Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sparta Hilton Update #7

Every time we go to the Hilton I try to add something. 
The outside of our little cabin is ugly so I am adding little
things like this to make it homey on the outside. My
Sweet Mom gave me this welcome sign.

You all know that we love our swing. 
Behind the swing is a fire pit so I added
 some chairs for us to sit around the fire.
It is getting fire building weather.

We added a flag to our shed.  It was perfect!
We are proud to be Americans!

This is hanging outside the front door.
I bought that little wooden flag at a thrift store.
It has been broken and I fixed it.

This little wood work was already there. It is above the front door.
We will leave it there but hopefully we will be painting the front door
to dress it up some the next time.

Do you see the chair?
Here we are putting up deer stands and blinds and shooting houses
when all we probably need is a chair.  There are 2 chairs on this property.
They are sitting in very good places too.
The chair.  I would love to hear the story behind it.

Yes, this is another blind.  This is "Sweet Hunter's" blind. 
I wonder if he wants 2 little tables in his to put all of his stuff.
(like chap stick, a book, a flashlight, etc.)  (lol)

"Sweet Hunter" wanted to cook some Brats (is that how you spell it). 
Anyway, I am not a fan of these.  But guess what?
I LOVED them.  We warmed up some sour kraut and grilled the Brats on the grill.
They were delicious. 

Then we went to shoot our guns....actually both of these are my guns (he says).
Remember when I shot this one here at home a while back and got bulls eyes?

Well it didn't happen this time!  "Sweet Hunter" hit the bull's eyes.
I was getting so frustrated.

But then I tried my new rifle.....Oh my goodness! 
I thought I loved that little camo 223 Thompson Center Contender until I tried this rifle.
It is a Thompson Center Encore in 257 Roberts Caliber.
I had first told "Sweet hunter" that I didn't care for this gun but he kept on for me to try it.
I was afraid it would kick but it didn't.  I love it.
I still didn't hit the bulls eyes but I did hit the target.  So I felt much better.
Gun season opens this weekend.  I am so excited!

Remember our little wood heater?  Remember it was a freebie? 
Well it has never been hooked up and checked out.
But it is ready to go now! 
We will be warm this winter while we are there. 
At home we have 2 gas fireplaces and I miss that smell of the wood fire.
Every time we go to the Hilton we do a little bit to improve the place.  I just can't tell you how much I love this little place.
I just feel so peaceful and relaxed there.
Did I tell you that the guy that worked on our wood heater turned the power off on our refrigerator? It was an accident so we didn't say anything but it was aggravating. 
The refrig part doesn't cool too good, but the freezer is great.  In fact we are getting another refrig to take down there soon. Anyway, I had lots of stuff in the freezer.  It all ruined.  So that is the first thing we had to do when we got there.  We had meat, vegetables, chocolate pie, cookies and a lot more goodies that we just had to throw away.  Once we get to the Hilton we very seldom leave.  In fact it is hard to leave that place.  Anyway we had to go to the store and replace the food that we had lost.  But it didn't ruin our trip.  We just did what we had to do and enjoyed the rest of the weekend. 
 I can't wait until we go back!


Michelle said...

Your Sparta Hilton is making me jealous.............well, all except for the shooting and hunting part. I would just stay in and sew or watch tv........and maybe cook......but I doubt it! =-P

Anonymous said...

Guns scare me and I dislike deer meat but I sure think the cabin would be a cozy place to enjoy an Autumn weekend. John loves brats and kraut too!

Granny J said...

Sparta Hilton sounds like heaven to me. I love getting far away from all the rush of city life. Sorry about the problem with the refrigerator. That little stove is going to be so nice this winter. Will you need any other type of heat to keep the pipes from freezing when you have a cold spell?

Amelia said...

This is beginning to sound like your very own "Garden of Eden"...enjoy it and continue to let God guide.

Midlife Mom said...

You are preaching to the choir on this one! :o) I know the feeling you get when you are at the cabin, you just don't want to leave and that's how we feel at the lake. It's so peaceful especially after the summer season when all the campers have gone home, no jet skis, no boats, fireworks etc...

I did awful shooting the last time. I don't know what my problem was but I had one! ha! The time before I ALMOST got a bulls eye. Sigh..... I don't like anything that kicks either.

You have added lots of nice touches to the Hilton, it looks really nice. I couldn't see the chair in the picture but it probably would have lots of stories if it could talk.

That's a shame about losing all of that food! That happened to us during the ice storm of 1998, we lost everything as the power was off for a week or more.

Loved the poem about Grannies apron, it almost made me cry!!! I know you must miss her terribly but how wonderful she is in heaven with our Heavenly Father safe and sound and happy! xoxoxox

Connie said...

As i said before love you story from the would be a very relaxing place to go to. I'm not a hunter but just do what i like to do. Really like granny apron poem! have a great day!

Darla said...

Sparton Hilton soon to be Comfy Castle! Cute post.

Heidi said...

Oh Val - I wished we lived closer together. After moving and downsizing (twice) I have so many things that I could give you for Sparta Hilton.

How fun for you guys! I never used to be a brat fan either - until the past few years. But I only like them when grilled nice and dark.

Real Life Reslers said...

The sparta hilton is looking better and better. I love all your homey touches. I usually don't like brats either (the food and the annoying kids) hehehe

Lori said...

Looking better all the time! On a different is your vertigo coming along?

Allie said...

Your little getaway is so perfectly charming, Val, I love all the homey touches! And I really love your new rifle - wowzers, girl! That rocks!