautiful.
What a sweet 'brother' story about Taxes...I cry sometimes


Connie said...

Val, your grandchildren are beautiful, You have got the wright to be proud of them. Thank you for your comment and i loves to read about your Sparta Hilton get away, To me it would be a very relaxing place to go.I think God every day for the blessing he have given me to do what I can do.Hope you will have a blessful week-in!

snoring solutions said...

As has all the other beautiful Grandchildren.You are very blessed with such beautiful grandchildren,This is a fascinating post!