Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Very Own Trail Camera

This is one of our favorite stores. When we go to Pigeon Forge we always have to stop here. 

Isn't this red fox beautiful?  They have animals mounted all over the store.

Now this is what I want!! 
 I sure hope I get one! 
Want one too, Shannon B??

This is a Bob Cat mounted.

I am not a shopper but this is what I came home with after our Gatlinburg trip.
Most of this is from Bass Pro Shop but I did get some sheets for my bed. They were buy one get one free! And we got a flag for the Sparta Hilton.
I went and talked to a salesman and found some camoflauge that would fit me. 
I got a thermocel.  It will keep the bugs away. I also got some shampoo and body wash that is scent free and some wafers that smell like dirt.  Have you ever??? I got lots of deer goodies but the most important thing that I got was my own trail camera!
"Sweet Hunter" has several out and I love seeing what all he gets on his!

And we got another tree stand!  I will use a ground blind. Those tree stands are way too high for me
But I will never say never!

So here I am at home and it was getting dark but I wanted to put my camera out.  I didn't want to walk down in the pasture so I decided something might come after the muscadine vines. So I got a paint bucket and strapped it around it. 

This is the picture I got!!! Me in my ducky pajamas the next day!
I was so disappointed.

But looky here!  I moved the camera down to my garden and pasture area and look what I got! A fox.  We have 2 on our propery so I was hoping I would get a picture of them. The other one is gray. There were actually several pictures of this one.  It is not a deer but it is something besides me!
Oh and look!  Mr Crow!!!
Oh well.

Now don't get excited. I didn't get this one on my camera but wanted to show you at least one picture off of "Sweet Hunter's" camera!  This is a huge Bob Cat! 
He has several cameras out and gets lots of good pictures but this is my favorite.
So I am anxious to put my camera in the woods at the Sparta Hilton and see what I get.
I can't wait.  I have my very own trail camera!!!
I am so excited.


Patty said...

Neat pictures of wild life.

Anonymous said...

Oh how exciting! I cannot believe these animals. That last bob cat is huge!

Needled Mom said...

How fun! You will have a blast with that camera.

shannon said...

nice pictures for sure!

i don;t think i need a game camera...if i was to get a picture of a monster buck, i'd never leave the woods....

Alice Grace said...

I think the fox is beautiful! Love it!, and the bob-cat is pretty too! Is that on your property?

Amelia said...

You are going to have fun with the camera...I have thought about getting one to capture some pictures of the birds around here

Allie said...

I would love to go shopping with you, lol. Those pics are amazing - especially the wild duckies one, lol!

Michelle said...

Wow! I think I might be scared to see what I would 'capture' if I were you. I love you Val, but I don't share your love of wildlife. The only wildlife I experience is when the quilting girls come over and things get a little noisy. You know, all the 'clucking and cackling' going on...that's as close to the wild life we get here!
Love your new camera, and I love yoru excitement. I am happy for you!

Granny J said...

Those are beautiful pictures, especially the fox. I can't wait to hear morea bout the wafers that smell like dirt. lol What will they think of next?

W. Latane Barton said...

Looks like you got caught by your own camera. Cute pjs.

PEA said...

Your duck pj's would get the duck hunters all excited to see that on camera! LOL How awesome that you now have your own trail camera and look at the pictures it took already...I need one of those to see what's coming to eat the rest of the cat food I leave out for a stray cat! lol I know we have a fox hanging around and also raccoons. Wow, that bob cat is big indeed...I've never seen one of those around here, thank goodness!! xoxo

webbsway said...

Valeria - DH and I actually visited that store in N.C. one time. I bought him a trolling motor for his birthday. My favorite spot was where that monster aquarium is. I told DH to just leave me there and when he was ready to come back and get me! LOL

I LOVE the pictures you took! That fox is so beautiful!I never thought about having so much fun with those cameras! :)

snoring solutions said...

Neat pictures of wild life.You will have a blast with that camera.Those pics are amazing .

Patty Sumner said...

WOW! Love the pics. I can't wait to see what you catch on film. Looking forward to future great pics. Blessings to you and yours!

Love Bears All Things said...

Wow! Had to laugh, love the pjs...I saw a grey fox out in the cotton patch at the end of our road a couple of weeks ago..didn't have my camera though. You are the little hunter now, with all your stash.
Mama Bear

Anonymous said...

these animals made Davis SOOOOO excited! I love your pic of you in your pj's!!!