Monday, October 4, 2010

Sparta Hilton and Embroidery?

This is a desire of my heart.  Embroidery. I never take the time at home to work on this so I decided that this was my project while we were at the Sparta Hilton.
While "Sweet Hunter" was out hunting, I was sitting on Granny's couch and determined
to learn some embroidery stitches.

I didn't exactly know where to start and I thought I brought everything but I forgot my hoop!
I emailed Allie because I thought that I remembered
her telling me that I could embroider without a hoop.
She answered and said that she never uses one.
Thank you Allie. 
 You have got to go and visit her blog. She is amazing.
 Now I am a beginner, so don't laugh.

I think this was the feather stitch.  Look at that first one. It is horrible.  The one on the right is actually my second try.  I think I got worse.  Then I did the middle one.  I thought I better stop there on that one.  I think I did improve.

Then I tried the french knots and did o.k. but I need lots of practice.  The running stitch was easy but need to work on more even stitches.  Oh my goodness. Look at those lazy daisy stitches.  I definately need practice. But this is a start.

I can't remember all these stitches that I practiced but I do know it was fun.  If you will look at the 2 little flowers at the bottom you can see that I did improve some.  The heart is upside down and I can't remember what stitch this is but I did pretty good on it.  Well this was a start anyway.  Is this the way that you learned?  If not, please share any ideas with me. 

These pies don't look the best in this picture but I am telling you they were delicious.
I cooked a lot this last trip and this was the first thing that I made.
We ate one whole pie....just me and "sweet hunter"! 
I put the other one in the freezer for next time.
  If you want the recipe you can go to My Cooking Blog!
Easy and delicious.


Amelia said...

Embroidery takes practice and patience...but it looks like you are on the right road to get very good.

Anonymous said...

You did great! My 5 and 7 year old granddaughters have been embroidering with me on my SnowBound men. Every time they see me that want to embroidery. It is very addictive, and satisfying. Keep it up and you'll be doing it at home.

I've tried with and without a hoop, and I prefer the hoop because it is easier on my hands.

Pat said...

I'm not seeing the last 2 photos you mentioned in this post.....very strange.....I think you are doing well with the two photos of stitches that I did get to see.

Allie said...

Val I think you did great - you did improve - like anything else it just takes practice! When I started I only did the outline stitch, now I do all kinds of stitches. I think you're very brave to try them all like this, and you're going to do very well! After awhile, you get into a rhythm, and it just comes naturally. My problem at first was trying to go too fast - as soon as I slowed down some, I improved.

Susannah said...

Hi Val.....I think you have done very well...especially for your first try. I embroider with a hoop. It is easier on my hands...and I find I have better, more even stitches with the hoop. That is just how I do it. Each person finds their own way. It is alot of fun and you won't want to put it down. The more you stitch.. the better you will be at it. Before you know it, you will be a whiz!

Be sure to show us what your project is. I know it will be fun for you. Good Luck!


Michelle said...

Looks good to me, and so does the pie! Sweet Hunter is going to wish he took you hunting with him a long time ago!

lindsey said...

Your middle feather stitch looks pretty perfect to me...and those pies!!!!! amazing. I have never done much embroidery but have done cross stitch. My mother has a beautifully embroidered picture that my father did when he was young and in hospital for a long stretch with TB (got my name on that one!)

snoring solutions said...

it looks like you are on the right road to get very good.It is very addictive, and satisfying. Keep it up and you'll be doing it at home. Thank you for bringing such nice posts. Your blog is always fascinating to read.

Sandy said...

Hi Valerie.. I am not an expert on embroidery but I love doing it..The towels you spoke of on my blog were a simple 5 pack from walmart..I also wanted to thank you for your concern and kind words..
Embroidery keeps me sitting when I need to...keep up the good work and you will have xmas gifts for family and friends.. they all love hand made gifts..go back a bit on my blog and see the pillowcases I made for my son and wife, as they say, it's the thought that
Happy Fall

Darla said...

Knowing you, you will have this mastered in no time! Yummy pies!

Granny J said...

The most important thing is that you took the first step to start learning how to embroider. Now when you finish practicing on that piece remember to put the date and your initials. You will have made a sampler that your grandkids will treasure.

Those pecan pies look delicious. I can see that the Spart Hilton is really becoming your little "home away from home". Glad you're enjoying it.

Lori said...

I've been wanting to learn wool applique qhich has very similar stitches so I'm feeling your pain! Hang in there!

Needled Mom said...

I am sure that the hoop would make those french knots much easier, Val. I think it is looking great.

Love Bears All Things said...

I learned to embroidery when I was a young girl...picked it up again as a young mother and then didn't do any until this year when I did Gardener's Journal...French Knots still give me a hard time..I like the backstitching that I did on the project...I see you have a chain stitch, there too. I think you'll find a hoop makes it much easier.
Mama Bear